Update: Thursday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 222-223)

Abhi telling Tanu that Pragya is his responsibility and he will rescue her at any cost. She says if he goes, he will lose her and she will go far away from him. He says itis her life and she has right to take her own decisions and walks out, leaving her annoyed.While driving car, he thinks of SMSing kidnapper that he will be at the venue in 15 min. Corporator gets SMS and his goon gives phone to him. He gets happy seeing Bulbul’s message and asks his goons to take Pragya to the venue and once Bulbul comes to inform him.Aaliya sees servant taking coffee to Abhi’s room and follows him. She is surprised to see Purab there and asks why did not he go with Abhi. She also sees Bulbul sleeping. Purab tells her about Bulbul getting kidnapper’scall and the incident thereafter, Abhi going to rescue Pragya instead. She thinks of informing corporator.

Abhi makes a lady call corporator’s goons and tells them the address, shows a girl with blue jacket and jeans and to tell he is wearing blue. Goons come to the spot and follow the girl. Abhi identifies them. Meanwhile, Aaliya calls corporator and informs him that Abhi is coming to rescue Pragya instead of Bulbul and asks him to bring back his goons. Corporator calls his goons and asks them to bring Abhi to their den. Goons surround Abhi.Abhi starts running and goons following him. Usual Bollywood type comedy continues with Abhi beating goons with his brains. Goons then surround Abhi again. He says he wants to pee. Once goons relax, he runs and hides. Goons think he escaped and reach back their den to inform their boss Corporator. Abhi follows them and thinks of informing goons. Goon informs corporator about Abhi’s escape/ Corporator thinks Abhi loves his wife and he will try to rescue her, but he will make sure he does not gethis wife.

Bulbul wakes up and asks Purab about Abhi. Purab tells her how Abhi tricked her, gave sleeping pills and himself went to rescue Pragyaalone. Bulbul asks why did he let Abhi go alone. Purab says this day is best day of our life as Abhi has started developing feelings for Pragya.Aaliya gets tensed thinking Abhi must have rescued Pragya and what if corporator would have revealed her name to Abhi. She calls Corporator. He gets irked but picks call thinking she may want to inform him about Abhi. She yells at him. He asks her to stop her rubbish and tell if she has any info about Abhi. She asks him to come and meet her right now, else she will inform police that he is the kidnapper.

Corporator thinks he should close Aaliya’s chapter before Pragya and informs his goons to keep an eye on Pragya until he comes back. Pragya does not hear goon’s sounds and thinks Bulbul must have come.Tanu telling Aaliya how Abhi rejected her valentine’s day celebrations and left to rescue Pragya. Aaliya says he did right as she did not use her brains and thought of valentine day celebrations. Abhi on the other side is outside kidnapper’s den. He sees goons busy playing cards around Pragya and thinks of entering silently in. Aaliya gets corporator’s call and walks out silently. She meets corporator outside house who yells at her and says if he is caught, even she will be also be caught. Their fight continues, and he walks out. Bulbul who is sitting with Purab and Daadi sees Aaliya walkingout and also reminisces Tanu’s challenge that she will take Abhi from her Pragya and even will stop her and Purab’s marriage.

She follows Aaliyathinking of telling her about Tanu’s challenge.Abhi enters kidnapper’s den, throws smoke inside it. Goons panic and run out to check. Abhi goes an stands infront of Pragya and she gets happy. He says he will torture her more than goons at home. She smiles and hugs him. He says he is not her valentine to hug her and says they have 2 hours to reach home and can fight ont he way. He continues his blah blah blah…his brainless talks… and asks if she knows short cut.She says she does not know. He says he will message driver, takes out letter and tries to tear it. She asks him to keep it back. He takes out herbangle. She asks why is he having her bangle. He jokes that it is GPS gadget and then makes her wear it. He then asks if she wants to eat and feeds her cake. Tere haath me mera haath ho….song.. plays in the background. Pragya thinks this is the best valentine day of her life. She gives him water. He says she needs water more to run, feeds her water and wipes her tears.

Bulbul sees Tanu and asks her to stop playing her game. Tanu thinks she must have come to know that she is also involved in Pragya’s kidnap. Bulbul says she know she is behind Pragya’s kidnap and to tell where she has kept her. Bulbul says she does not have time for schemes and kidnapping her worthless sister and says she is very tensed as Abhi rejected her valentine’s day celebrations and went to rescue Pragya. Bulbul is surprised to hear that. Tanu walks out yelling. Bulbul goes to Purab and asks him to do something.Abhi and Pragya’s jokergiri starts again. They start searching way out and hides under boxes seeing kidnappers coming in. Abhi says they cannot go out till morning. Purab goes to commissioner’s office and informs him about the whole incident. Commissioner asks why did he delay so much intaking his help and asks if abhi called him. He says not yet. Commissioner calls an urgent meeting with his officers.Goons try to provoke Abhi to come out with their witty words, but Abhi continues hiding. He thinksof rescuing Pragya at any cost.

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