Update: Monday On King Of Hearts (Episode 317-318)

Siddharth discovers that Bua Dadi and Samaira had planned against Kritika to ruin her life. He additionally gains from Bua Dadi that she was not the only one, but rather Samaira too was involved in this act. Siddharth quickly tosses Bua Dadi out of the house and claims that he is not going to leave Samaira either. Then again, Samaira gets the divorce papers sent by Yash. She is surprised to find them. In the meantime, Siddharth shows up at the scene and cases that Samaira deserved this. Siddharth then goes ahead to uncover the treachery of Samaira. 

Roshni is stun to see her family falling apart. She cries over the fact that Siddharth is furious with her family, and has left the house. Shabanam who is enjoying this situation of Roshni adds insult to Injury. She requests Roshni to call Siddharth and ask whether he is okay. At the point when Roshni calls Siddharth up, she discovers that he is not picking up her call. Then again, Siddharth is disturbed as he converses with a tea vendor and remembers that today is Karwa chauth and Roshni is fasting for him. Will Siddharth return back to Roshni?

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