Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 37-39)

Pakhi hollers at her mom for chiding Kamala Tai. Kamala feels offended and chooses to leave. Pakhi begs her to stay. Pallavi discloses to Pakhi that on the off chance that she studies well Kamala would begin talking to her. Pakhi tries different strategies to break the ice however Kamala won't budge. Kamala feels guilty of spoiling Pakhi with her love and affection

Kamala Tai is elated on knowing that Pakhi had apologized to her tutor and accepted her mistake. Neetu gets astonished on observing the change In Pakhi and her interest for studies. Raghav gifts a math device to Pallavi and reveals to Kamala Tai about his relationship with his dad. Then, Vitthal arranges a surprise for Kamala. 

Manda Tai instigates Vitthal against Pakya. Kamala Tai asks Neetu to let Kalpana join the same tutor from Pakhi but Neetu declines. Kalpana requests Raghav's assistance in tackling a math problem. He helps her as well as gifts her a costly pen. Kamala Tai feels glad on learning about the same. Pakhi likes Kalpana's pen and chooses to keep it for herself.

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