Update: Monday On King Of Hearts (Episode 293-294)

Nani is annoyed with herself as it was her obligation to take care of Aisha in Roshni's absence and she neglected to do it. Siddharth meets her and converses with her and stops her from feeling guilty. Afterward, Nani and Roshni meets each  as they appear to have dealt with their differences and are upbeat at this point. Durgadevi, then again, tries to play a cheap trick so as to get Aisha out of the home.

Durgadevi and Nani Maasi create a plan to get Aisha out of the house. Durgadevi creates a scene where she reveals to her family that a pair of her antique earrings is missing. Before long, Nani Maasi reaches the scene with a doll and the earrings on its ears. Durgadevi points the finger at Aisha to be the reason for it however they latter claims that she has no hands in this act and she didn't beautify  the Doll with those earrings. Roshni gets incensed with Aisha and requests her to accept her mistakes. Afterward, Durgadevi brainwashes  Aisha to leave the house as she says that neither Siddharth nor Roshni adore her. Will Aisha leave?

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