Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 246-247)

The episode starts with Pragya imagining Abhi playing in water and asking her to join him. She wakes up from her dady dreaming then and sees Abhi sleeping. Bulbul brings Abhi’s family to a said spot to catch Aaliya red-handed. Daasi instead of searching Abhi and Pragya, they are waiting here to see if Aliya is involved in kidnapping or not. Mitali thinks she knows it beforehand, but if Aaliya is caught, she will also be caught, but then thinks she wants to see Aaliya caught. Puneet tells Bulbul not to worry and they all hide. Aaliya comes to the spot and calls blackmailer/Puneet. Puneet comes with mask on his face and asks if she brought money. She gives him money bag. Daadi and others walk out from their hideout towards Aaliya.

Pragya prays god to wake Abhi up soon and requests water. Pragya gives him water. She checks his wound and gets happy. Corporator and his goons see blood stains on ground and think Pragya and Abhi are still alive. Corporator asks them to find abhi and Pragya. They then see police and hide.

Aaliya checks photos, sees children photos and asks if he thinks she is a fool. He says she is. Daadi comes and slaps her and asks if she was behind Abhi and Pragya’s kidnap. Aaliya says Bulbul is trying to trap her. Bulbul says she knew she would tell this, so she came with proof. Aaliya asks Purab to believe her. Purab says he knew she does not like Pragya, but what did Abhi do, what will he feel if he will know she is his culprit. Daadi says even if Abhi forgives her, she will not forgive her. Daasi says even cat does not steal in her own house, but she betrayed her own brother and family. Daadi asks her to take her to Abhi and Pragya right now, else she will forget that she is her granddaughter and will punish her. Purab also says same. Aaliya starts her drama and asks Bulbul if she happy after making her villain in her family’s eyes. Bulbul says she wants didi and jiju come back and asks her to tell where they are. Bulbul says if she knows she is behind it, she must be knowing where they are. Puneet removes his mask and asks if she knows him. Aaliya says she does not know. Mitali says she knows, but then gets afraid and says she does not know.

Pragya feeds Abhi soup (surprise…she got ingredient ready in her hand). She asks what if goli had killed him. He says he ate goliyan before. She asks what???. He say medicines. She shows him knife. He asks if she is trying to kill him. She says she removed bullet/goli from his body with this knife. He asks how can she insert such a big knife. She says she removed it carfully. He starts his usual blah blah…. and says he is rockstar and nothing will happen to him, etc.

Bulbul asks Aaliya to tell the truth, opens suitcase and throws money, but is shocked to see papers instead. Aaliya says she came to find out who the blackmailer is and just wants to get back her bhai and bhabhi and says she is not involved in kidnapping. Mitali says Aaliya is a big dramebaaz. Bulbul asks who was that man whom she met at night and asks why was she at a place from where Abhi called. She says she already that he detective friend’s office is in that area and calls her associate and asks to come to the spot right now. She says they will know if she was telling truth or lie and says they will know who is behind this kidnapping.

Abhi looking at his torn t-shirt and asks fuggi/Pragya if she did tried hankie pankie on him. She says no. He says he is a rockstar and handsome (good joke) and anyone would like to get intimate with him. She says she will not. He asks if she has clothes. She breaks cupboard’s lock and gets clothes for him. He says why did she steal. He says things got easily are not considered stolen and asks him to wear it now as no one is around except her. She lifts him up and turns back. He holds her shoulder and changes clothes.

Aaliya’s puppet man tells Purab and Abhi’s family that he has a detective agency and gives his card to Purab. He says he and Aaliya have found who the kidnapper is. Aaliya says she did not want to identify the person without proof, now she got a proof and says Bulbul was right, a family member has done it. Pragya’s biji asks what does she mean. Aaliya says she is her family members. Bulbul asks her to mind her tongue. Aaliya says culrpit is though family member, but is an outsider and points at Purvi. Purvi asks how dare she is to allege her. Aaliya says Purvi has a bosyfriend who demanded her to help him kidnap Abhi and Pragya for money. Janaki says Purvi can hide things from her but not from Pragya and Bulbul. Bulbul says she knows Purvi from childhood. Aaliya says she will get proof from Purvi’s bedroom. Sarla says let us check. Purvi says she is sad that Sarla is doubting on her for a stranger. Biji says she is not doubting her, but wants to clear her name from allegations and takes everyone towards house.

Abhi asks if they will get fish. Pragya asks him to stop dreaming and says she is going to bath and asks him not to come in. She then peeps out and asks him to give towel, but does not find him. She gets ready (with lipstick and make in jungle) and sees him walking out holding stick. He is about to fall when she runs and holds him. She asks why did he come out, his blood flow stopped with difficulty and it will start again. She takes sticks and goes to light them (surprise..already a stack of sticks are readmade arranged for her). She pours kerosene from lamp on sticks and lights them. She then asks why did he come out in cold. He says he came to enjoy cool breeze. They both come in front of each other and start looking romantically. She asks what is he looking. He says she is looking pretty. He gets conscious, goes and picks his jeans and finds letter in it. She says there is nothing in this letter. He says if it was in his pocket, he will decide it. She says there is nothing important. He asks if he knows. She says no. He asks then how does she know. She says looking at paper’s condition. He says its condition is better than theirs.

Abhi reads letter and asks if she is teacher. She says yes. He asks her to fill in blanks in this letter as words are missing. She gets nervous. He asks her to stop getting nervous and read it. She says she cannot. He says why did she wash his pant without reading and says because of her, he cannot read what is in letter (too selfish, did not value her sacrifices)… Pragya thinks she should tell what is in her mind, else her condition will be like letter, thinks god has given her a chance to speak out her mind. Dunya ko bhooljawoon….song.. plays in the background. She goes near him and nervously tells she knows what is written in this letter as she wrote it for him. He acts as confused (dumb actually). She tells in her life, only 2 things were important, one her mom and second books, mom bought her up an books showed her way of life, nobody can take mom’s place but someone took book’s place. She continues expressing her feeling while he dumbly listens to her. She says she wanted to tell what is in her heart, but did not have courage, today will tell as she will be happy at least she told it to him, says I love you, I really love you very much. He is surprised to hear that and starts staring her. She looks at him romantically.

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