Update: Monday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 248-249)

At the deserted cottage, Pragya with a lot of difficulty gets the bullet out of Abhi's body and informs him that she has removed the bullet. Abhi is unable to speak. Pragya immediately dresses back his wound with a cloth to stop thebleeding while Abhi lies unconscious. Pragya in tears prays to god to help Abhi recover quickly. Pragya speaks to Abhi that nobody can separate them now refusing to let him give up.

Later, Bulbul informs everyone that Aaliya is involved in Abhi and Pragya's kidnapping. Purabh tells Bulbul to stop wasting her time on suspecting Aaliya. Bulbul informs everyone that she has proof against Aaliya and asks them to come with herto find the truth. Daadi says with are allegations Abhi and Pragya will not come back. Mitali gets tensed. Bulbul revealsthe plan she had made to trap Aaliya with the help of her cousin Puneet. Bulbul informs Purabh that Alia has agreed togive 10 lac rupees to Puneet against the evidence. Daadi decides to go and check for herself.

Later Pragya like a doting wife sponges Abhi and remembersall the things that Abhi used to say to trouble her. The conversations they used to have. Pragya tensed watches Abhi as he lays unconscious and holding his hand asks him why does it happen, that they can never realize how preciousa relation is until one is about to lose it. Pragya wipes Abhi's feet and tells Abhi that she knows he is struggling with the same question as she is. Pragya then gets a blanket and covers Abhi to keep him warm, Saans me Teri saans mili to song plays in the background.

Pragya  looking devastated comes and sits by the lake lost in her thoughts when she sees Abhi walking towards her in the water. Pragya eyes sparkle the moment she sees Abhi. Abhi tells Pragya to join him in the water but she refuses. Abhi splashes water at her and Pragya flinches only to realize that she has been dreaming all this while. Realization hits her and Pragya holding back her tears, fills the earthen pot with water and takes it to the cottage.

At night, the entire family is waiting outside the secluded place that Bulbul  and Puneet have called Alia to trap her, to see if Alia is involved with the kidnapping and comes to meet the kidnapper. Mitali is worried that if Alia gets caught, she too will get caught for being involved. Mitali is about to sneak away but then changes her mind as she wants to see Alia being cornered. Bulbul tells everyone that they should hide before Alia gets her. Everyone goes inside to hide Bulbul instructs Puneet to be careful with Alia and make her confess her crime.

Later, Alia comes there in her car with the bag full of money. She gets intimidated seeing the place and decides to call up the blackmailer who is none other than Puneet and tells him to come soon. As Alia is waiting, Puneet comes there wearing a mask. Alia rudely takes the envelope from Puneet and gives him the bag of money. Alia's family is shocked to see this.

Just as she is about to enter the cottage, Pragya prays for Abhi's speedy recovery in tears. The moment Pragya enters the cottage she sees Abhi stir a bit. Pragya is surprised to see Abhi regain consciousness. Abhi sees Pragya and removes the blanket and asks her if Pragya removed the bullet. Pragya agrees and tells Abhi to lie down and offers him come water to drink. Abhi smiles and playfully taunts Pragya that she will never give up on him. Abhi jokingly asks Pragya if she likes it when he tortures her. Is that why she saved him? Pragya smiles the moment she hears this. Â Abhi promises that once they reach home, he will torture her to her hearts content. Pragya for the first time giggles. Abhi too smiles seeing this and continues to tease Pragya saying it is hot and asks her to fix an AC in the cottage.

As Neel's goons are searching for Abhi and Pragya they find blood traces and decide to follow it sure that it will help them find Abhi and Pragya. Just then they see the police too searching for Abhi and Pragya and run away.
On the other hand, Alia is shocked to see the pictures that Puneet has given her are nothing but trash. Alia gets furious and not aware that her blackmailer is none other than Puneet demands to know where the proof is. The blackmailer tells Alia that she will get the proof and asks her that the proof is standing behind her. Alia turns and is shocked to see Dadi anfgrily standing behind her. The moment Alia turns Dadi enraged slaps Alia. Immediately, the entire family too comes out and Alia is shocked to see them there. Dadi tells Alia that now she is sure that Alia is involved in kidnapping. Alia tries to blame that Bulbul is trying to frame her but fails to convince anyone. Bulbul accuses Alia of being selfish and asks everyone if now they are convinced of the truth. Alia begs Purab to help her but Purab too refuses to help her and tells Alia that she is the worse person he has ever seen. Purab asks Alia how she could do this to Abhi. Purab asks Alia if Abhi will ever forgive her. Dadi tells Alia that she will never forgive her. Everyone scolds Alia for what she has done. Dadi asks Alia why she wanted Bulbul to be kidnapped and once Pragya got kidnapped why she didn't ask the kidnappers to leave Pragya. Dadi tells Alia to tell the truth about who is involved in the kidnapping or they will forget she was ever related to them. Alia asks Bulbul if she is happy now. Bulbul tells Alia that she will only be happy when Abhi and Pragya come back home. Alia tells Bulbul that she knows everything and so she might even know where Abhi and Pragya are? Alia tries her best to convince everyone that she is not involved in the kidnapping when Puneet removes his mask. Alia is shocked to see Puneet and refuses to have any information about Abhi and Pragya. Mitali comes forth and is about to speak the truth but then changes her mind.

At the cottage, Pragya tells Abhi that she has made a soup from all that she could find for him. Pragya feeds Abhi some soup. Abhi asks Pragya how she removed the bullet. Pragya tells Abhi that she doesn't even want to remember how she got the bullet out. Abhi teases her if she used her nails. Pragya shows Abhi the knife she used to remove the bullet. Abhi is shocked to see the knife. Pragya and Abhi start arguing playfully. Abhi refuses to have any more soup but Pragya coaxes him to have some more soup and helps Abhi drink it.

Bulbul tells Alia to stop pretending and asks her why did she come here with Rs. 10 lacs? Bulbul tells Alia that she knows that she wanted to buy the prrof before it can reach the police. Bulbul opens the bag and is shocked to see just pieces of paper in the bag and no money. The tables turn. Alia tells everyone that she was desperate to get the proof to find out who assisted the kidnappers and no one believed her. Alia pretends to act hurt and accuses everyone of doubting her. Alia with fake tears and folded hands tells everyone that she is not involved in kidnapping. Mitali is shocked to see the way Alia has been pretending. Bulbul asks Alia who had come to meet her at night. Bulbul asks Alia what she was doing at the place from where Abhi had called them on the day of holi. Alia tells Bulbul that she was speaking to her private detective friend who has found out the real person behind the kidnapping.


Abhi removes the blanket and sees that his t-shirt is torn. Abhi calls Pragya and asks her if she took advantage of his situation. Pragya tells Abhi that she did no such thing and asks Abhi to lie down. Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to change. Pragya decides to look around and checks the almirah. Pragya picks up a stone and breaks the lock on the almirah. Pragya searches through the things and finds a shirt and trousers for Abhi but Abhi refuses to wear it. Pragya tells him that this all they can find in the jungle and helps Abhi in standing up. Abhi stumbles and Abhi and Pragya's faces come close to each other and for a moment, they are both stunned and look into each other's' eyes. Abhi tells Pragya to leave so he can change but is unable to stand on his own and tells Pragya to walk backwards to him so she doesn't see him. Abhi takes Pragya's support and removes his t-shirt. Abhi somehow manages to change his clothes while Pragya stands supporting him and getting conscious as Abhi stumbles while changing.

On the other hand, Alia's friend comes there and tells everyone that he is a private detective and confesses that Alia has been speaking to him and informs everyone that they have found who has been behind the kidnapping. Alia tells everyone that it is very easy to blame anyone but difficult to prove the same. Alia tells everyone that Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) was right. Someone from Bulbul's family was involved in the kidnapping and reveals Purvi's (Charu Mehra) name for being involved in the kidnapping. Everyone is shocked. Purvi refuses to accept this allegation. Alia tells Bulbul that Purvi has broken their trust. Alia tells everyone that Purvi has a boyfriend who wanted money and is involved in kidnapping and Purvi has assisted them. Everyone else refuses to believe that Purvi is involved and Alia suggests searching Purvi's room. Purvi is hurt that the people who loved her so much are suspecting her today. Pragya's Dadi tells Purvi that is not the case but just to prove to Alia that Purvi could do no such thing; they decide to check Purvi's room. Everyone leaves to head for Pragya's house and Alia smiles evilly that her plan has worked.

At the cottage, Abhi finds out that there is a lake outside the cottage and wants to go out and catch fishes. Pragya goes to have a bath in the partition of the cottage and Abhi takes this opportunity to sneaks out of the cottage. Pragya peeps out and
is shocked to see that Abhi is not in the cottage.

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