Update: Thursday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 302-303)

The episode starts with Purab searching Bulbul in whole house and not finding her. Abhi asks if he found her. He says no. Abhi says both sisters are torturing them. Purab says he loves being tortured and says him that he should also love it. He says he thinks he loves Tanu, but he actually does not. They both continue searching again.Bulbul walks out of store room with Purbi. Pragya sits there instead wearing shawl and hopes Abhi searches her now. She gets happy hearing Fuggi Fuggi. Aaliya and Tanu safeguard store room while goons kidnap Pragya after smelling her chloroform. Abhi and Purab walk towards store room. Aaliya and her puppet see them and try to stop them by saying they already searched store room.

Abhi says let Purab check it. Before they could check, kidnapperswalk away with Pragya. Aaliya gets happy seeing Bulbul’s watch on floor and says she is sure Bulbul is kidnapped and tells itsstopped time signifies Bulbul’s bad time from hereon. She says they should celebrate now. They both get into their room and take out alcohol to drink. Bulbul comes out of room in search of Pragya andcalls her name. Tanu hears her voice and tells Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to spoil her mood and goes out to check, but Bulbul walks from there before that. She says there no Bulbul or tota, maina, so they should go and celebrate now.
Purab with Abhi sadly goes back on stage. Purbi taunts if he did not find Bulbul. Sarla scolds her and asks her to tell where Bulbulis. Purab asks her not to scold her and sayshe knows where Bulbul is. He takes mic and says he knows she is around, so he wants her to come before he counts 10, else he will engage Aaliya.

Aaliya gets happy hearing that. Bulbul gets tensed hearing that. Tanu tells Aaliya that Purab will exchange ring with her now. Aaliya says not so easy, let Purab shed tears in Bulbul’s rememberance and once he is sure she cannot be found, he himself will propose and marry her. Purab starts counting. Bulbul comes running and asks him to stop. Aaliya and her puppets are shocked to see her. Bulbul goes on stage, hugs him and says if he marries someone else, she will die. Abhi asks Purab to exchange ring as both sisters are unpredictable. Everyone clap while they exchange ring and Aaliya angrily walks out with her puppets. Sarla says Bulbul if it wasnot her engagement, she would have slapped her. Bulbul says it was Pragya’s prank and calls her, but she does not come out.Suresh crashes his scooter with kidnapper’s car and starts yelling at driver. He is shocked to see Pragya in that car with kidnappers. He runs behind car.Aaliya panics that Bulbul will not get out of her life and let her marry Purab. Tanu asks her to calm down. Aalya asks her to leave her alone for sometime.Whole family get worried for Pragya. Abhi calls her number, but phone is switched off. Daadi gets worried. Abhi asks her not to worry, he will search her. Bulbul thinks Pragya must be in store room and goes to check with Purbi. Sarla senses something is wrong.

Abhi, Bulbul, Purbi, Purab and whole family search Pragya/fuggi, but don’t find her. They call her number and find it near house’s backdoor. Tayaji says nobody comes here.Suresh follows kidnapper’s car in his bike and stops them. Kidnapper asks driver to crush him and elope. He dashes Suresh’s bike and elopes, Suresh falls on ground. People help him get up. He thinks who are those people who kidnapped Pragya. Abhi and family reach store room and see show’s main dancer tied down. Dancer says someone hit his head and took his dress. Abhi asks if he saw culprit’s face.He says not really, it was blur. Daadi gets worried for Pragya hearing this. Tauji asks Abhi to inform police. Suresh reaches thereand tells that he saw someone kidnapping Pragya and eloping in car. Bulbul asks if he kidnapped her. He asks why would he kidnap Pragya and says he will not think of harming her or Pragya. Bulbul continues yelling on him and asks why did not he follow her. He says he was in scooter and kidnappers in car. Abhi asks Bulbul to stop and asks Suresh where did he see Pragya. He tells the place. Abhi asks Tauji to informpolice.

Kidnappers confine Pragya in corporator’s hideout. Pragya wakes up. Corporator comes there and says he loves her a lot and cannot see her marrying Purab. Pragyathinks who is this. Aaliya calls him and is about to tell speak, but he cuts her call saying he is with Bulbul and does not like disturbance. He comes in front and is shocked to see Pragya instead of Bulbul. Pragya holds her collar and shouts how can he do illegal deeds being a govt servant and says she will get him punished. He calls his men and ties her back. He scolds his men why did they bringher and asks Pragya why did not she tell she is not Bulbul. She asks if he forgot her husband’s lesson. He makes her sniff chloroform and fall unconscious. Sarla gets worried about Pragya. Abhi consoles her and asks not to worry. Inspector comes and asks who saw kidnapper.

Abhi shows dancer and Suresh. Corporator on the other side beats his men for kidnapping wrong woman. Aaliya calls her and asks him to leave Pragya before anyone it is too late as police is searching him already. Tanu asks why did she ask him to release Pragya. Aaliya says Pragya is Abhi’s wife and he and Daadi will send whole police force to find her. She panics thinking the will also be caught. Corporator says if Pragya is left alive, he will be killed, so he asks his men to kill Pragya before he comes in the morning. Hethinks why did Suresh see his men and says now he cannot see if Bulbul got engaged or not. He thinks of entering Abhi’s house as a friend, calls Mitali and asks her to get him inside house by telling he will help them find Pragya, says if she does not, he will not help her bail out Raj.Corporator’s goons panic thinking of killing Pragya, but also get afraid thinking if they don’t kill Pragya, Corporator will not spare them.


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