Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 40-42)

Kalpana refuses to give her pen to Pakhi which leaves Pakhi incensed and envious. Pakhi tosses a vase in outrage and injured herself. In the interim Neetu comes to there and accused Kamala for the entire incident. Kalpana gives her pen to Pakhi with a heavy heart. Vitthal gets incensed on discovering that Kalpana had to sacrifice her favourite pen for Pakhi's happiness.

Vitthal gets incensed on knowing out about the pen incident. Kamla feels bad. She pampers Kalpi and gifts her a doll. Kamla tells Kalpi to never giveaway the doll as it had been gifted to Kamla by her mom. Pakhi likes the doll and asks for it as well. Kamala makes Pakhi understand that one should not giveaway a gifted thing. Kamla discovers that Neetu has requested Kalpi to wash her tea cup. She rage with outrage and tells Kalpi not to do any house chores, regardless. Manda Tai instigates Vitthal about Pakiya. 

Vitthal discovers that Kamala is saving money to purchase another doll for Pakhi. He reveals to Kamala that she was doing injustice Kalpi for another person's daughter. Neetu asks Kalpi to bring a glass of water; be that as it may, Kamala stops Kalpi from doing house chores. At the point when Neetu gripes to Prem about feeling desolate, he reprimands Kalpana and Kamala for it and chooses to take matter in his hand. He stuffs cash in Kalpana's bag and later accuses her for stealing it.

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