Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 214-216)

The episode starts with Mayank saying he will get a divorce from Charu. The clock strikes 12 midnight. Mayank tells Gunjan can he ask her forsomething on Valentines Day. He asks her will she be his Valentine and holds a bracelet. Heer from Jab Tak Hai Jaan plays in the background as Mayank gently takes Gunjan’s hand and put the bracelet on her. Gunjan then says stop it. She says this can’t happen and then Mayank says why can’t it happen and he will set things right. Mayank tells her to look into his eyes and tell him that she doesn’t love him. Gunjan says she loving him or not doesn’t make a difference. Mayank says it makes a difference because if one is not happy with it then what’s the point. He says she can lie but not her eyes

Gunjansays she doesn’t love him. Mayank puts her hand on his head and tells her to swear she doesn’t love him. Gunjan pulls away her hand and says she doesn’t want any more drama and begs him to leave her alone. Mayank says see she couldn’t lie swearing on his life. Mayank says she knows in and so does he that Gunjan loves him. Gunjan denies it again and says she told him countable times. Gunjan says everything is over. Mayank says what she’s doing to him and her is wrong. Gunjan tells him he to listen to the truth then that she loves him and tells him to understand they can never be together.Part 2Gunjan says just like Radha-Krishna and Shirin-Farhad they can never be together even if they want to. She says they have a love story but not a happy ending. She says society will never be able to see them together. She tells him to accept what is in his destiny just like she did andthey should go their separate ways. She says there is a lot of things to do in life and leaves.

Mayank is angry and sad and angrily pushes thecollage of Gunjan and screams no and says whyhim and drops to the floor. Gunjan is in her room and is crying and thinks of what Mayank told herat the terrace. Gunjan thinks what is right and wrong. Should she listen to her heart or brain. She says to herself that she’s sorry to Mayank and that she doesn’t know what to do She remembers the time Mayank told her she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world and will always be after the acid attack. She remembers the time she stopped Mayank from going to Kanpur in the bus and Mayank asking her if she loves him and the time during Diwali when they both screamed how much they loved each other.Gunjan is about to step out of the room and turns back thinking of Mayank and Charu’s wedding. Mayank at the terrace is crying and feels a hand on his hand. Mayank thinks its Gunjan and says he knew she would come. He looks up to see Gunjan. He plants a kiss on her cheek only to realise its not Gunjan but Charu.

Charu is happy and says she didn’t know he was so romantic and loves him and hugs Mayank. She says she also planned for him a surprise too. Charu starts dancing to Yeh Meral Dil from Don. Mayank tells her to stop this nonsense and leaves angrily.Part 3Gunjan is sitting on the swing and sees a rose and looks to see Dholu holding it and says to him oh Dholu its you. She asks him what is he doing up so early and he says so he can be the first to wish her Happy Valentines Day. Gunjan thinks to herself sorry Dholu but someone else already wished her Happy Valentines first indicating Mayank. Gunjan says did he not sleep well because of this and Dholu says he slept but less than normal. Gunjan asks what’s the rose for and he says to express love because its a day of love. Gunjan says he’s right that flowers can express one’s love. Gunjan says she has an idea and Dholu asks what is it and she says she’ll tell him and to follow her. Gunjan whispers to Dholu something a gives him a rose. She then enters the kitchen and gives Shail a rose saying its from Dayal. 

Shail is a bit shocked but takes it and smiles. Gunjan then tells her that looks like someone till today is still romantic and smiles. Shail playfully hits her saying she’s naughty and Gunjan runs out. Dholu is standing outside the room and Dayal sees him there and asks him what’s wrong and Dholu says nothing and he asks what is in his hand and Dholu says nothing and comes into the room and gives Dayal the rose saying its from Shail. Dayal also is a bit surprised but takes it and smiles. Dayal and Shail walk towards each other holding the rose and smile at each other. Gunjan and Dholu watch from far and smile. Sangeetha sees a rose on her dressing table and takes it and looksat it. Gopal comes with a rose too and says Happy Valentines Day and Sangeetha says same to you.

She takes the rose and puts it in his pocket. Gopal takes the flower and puts it in her hair. Gunjan covers Dholu’s mouth as he’s laughing. Gunjan smiles and drags him away. Sangeetha and Gopal hug each other. Prabhu gives Seema a rose too and wishes her Happy Valentines Day. Seema says he’s so stingy just asmall rose couldn’t he give her a present too andputs the rose aside. Prabhu disappointed says fine don’t take it. Seema takes it and smells it and smiles. Prabhu touches her and asks if she liked it she hits him with the flower and they bothstart laughing. Gunjan and Dholulaugh too He then asks for some pakora with teaand Seema gives him a look he then says he’ll get it himself. Dholu tells Gunjan it was a good plan and it was fun. He then says he left a rose in Mayank’s room. 

Gunjan is shocked and Dholu says he knows that Mayank will give it to Gunjanand not Charu.Part 4Mayank wakes up to see a rose and card on the table and thinks could it be from Gunjan. He’s a bout to get up when Charu asks where is he going and then he decides to just lie in bed. Gunjan tells Dholu not to say like that and Dholu says he said what’s on his mind and tells her he’s going to do homework and leaves. Charu kisses Mayank on the cheek and wishes him Happy Valentines Day. Charu tells him lets go out but he says he’s not feeling well and to let him sleep. Rachana is looking at a Valentines card and the rose. Gunjan comes and wishes herHappy Valentines Day. Gunjan says today is a day of love and to forget her anger for today. Rachana says does she have love in her life and Gunjan says of course there is a lot of people who love her like Dayal and Shail, Mayank, Seema, Sangeetha, Gopal and Prabhu and even Dholu. She tells Rachana that she also loves her dear sister. Gunjan says the special love also will be in Rachana’s life soon and she knows it.

Gunjan tells Rachana to smile and Rachana says Gunjan wants her to believe this and pushes Gunjan’s hand away. She tells Gunjan the way she is to just leave her alone. She says she knows how much Gunjan loves her and Shail is outside listening. Gunjan walks out of the room and realizes Shail is there. Shail thinks of the time when Gunjan and Rachana returned from college and she asked them if everything was fine and they both didn’t say much. Gunjan smiles takes the aarti and leaves.Shayl asks Rachna what is happening between her and Gunjan. She tells stuff happens betweensisters but the love is more important. Charu is telling Sangeeta that nothing happened. She tells her that Mayank hugged and kissed her . Sangeeta asks her if it was for Gunjan charu says no as he would not kiss her. Seema comes down holding the rose singing Rajnigandha song. The bell rings charu opens it and its a courier for Mayank. The girls are leaving for college when Shayl stops them Rachna leaves while Dholu gives Gunjan a Valentine s Day card.

Mayank gets a letter from a placement agency he has got an offer in Mumbai. Shayl seema are happy while Gunjan looks at mayank while he says he is not sure. Charu wants him to take up the job seema gives the credit to charu.Mayank says he will have to tell them soon if he will accept it or not Gunjan leaves for college. Chaya and Rachna reach college some guy gives her flowers and she trips. Rachna tells her to control her excitement. Rajeev is standing with a few girls while Rachna looks at him. Rachna is walking man ye sahebji in backgroundshe imagines Vihaan giving her the rose gunjan comes and imagines Mayank giving her flowers and balloons. They dance the song continues. Vihaan comes and gives Rachna flowers while he taunts her that he still resides in a corner of her heart. 

Chaya tells him that Rachna s heart is not a social service centre .Vihaan tells her to come to his party to prove it and the girls leave. A bunch of gundas come andsnatch the flowers from Rachna s hand and harass her as they believe Valentine s is westerninfluence. Gunjan steps in to defend her. She says that indian culture tells to respect woman, save woman who are not allowed to go out from houses etc. The man is about to hit gunjan with a hockey stick. A hand stops him. Its Rajeev he tells them that they were not allowed to enter college. He scolds the gundas and the police come till then. The gunda s says they are activists the police come and arrest them according to the law. Gunjan gives one gunda a rose so that he remembers to live and let live. Rajeev is happy while everyone inauding Rachnaclap. Gunjan thanks Rajeev while he says no need. Rachna tells Gunjan that she became great again by saving her while Gunjan is shocked. Chaya asks Rachna if she will come to Vihaan s party Rachna says she will definately go. The party starts lot of people jumping in the pool. While Vihaan is bragging in front of his friends that both sisters mouth was open like a letter box. He says even if the girls come they wont dance as they are depressed. He tells everyone to stay away from both the girls. He thinks the girls should come so that he can take a little more revenge which is left.

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