Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 1-3)

Kamla tai a caretaker, who picks and drops school kids in a school bus. Kamlatai values her time with the school students, talking about the baby in her womb. She likewise discuss about her spouse, Vitthal a factory union leader who is a decent husband who has some desires for his soon to be baby. Kamlatai a caring and loving caretaker takes very care of the children in the school bus by dropping them on their way home. Kamala Tai also aska a little boy named Prem to allow his classmate to use his washroom.

Prem declines at first at the same time, KamlaPremi asks for Prem and follows him till the 10th floor of his home, asking Prem to give his friend a chance to use his washroom. Prem's mom Mrs Kapoor then again, is a haughty rich housewife who is also pregnant. After, Kamlatai sees Mrs Kapoor's condition she takes very good care of her. Mr Kapoor likewise catches the sight the scene and requests that his driver offer Kamlatai job of a maid in their home. Kamlatai return home and cherishes her time with her infamous son Pakya while, Vitthal and his union fights for their rights against their new mill owner Mr kapoor a rich and a determined businessman. 

Kamala Tai notices the sadness her husband Vitthal tries to stow away on his return back home. Vitthal informs Kamala about his factory that was sold to another owner. Kamala asks for her husband to permit her work as a maid in the job offer she got early hour in the day. Vitthal rejects at first at the same time, Kamala Tai figures out how to convince him. Kamala Tai joins her new job in the Kapoor house the following day. . 

Mrs Kapoor requests that Kamala Tai resume her duty on the day she visits the Kapoor house. Mr Kapoor gets enraged on his wife as she orders the breakfast from an eatery than preparing it in the house. The factory workers inform Vitthal about their mill that was bought by another owner. The mill wokers remain irritated after hearing in the news at the same time, Kamala tai requests that they think positively. Kamala tai as also asks for Divya-Mrs kapoor's old house maid to conceal her maid job from Vitthal.


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