Update: Thursday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 13-15)

Manta is with a woman called Anjanli and asks her to giver her some work. She asks where does Kamla work? She says at the Kapoor’s house. She asks the same Kapoor who bought the mill? She says yes. She asks they must have pay her well, no? Anjali says yes more than 3000. Nettu pretend to be faint while the baby is still crying. She says some one give me my daughter please. When Kamla touches her, she throws her hand away and sends her mother in-law and sister some where. When Kamla turns towards the baby, Nettu asks her to wash her hands first. She says i know you guys live in a very unhygienic environment. Meanwhile, Vitthal goes to Singhanyia’s house where the watchman doesn’t allow him to get in. He shoves him out of the house ad falls near a car. Sahil gets out of the car and asks him if he is fine? I came here to get the money from him. Vitthal candidly says to him that I came here to get the money which i worked for.Rajji asks where is Kamla, Nettu tells her that she is in the bathroom. Rajji says wow this is amazing you allowed her to use your bathroom. They both leave. Nettu tells Kamla that i thought a lot then and i made the decision that you should live here and you can’t go home. you have no option. Kamla says that at this moment, all i can here is my daughter’s cry. Iheard your verdict but i can’t accept it. Nettu asks, Why? Kamla says be a little polite madam, my daughter will get afraid. 

Nettu leaves being inferior. Later, Vitthal realizes that it's all his fault Kamla has to work because he has no job and cries a bit. Rajji says that i forgot my bag in your room. Nettu is standing out of the room. She says Kamla is changing inside when the baby vomited on her. Rajji asks Nettu to giveher a new saari. Nettu says okay i will give her. Kamla then returns the saari when they both leave. Nettu asks her to take it but to stay her for the night. Kamla says, How can i? My husband and son are waiting for me at home. Pakiya is looking everywhere for Kamla and Kalpana. He asks Vitthal. He says that she has gone for work because i don’t have a job. I will work for her. Will i go to mill when i grow up? Vitthalsays no you will become an engineer. We will not let your ai work then. Pakiya gives him the money he has saved from his pocket money while Vitthal makes the lunch ready. Nettu asks kamla, who am i to you, not a sister neither a friend. Yesterday a family in neighborhood were throwing away their baby’s cot and i saved it for Kalpana. Kamla says i feed your daughter just because of love. My daughter will never use something that someone else has used. Neetu nags, Is his father a king or what?. 

Kamla says she is the princess of her father. Nettu says give my daughter back and go to your house but before going wash the dishes as well and mopping too. Just then, Nettu’s baby starts crying and Kamla looks at her with pity.Kamla still in Nettu’s house where Kalpana is crying. Nettu comes being so rude and moans over her crying voice. Kamla apologizes. Pakiya is planning about his future that he will work hard and earn a lot of money. I will make paper dolls and will sell them on signal. He gets a news paper and rest of the stuff required for making it. He paints all the dolls he has made. Fearing from mother and he cleaned up all the mess. Kamla say to Nettu that i am going home. Prem comes and says i am so hungry. Nettu asks Kamla to make breakfast first before going. Kamla says she already has. Prem asks why is the baby not crying today? Nettu says she is full now and she will be crying at night when she will be dying of hunger. Meanwhile, Manta asks Pakiya what is he doing? She asks him to come closer and starts talking to himabout random things. Pakiya is bit reluctant. She offers him acandy but asks him where his mother is for so long? What does your mom do? Pakiya didn’t say anything.Kamla gives Nettu a feeder and says i have poured my milk in this. Nettu is startled. She takes it and tears slips down hercheeks. She turns her back on Kamla. Kamla pats on her shoulder and tells her to take care of herself as well as the baby. 

Nettu brings her a shopping and says these are specialbiscuits. You feed two children. I know you are favoring me. When Kamla hold the bag she says now favor is balanced. When she leaves, Nettu says thank you for saving my baby.Vitthal is making something. Manta comes in and says seems like Vitthal has got a new job. A lady with him says that he is making ‘laddu'(sweets)for Kamla and that only lucky woman get these type of men. Anjali stops Kamla and asks what is in these bags? She says these are biscuits for me. Sahil’s mom asks Kamla to go with the driver. Anjali asksif she can join her too? She say yes but don’t tell Nettu. Pakiya goes to a rickshaw man and asks if he can let him usehis rickshaw. Kamla get down from the car and sees Pakiya in the rickshaw. Pakiya sees that i am running rickshaw. Kamla angrily asks him to get out. Anjali tells the drivers to drop Manta. Kamla shouts at Pakiya in the house while he cries herself. She tells him that he will study and never ride a rickshaw. You will become an engineer when you grow up.

Vitthal comes home late and Kamla says i know you are angry with me but you should have informed me. Vitthal gives her the laddu and tells her that he has made it himself. They both hug each other. Vitthal says whatever we are doing is for our children. Kamla tells Vitthal that Nettu has given me biscuits, but i wont eat them because they are nothing in front of these laddu’s made by your hands. He says okay lets make dinner and i will help you. Kamla says i will make it. Manta comes with a dish in her hands. She says i have brought ‘laddu’ for you.Kamla asks Vitthal to have dinner. Manta comes in along with other women and asks Kamla to have the sweets as shehas brought it. I know you need them. Feeding two children can can cause weakness. Kamla is unable to say anything. You should be healthy to feed your milk to two kids. Diviyah stops her asking what the hell are you saying? Manta says i am speaking the truth. Manta sits on the couch. Kamla address Pakiya and tells him that the baby is suffering and her mom is not well.Manta intrudes saying feeding and selling milk is the same business? Kamla no! She stands up and slaps her on the faceand says i am saving a life but you won't understand. Vitthal asks her to get out. Pakiya shoves her saying go away. My mom is saving a life and she is so nice. You are bad. Everybody starts insulting Manta. When she leaves, Kamla hugs Vitthal.

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