Update: Tuesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 32-34)

Kalpana and her dad Vitthal comes to know about Kamala tai's birthday. They stuns Kamala Tai by wishing her and celebrating together. Pakhi comes to visit Kamla Tai and brings her a birthday present. Coincidently Pakhi and Kalpana both bring footwear as birthday present, Kamala Tai wears one from each-pair to make both the ladies happy. Kamla Tai feels enchanted in the wake of being overwhelmed by birthday wishes.

Neetu gets to be distinctly angry when she comes to realize that Pakhi has purchased exceptionally costly footwear for Kamala Tai. Kamala pampers Pakhi by offering her food and huge love. Raghav returns from hostel and thinks back about Kamla Tai's love and ethics which she had taught in his childhood.

Prem abhors Raghav in the wake of being forced to share bedroom with him. Kamala Tai's love and affection for Raghav when he injures himself leaves him annoyed and he requests her not to play the mother. Raghav is by all no happy with his new family members and he avoid from conversing with everyone. Vitthal and Kamala Tai bless Pallavi for her great show in the exams. Kamala Tai Prays for Pakhi's great show in the exams.

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