Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Epsode 199-201)

The episode starts with Charu takes some oil and spills it on the floor so that Seema will slip.Charu pours oil on the floor and sees seema approaching and hides the bowl. She tells Seema why she is doing all this and seema saysshe wants to. Charu tells her she is very lucky to be her daughter in law. Seema slips and falls, she screams and everyone rushes including Mayank. He scolds Charu but she tells that she had said no to Seema but she insisted on doing it and Seema agrees. Mayank takes his mom to her room. Charu is gloating, she thinks Mayank is suffering on seeing his moms pain and never pays heed to her pain.

Gunjan enters the room Rachna is sitting on the bed and they keep stealing glances at each othershe asks her to pass her book Rachna behaves as she did not hear. Vihaan calls Gunjan and she cuts his call, he keeps calling and when Gunjan picksup threatens her about the deal then tells her he wants to video chat. She says no but he says he will come there so Gunjan decides to chat and starts her laptop.He calls her his love. Rachna is about to leave the room and Vihaan says hi to her. Rachna leaves Gunjan tells him she is doingeverything for Rachna. Vihaan tells her they will go to a bar at 8. Gunjan says she does not have permission to go out after 6 and everyone in the family already thinks she is shameless.

Vihaan says exactly and signs off. Mayank consoles hismom but she is busy admiring her ring and even volunteers to make tea. Charu asks Seema to make a cup for her as well with less sugar. Mayank scolds Charu but she tells him its his mistake and he should do everything and asks him why he had gone to college. She says its herright to know everything. She threatens him subtly that his actions will hurt his family. Its seven Gunjan asks permission to go out. Dayal Shayl and Mayank see Vihaan take Gunjan on his bike and he applies break. Dayal scolds Shayl. Shayl still believes something is wrong and Gunjan cant do anything like this.Mayank is upset Gunjan is listening to Vihaan.Gunjan and Vihaan are sitting in a garden restaurant and Vihaan tries to touch her. His friends come and Vihaan tells them to call her bhabi.

Gunjan volunteers to get icecream. Rohit takes Vihaan in a corner and questions him how things will be all right and will Garg family accept him for Rachna. he tells Rohit its all a drama and he does not want to be with plain jane Rachna. This is a trick to catch hold of Gunjan’s neck. Gunjan is listening to all this behind a tree she has tears in her eyes and comes holding the ice creams. Vihaan tells her why she is standing in a corner he comes near and again threatens her about the plan. Gunjan thinks she wants to give him a slap. One of his friends praise them that they confessed their love in front of everyone. He gives the credit to Gunjan Miss Courageous ,he asks her to take a bite from his ice cream as she can eat her fiancee ‘s jhoota and Gunjan thinks she will give him tit for tat and takes a bite. She thinks Vihaanwill regret taking panga with her.


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