Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 244-245)

Seema scolds Gunjan that she is not allowing Mayank to settle down and she is responsible for drama s in mayank s life. Gunjan says she wants to see Mayank Charu happy. Seema takes her to the mandir and tells her to swear that she wont be a part of Mayank s life, Gunjan promises she will stay away from mayank..

Gunjan remembers mayank s words that even if he gives his life he wont get anything from this marriage and even Seema s words and her promise and is crying. Charu tells MAyank that she wont eat water or eat foo if he does not forgives her and says she wont repear her mistakes again Mayank leaves the house and Prabhu is following Gunjan wants to go but stops herself remembering about the promise

next morning everyone is worried where Mayank is Seema is crying that no one knows wher he is. they decide to call the police(Police takes a report only after 24 hours but they threw logic out of the window ) Mayank comes back and everyone is relieved. Gopal scolds hhim shayl tells him to take rest and talk later Mayank says he has taken a decision that his relation with Charu has no future and should divorce. Everyone is shocked.Seema Prabhu try to convince him Dayal says don’t take decision hastily. Charu llooks heartbroken Mayank says he has thought over it bua says no laaj sharam in this generation.Mayank says where were they whwn he was tricked into marriage and Charu was playing tricks. Mayank says all the laaj sharam is in his fate as he is a monkey who is made to jump by everyone he says he will take his decisions and drags Charu out and closes the door. Charu says she wont repeat it but he is adamant that he wants a divorce.

Mayank tells Charu that he tried to be with her but realized they are two different kind of people its better to break up than suffer life long and closes the door on her face. Mayank says this is his last decision and if it affects their prestige laaj ijjat he will leave the house and leaves.

Sangeeta gets Charu in and Shayl tells her to control herself Charu said gunjan should have controlled herself as she is responsible for Charu s actions(rassi jal gayi par bal nahi gaya). Gunjan looks shocked

Charu says Gunjan is a thorn in her married life and calls gunjan her sautan Shayl supports Gunjan that if she would not be there then Charu could never marry Mayank. Gunjan tells that if love is true then you are not even scared of death and even a 100 Gunjan s could not come in between them, she says Mayank was made a pawn and she kept playing as he was her ego.that Gunjan tells Charu that she made a bet out of her marriage and ended up losing Mayank ,she says probably Charu never loved mayank enough. Gunjan says she could have come in between them long back but she was the one who kept Mayank away from her.

Rachna and Gunjan in their room, Rachna consoling Gunjan and Gunjan continuously crying. Gunjan clearing that all the Chaaru’s concentration was on insulting and effecting her and not to make her marriage right. Rachna tells her that one who does wrong with others they too get the same. Rachna makes her ready for the college somehow and asks Gunjan to concentrate on the fresher of the year title. Both girls taking permission to go college. Chaaya also joins them. Whole family in the hall. Prabhu asks Seema to stop crying but she denied. Prabhu says that she is with Mayank’s decision as he is his father and always wants to see him happy. He also makes others understand that why should he take care of the society as he himself is not at all happy.

Here Vihaan pasting Rachna’s posters in place of Gunjan’s posters, in whole college. Rachna asks her to get down and asks him to stop all non sense. Vihaan asks that he is doing her promotion campaign to get her win among all. Rachna tears all posters. Vihaan stoping her. Rachna says that she wants her promotion and she want to win but not on the cost of her sister. He can’t remove Gunjan’s posters. Vihaan asks that he even can’t tell him that their matters is sought out. Rachna said that he is not at all liable for all her deeds ad she can’t tell him her own personal matters. Here Vihaan and Rachna dancing. Gunja thinking about what Mayank had said at the terrace. Rajeev comes and tells Gunjan that Gunjan has to help him in the round. The teacher comes and tells that there three rounds are to be held. Both the couples dances on the background song “JUGNI”. Gunjan thinking about Mayank’s reaction with Chaaru. On the way she goes out from the room and leave the dance. Rachna tries to follow her but Vihaan stops her. Rajeev comes to Gunjan .

Gunjan telling Rajeev that Mayank is divorcing Chaaru all because of her. She tells that it is her’s fault only. Rajeev consoling her that she is not at all responsible for that. Society is just made for all this. One’s heart should be clear. One’s relation should be strong and asks her that she should give her 100% to the competition, college needs her.

Shail and Buaji tries to let Mayank understand that every relation has some problems but they sought out easily. Maynak denies that she can’t even listen for that.

Chaaru comes and tells that she had done many mistakes in her past, so she is happy with the divorce as she can’t get Mayank’s love ever in her life. She can’t even hope. But she will never forgot the family who gave her a lots of love.

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