Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 4-6)

Vitthal's boss Mr Singhania guarantees him and his union of clearing all his pending salary however, don't ensure about the working of the mill in the future. Vitthal and his union subsequently, choose to bring their requests up in Mr Kapoor's society.

Mrs Kapoor undergoes severe work pain. Kamala Tai hence, takes her to the hospital. She meets Vitthal and his union in the ground floor of the same building. Kamala Tai admits Mrs Kapoor in a hospital. Kamala Tai likewise experiences the same labor pain on her way back home. Vitthal watches his wife lying in pain on a busy street. He then brings her to their Chawl. 

Mrs Neetu Kapoor and Kamala Tai both deliver a baby girl. Mrs Kapoor however experiences a few difficulties in her pregnancy. She gets to be distinctly not able to breast-feed her daughter. Kamla Tai sends Vitthal to the hospital to check Mrs Kapoor's condition. Vitthal makes a visit to the hospital and gets stunned to find out about Mr Sahil Kapoor to be Kamla Tai's boss at work.


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