Update: Friday On King Of Hearts (Episode 279-280)

Siddharth gains from a CD that Roshni and Aisha's kidnappers are requesting for Rs.10 crore. Siddhharth alongside the police visits the house where Roshni and Aisha are held. Yet, the guile Kidnappers didn't give Siddharth a clue about Roshni's nearness in their home. Afterward, Siddharth disguises himself and visits the same area looking for Roshni. Roshni, then again, figures out how to get away from the location alongside Aisha. She too has masked herself in burqa.

Roshni spots Siddharth and calls his name. Roshni's voice does not reach Siddharth. Before Siddharth could recognize her, Roshni is again kidnapped by the hooligans and they take her away back to the place where she had escape from. Siddharth then looks for assistance from one of the senior citizen in the location. The senior subject helps Siddharth in reaching the address that he is looking for. The criminals then rings Durgadevi and requests her to get the cash and free her daughter. Would Roshni at long last be frees?


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