Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 42-44)

Vitthal discovers that Kamala is saving money to purchase another doll for Pakhi. He reveals to Kamala that she was doing injustice Kalpi for another person's daughter. Neetu asks Kalpi to bring a glass of water; be that as it may, Kamala stops Kalpi from doing house chores. At the point when Neetu gripes to Prem about feeling desolate, he reprimands Kalpana and Kamala for it and chooses to take matter in his hand. He stuffs cash in Kalpana's bag and later accuses her for stealing it.

Pakiya gets incensed on finding out about how innocent Kalpi is being dragged into the entire stealing act. Vitthal taunts Kamala for making her own daughter suffer due to Pakhi's family. Later Kamala hears Kalpi crying and Vitthal revealing to her that she will be proven Innocent. Kamala chooses to discover the truth. Neetu incites Sahil to make some strict action against Kalpi however Sahil denies saying it's finished by one of his own kids and not Kalpi. 

Neetu prompts Sahil against Raghav. Kamala sends a letter for Pakhi and tells Divya to wake her up and read it to her.

Update: Monday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 248-249)

At the deserted cottage, Pragya with a lot of difficulty gets the bullet out of Abhi's body and informs him that she has removed the bullet. Abhi is unable to speak. Pragya immediately dresses back his wound with a cloth to stop thebleeding while Abhi lies unconscious. Pragya in tears prays to god to help Abhi recover quickly. Pragya speaks to Abhi that nobody can separate them now refusing to let him give up.

Later, Bulbul informs everyone that Aaliya is involved in Abhi and Pragya's kidnapping. Purabh tells Bulbul to stop wasting her time on suspecting Aaliya. Bulbul informs everyone that she has proof against Aaliya and asks them to come with herto find the truth. Daadi says with are allegations Abhi and Pragya will not come back. Mitali gets tensed. Bulbul revealsthe plan she had made to trap Aaliya with the help of her cousin Puneet. Bulbul informs Purabh that Alia has agreed togive 10 lac rupees to Puneet against the evidence. Daadi decides to go and check for herself.

Later Pragya like a doting wife sponges Abhi and remembersall the things that Abhi used to say to trouble her. The conversations they used to have. Pragya tensed watches Abhi as he lays unconscious and holding his hand asks him why does it happen, that they can never realize how preciousa relation is until one is about to lose it. Pragya wipes Abhi's feet and tells Abhi that she knows he is struggling with the same question as she is. Pragya then gets a blanket and covers Abhi to keep him warm, Saans me Teri saans mili to song plays in the background.

Pragya  looking devastated comes and sits by the lake lost in her thoughts when she sees Abhi walking towards her in the water. Pragya eyes sparkle the moment she sees Abhi. Abhi tells Pragya to join him in the water but she refuses. Abhi splashes water at her and Pragya flinches only to realize that she has been dreaming all this while. Realization hits her and Pragya holding back her tears, fills the earthen pot with water and takes it to the cottage.

At night, the entire family is waiting outside the secluded place that Bulbul  and Puneet have called Alia to trap her, to see if Alia is involved with the kidnapping and comes to meet the kidnapper. Mitali is worried that if Alia gets caught, she too will get caught for being involved. Mitali is about to sneak away but then changes her mind as she wants to see Alia being cornered. Bulbul tells everyone that they should hide before Alia gets her. Everyone goes inside to hide Bulbul instructs Puneet to be careful with Alia and make her confess her crime.

Later, Alia comes there in her car with the bag full of money. She gets intimidated seeing the place and decides to call up the blackmailer who is none other than Puneet and tells him to come soon. As Alia is waiting, Puneet comes there wearing a mask. Alia rudely takes the envelope from Puneet and gives him the bag of money. Alia's family is shocked to see this.

Just as she is about to enter the cottage, Pragya prays for Abhi's speedy recovery in tears. The moment Pragya enters the cottage she sees Abhi stir a bit. Pragya is surprised to see Abhi regain consciousness. Abhi sees Pragya and removes the blanket and asks her if Pragya removed the bullet. Pragya agrees and tells Abhi to lie down and offers him come water to drink. Abhi smiles and playfully taunts Pragya that she will never give up on him. Abhi jokingly asks Pragya if she likes it when he tortures her. Is that why she saved him? Pragya smiles the moment she hears this. Â Abhi promises that once they reach home, he will torture her to her hearts content. Pragya for the first time giggles. Abhi too smiles seeing this and continues to tease Pragya saying it is hot and asks her to fix an AC in the cottage.

As Neel's goons are searching for Abhi and Pragya they find blood traces and decide to follow it sure that it will help them find Abhi and Pragya. Just then they see the police too searching for Abhi and Pragya and run away.
On the other hand, Alia is shocked to see the pictures that Puneet has given her are nothing but trash. Alia gets furious and not aware that her blackmailer is none other than Puneet demands to know where the proof is. The blackmailer tells Alia that she will get the proof and asks her that the proof is standing behind her. Alia turns and is shocked to see Dadi anfgrily standing behind her. The moment Alia turns Dadi enraged slaps Alia. Immediately, the entire family too comes out and Alia is shocked to see them there. Dadi tells Alia that now she is sure that Alia is involved in kidnapping. Alia tries to blame that Bulbul is trying to frame her but fails to convince anyone. Bulbul accuses Alia of being selfish and asks everyone if now they are convinced of the truth. Alia begs Purab to help her but Purab too refuses to help her and tells Alia that she is the worse person he has ever seen. Purab asks Alia how she could do this to Abhi. Purab asks Alia if Abhi will ever forgive her. Dadi tells Alia that she will never forgive her. Everyone scolds Alia for what she has done. Dadi asks Alia why she wanted Bulbul to be kidnapped and once Pragya got kidnapped why she didn't ask the kidnappers to leave Pragya. Dadi tells Alia to tell the truth about who is involved in the kidnapping or they will forget she was ever related to them. Alia asks Bulbul if she is happy now. Bulbul tells Alia that she will only be happy when Abhi and Pragya come back home. Alia tells Bulbul that she knows everything and so she might even know where Abhi and Pragya are? Alia tries her best to convince everyone that she is not involved in the kidnapping when Puneet removes his mask. Alia is shocked to see Puneet and refuses to have any information about Abhi and Pragya. Mitali comes forth and is about to speak the truth but then changes her mind.

At the cottage, Pragya tells Abhi that she has made a soup from all that she could find for him. Pragya feeds Abhi some soup. Abhi asks Pragya how she removed the bullet. Pragya tells Abhi that she doesn't even want to remember how she got the bullet out. Abhi teases her if she used her nails. Pragya shows Abhi the knife she used to remove the bullet. Abhi is shocked to see the knife. Pragya and Abhi start arguing playfully. Abhi refuses to have any more soup but Pragya coaxes him to have some more soup and helps Abhi drink it.

Bulbul tells Alia to stop pretending and asks her why did she come here with Rs. 10 lacs? Bulbul tells Alia that she knows that she wanted to buy the prrof before it can reach the police. Bulbul opens the bag and is shocked to see just pieces of paper in the bag and no money. The tables turn. Alia tells everyone that she was desperate to get the proof to find out who assisted the kidnappers and no one believed her. Alia pretends to act hurt and accuses everyone of doubting her. Alia with fake tears and folded hands tells everyone that she is not involved in kidnapping. Mitali is shocked to see the way Alia has been pretending. Bulbul asks Alia who had come to meet her at night. Bulbul asks Alia what she was doing at the place from where Abhi had called them on the day of holi. Alia tells Bulbul that she was speaking to her private detective friend who has found out the real person behind the kidnapping.


Abhi removes the blanket and sees that his t-shirt is torn. Abhi calls Pragya and asks her if she took advantage of his situation. Pragya tells Abhi that she did no such thing and asks Abhi to lie down. Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to change. Pragya decides to look around and checks the almirah. Pragya picks up a stone and breaks the lock on the almirah. Pragya searches through the things and finds a shirt and trousers for Abhi but Abhi refuses to wear it. Pragya tells him that this all they can find in the jungle and helps Abhi in standing up. Abhi stumbles and Abhi and Pragya's faces come close to each other and for a moment, they are both stunned and look into each other's' eyes. Abhi tells Pragya to leave so he can change but is unable to stand on his own and tells Pragya to walk backwards to him so she doesn't see him. Abhi takes Pragya's support and removes his t-shirt. Abhi somehow manages to change his clothes while Pragya stands supporting him and getting conscious as Abhi stumbles while changing.

On the other hand, Alia's friend comes there and tells everyone that he is a private detective and confesses that Alia has been speaking to him and informs everyone that they have found who has been behind the kidnapping. Alia tells everyone that it is very easy to blame anyone but difficult to prove the same. Alia tells everyone that Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) was right. Someone from Bulbul's family was involved in the kidnapping and reveals Purvi's (Charu Mehra) name for being involved in the kidnapping. Everyone is shocked. Purvi refuses to accept this allegation. Alia tells Bulbul that Purvi has broken their trust. Alia tells everyone that Purvi has a boyfriend who wanted money and is involved in kidnapping and Purvi has assisted them. Everyone else refuses to believe that Purvi is involved and Alia suggests searching Purvi's room. Purvi is hurt that the people who loved her so much are suspecting her today. Pragya's Dadi tells Purvi that is not the case but just to prove to Alia that Purvi could do no such thing; they decide to check Purvi's room. Everyone leaves to head for Pragya's house and Alia smiles evilly that her plan has worked.

At the cottage, Abhi finds out that there is a lake outside the cottage and wants to go out and catch fishes. Pragya goes to have a bath in the partition of the cottage and Abhi takes this opportunity to sneaks out of the cottage. Pragya peeps out and
is shocked to see that Abhi is not in the cottage.

Update: Monday On King Of Hearts (Episode 317-318)

Siddharth discovers that Bua Dadi and Samaira had planned against Kritika to ruin her life. He additionally gains from Bua Dadi that she was not the only one, but rather Samaira too was involved in this act. Siddharth quickly tosses Bua Dadi out of the house and claims that he is not going to leave Samaira either. Then again, Samaira gets the divorce papers sent by Yash. She is surprised to find them. In the meantime, Siddharth shows up at the scene and cases that Samaira deserved this. Siddharth then goes ahead to uncover the treachery of Samaira. 

Roshni is stun to see her family falling apart. She cries over the fact that Siddharth is furious with her family, and has left the house. Shabanam who is enjoying this situation of Roshni adds insult to Injury. She requests Roshni to call Siddharth and ask whether he is okay. At the point when Roshni calls Siddharth up, she discovers that he is not picking up her call. Then again, Siddharth is disturbed as he converses with a tea vendor and remembers that today is Karwa chauth and Roshni is fasting for him. Will Siddharth return back to Roshni?

Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 244-245)

Seema scolds Gunjan that she is not allowing Mayank to settle down and she is responsible for drama s in mayank s life. Gunjan says she wants to see Mayank Charu happy. Seema takes her to the mandir and tells her to swear that she wont be a part of Mayank s life, Gunjan promises she will stay away from mayank..

Gunjan remembers mayank s words that even if he gives his life he wont get anything from this marriage and even Seema s words and her promise and is crying. Charu tells MAyank that she wont eat water or eat foo if he does not forgives her and says she wont repear her mistakes again Mayank leaves the house and Prabhu is following Gunjan wants to go but stops herself remembering about the promise

next morning everyone is worried where Mayank is Seema is crying that no one knows wher he is. they decide to call the police(Police takes a report only after 24 hours but they threw logic out of the window ) Mayank comes back and everyone is relieved. Gopal scolds hhim shayl tells him to take rest and talk later Mayank says he has taken a decision that his relation with Charu has no future and should divorce. Everyone is shocked.Seema Prabhu try to convince him Dayal says don’t take decision hastily. Charu llooks heartbroken Mayank says he has thought over it bua says no laaj sharam in this generation.Mayank says where were they whwn he was tricked into marriage and Charu was playing tricks. Mayank says all the laaj sharam is in his fate as he is a monkey who is made to jump by everyone he says he will take his decisions and drags Charu out and closes the door. Charu says she wont repeat it but he is adamant that he wants a divorce.

Mayank tells Charu that he tried to be with her but realized they are two different kind of people its better to break up than suffer life long and closes the door on her face. Mayank says this is his last decision and if it affects their prestige laaj ijjat he will leave the house and leaves.

Sangeeta gets Charu in and Shayl tells her to control herself Charu said gunjan should have controlled herself as she is responsible for Charu s actions(rassi jal gayi par bal nahi gaya). Gunjan looks shocked

Charu says Gunjan is a thorn in her married life and calls gunjan her sautan Shayl supports Gunjan that if she would not be there then Charu could never marry Mayank. Gunjan tells that if love is true then you are not even scared of death and even a 100 Gunjan s could not come in between them, she says Mayank was made a pawn and she kept playing as he was her ego.that Gunjan tells Charu that she made a bet out of her marriage and ended up losing Mayank ,she says probably Charu never loved mayank enough. Gunjan says she could have come in between them long back but she was the one who kept Mayank away from her.

Rachna and Gunjan in their room, Rachna consoling Gunjan and Gunjan continuously crying. Gunjan clearing that all the Chaaru’s concentration was on insulting and effecting her and not to make her marriage right. Rachna tells her that one who does wrong with others they too get the same. Rachna makes her ready for the college somehow and asks Gunjan to concentrate on the fresher of the year title. Both girls taking permission to go college. Chaaya also joins them. Whole family in the hall. Prabhu asks Seema to stop crying but she denied. Prabhu says that she is with Mayank’s decision as he is his father and always wants to see him happy. He also makes others understand that why should he take care of the society as he himself is not at all happy.

Here Vihaan pasting Rachna’s posters in place of Gunjan’s posters, in whole college. Rachna asks her to get down and asks him to stop all non sense. Vihaan asks that he is doing her promotion campaign to get her win among all. Rachna tears all posters. Vihaan stoping her. Rachna says that she wants her promotion and she want to win but not on the cost of her sister. He can’t remove Gunjan’s posters. Vihaan asks that he even can’t tell him that their matters is sought out. Rachna said that he is not at all liable for all her deeds ad she can’t tell him her own personal matters. Here Vihaan and Rachna dancing. Gunja thinking about what Mayank had said at the terrace. Rajeev comes and tells Gunjan that Gunjan has to help him in the round. The teacher comes and tells that there three rounds are to be held. Both the couples dances on the background song “JUGNI”. Gunjan thinking about Mayank’s reaction with Chaaru. On the way she goes out from the room and leave the dance. Rachna tries to follow her but Vihaan stops her. Rajeev comes to Gunjan .

Gunjan telling Rajeev that Mayank is divorcing Chaaru all because of her. She tells that it is her’s fault only. Rajeev consoling her that she is not at all responsible for that. Society is just made for all this. One’s heart should be clear. One’s relation should be strong and asks her that she should give her 100% to the competition, college needs her.

Shail and Buaji tries to let Mayank understand that every relation has some problems but they sought out easily. Maynak denies that she can’t even listen for that.

Chaaru comes and tells that she had done many mistakes in her past, so she is happy with the divorce as she can’t get Mayank’s love ever in her life. She can’t even hope. But she will never forgot the family who gave her a lots of love.

Ciara Shows Off Bump & Legs In Sultry Thigh-Baring Evening Gown (Photos)

As her due date comes closer, Ciara still looks elegant as ever with her growing baby bump.

The 31-year-old star posted picture of herself on Saturday which proved that the Goodies singer stills knows how to stun.

The wife of Russell Wilson posed to reveal her shapely legs and round bump while wearing an elegant black gown with opulent looking stilettos.

It Is Wicked To Say I Bleach My Skin- Reminisce

Rapper Reminisce has said to Sunday Scoop that it is a wicked rumour for anyone to say he bleaches his skin, because he does not. He says the only thing he does to maintain his skin is to eat good food and people that know him before now can attest he has always had this colour.

 “It is a wicked rumour for people to say that I bleach my skin. Those who know me from way back will tell you that I have a fair complexion, and I always try to take care of my skin by eating good food. I have never used any type of bleaching cream and I’m not about to start now. In fact, that’s the worst rumour I have ever heard about my person,” he said.

Dino Melaye Gifts Used 1992 Honda Accord To Media Aide (Photos)

This is according to Precious C. Eze who is a Chief Content Producer at Media Industries Concept. According to him, the photo you see above is real. He claimed the Senator gave this 1992 Honda Accord as a gift to his Special Assistant (SA) on Media. While sharing the photo on Facebook Eze wrote;

Kogi State's Senator Dino Melaye present a 1992 Honda Accord as gift to his Special Assistant (SA) on Media.
Well, congrats to the SA Media and hope his salary is enough to repair this car every other day.
But this Dino wicked shaaaa! With all the MACHINES we see him flaunt around, nah 1992 Honda of all cars em see give this guy???

I’m Not Ready To Give Marriage Another Shot- Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian actress and mother of one, who was formerly married to a Ghanaian business man in a chat with Sunday Scoop has said she is not ready to give marriage another shot for now. She says she is concentrating on what her former marriage produced- her son and ofcourse her brand too. She says to be successful and have a son you take care of is too much work which she is fine with anyway and marriage has no place in her mind for now.

“It is interesting you ask about wedding bells. I have always said that my focus at this point is my son and business. Creating a balance between  being a successful business woman and a good mother is a lot to handle and that is my focus,” the actress said.

On being chose as a Glo brand ambassador, Juliet said, “I believe the timing is right. For Globacom and Juliet Ibrahim brand, there are values that we can capitalise on by working together. I am grateful to them for buying into what I have been building for a while and giving me an opportunity to represent their brand image in a positive light. I am looking forward to great things to come out of this.”

Blac Chyna Spotted Without Her Ring Following Split From Rob Kardashian (Photos)

It was reported that she split from on-off fiance Rob Kardashian.

And on Saturday, Blac Chyna was spotted out in Beverly Hills without her engagement ring, possibly confirming the breakup.

The mum-of-two enjoyed time out alone, as neither her son or daughter appeared to be with her.

Makeup Artist Exposes Nigerian Pastor Who Wants S*xual Relationship With Him (See)

A Nigerian makeup artist David Onyedike a.k.a Dave Sucre has exposed a Nigerian pastor (Pastor Crownrich Marvelous Joy, of Gospel Faith Mission) who has been disturbing him for a s3xual relationship. Dave took to his IG to expose the Pastor’s direct message (DM) to him, asking his church members to come and carry their pastor, lol. The direct message after the cut. Lmaooo.

I Learnt Reggae To Impress The Girls - Patoranking

In a recent chat with Patoranking, the singer said;

“One of the reasons I chose reggae even though it might sound funny is because of the girls. I remember back then in secondary school, if you did not know how to mime songs, you could not get the girls and I like standing out. I thought it would be wise for me to mime the songs that my colleagues won’t know. I listened to more reggae songs. Whenever I did that, the girls were always impressed. I listened to a lot of Bob Marley and Lucky Dube’s songs.”

Donald Trump Takes First Step Towards Building The Mexican Border Wall

The Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to begin soliciting pitches for a prototype design of President Trump's proposed wall along the Mexican border.

The notice, put out on the department's website Friday, says contractors can submit proposals starting March 6. Submissions for the concept designs will then close on March 10, with selected applicants narrowed down by the 20th. The remaining vendors must then satisfy the full proposal request and offer an estimated price.

Homeland Security said it's possible that multiple winners will be selected. It plans to announce the winning design(s) of the wall, which runs nearly 2,000 miles, in mid-April.

Wow! Kano To Conduct Mass Wedding For 1520 Couples Today

The Kano State Government yesterday said it had concluded plans for the mass wedding of 1,520 prospective couples scheduled to hold today, February 26, 2017.

The Director General of the State Hisbah Board, Dr. Abba Sufi, stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Kano.

Sufi said the wedding would be conducted in four Juma’at mosques in the Kano metropolis and at the headquarters of the 44 local government areas of the state.

He said Governor Abdullahi Ganduje was expected to attend the wedding at the Central Mosque, near the Emir of Kano’s palace, while his deputy, Prof. Hafiz Abubakar, and the Speaker of the state Assembly, Mr. Kabiru Rurum, would attend the event at the Sheik Isiyaka Rabi’u‘s Mosque and Murtala Muhammed Mosque, respectively.

He said the state government had set N20,000 as dowry for each of the brides, while N15,000 would be given to each bride as support.

Sufi said the governor would also host the husbands to a reception at 2 pm while the first lady, Mrs. Hafsat Ganduje, would host the brides at 6 pm on Sunday.

He stated that the state government had assigned commissioners to attend the wedding in their respective local government areas.

G*y Men Who Adopt Boys Now Live In Fear As One Of Them Makes Attempt To Kill Them (Photos)

Tiny and fragile, little Renat was frogmarched into the waiting room by two determined Russian women and stripped of all his clothes. 

It was minus 30C outside but waiting for Renat in the room was Glenn Hammet, a teacher from London, who quickly handed over a brand-new outfit he had been told to bring.

‘The clothes totally swamped him,’ Glenn recalls. ‘He was three but so malnourished, with terrible skin, he looked half that age.’

Despite the forbidding atmosphere, it was a moment of unbridled joy that Glenn had dreamed of for as long as he could remember – one that, as a gay man, he never believed was possible.

On November 12, 1998, in the unlikely surroundings of a Russian orphanage in Ulyanovsk, a frozen wasteland 550 miles east of Moscow, he had finally become a father.

Once the formalities were completed, Glenn rang his architect partner Keith Millay to tell him the good news. Keith had remained at home, allowing the couple to dodge Russian laws which banned gay adoption but allowed it for single men.

Two years later their little family was completed when they adopted three-year-old Max – who was not related to Renat – from the same orphanage. And so, with a beagle called Buddy as a family pet, their new life in London began.

At first, Glenn and Keith relished their new-found family life. But their hopes of a fairytale ending have turned into a living hell. They have been left penniless, and emotionally and physically shattered. Their kindness has even put their lives in danger. Over the past six years Renat, who is now 21, has tried to strangle Glenn, 59, with a dog lead, and assaulted both men.

He tried to suffocate his brother, threatened all three with knives and screwdrivers, hacked into their bank accounts and went on spending sprees with their credit cards.

He has punched huge holes in the walls of their London home and repeatedly smashed furniture, computers and TVs – causing tens of thousands of pounds of damage.

In desperation, Keith and Glenn eventually called the police and a restraining order was issued to stop Renat turning up at their East London home. He largely ignores the order, leaving the men fearful for their safety.

Glenn admits: ‘Our lives have turned into a nightmare. We are physically, emotionally and financially destroyed.’

Neither parent imagined that life would turn out like this for them – torn between feelings of love and responsibility on one hand and intolerable reality on the other. They are speaking now to highlight the risk every adoptive parent takes when they take a child from an orphanage into their home – a child who may already be damaged beyond repair, and who may find it particularly hard to adjust to life with gay parents.

‘We knew we took a risk taking toddlers from an orphanage,’ says Glenn. ‘Their dormitory had 40 small beds crammed together, each one with a red number on the headboard. No adult slept with them and I don’t know if anyone would have heard them cry. The babies were left in their cots for much of the day. Older children were left to their own devices.

‘We were aware that both of them could have been abused, physically, mentally or sexually. And when a child has been neglected, their ability to make relationships or trust people is affected. They can be prone to learning and emotional difficulties. But we were willing to take the risk with toddlers because that’s the age group I teach.’

Glenn adds: ‘I thought the critical time would be when the boys were little. Keith was more aware that toddlers become teenagers. He was right. It has been much worse than I imagined.’
All they were able to discover about the boys’ history is that Renat was dropped off at the orphanage by his 20-year-old mother the day he was born and Max had been looked after by his grandmother for nine months after his mother abandoned him, until she could no longer manage.

They hoped to give the boys a better future, but their lives in Britain were difficult from the start.
Max, who was tiny, struggled to speak. He had been so undernourished that his tongue hadn’t grown properly. Glenn and Keith paid for speech therapy for several years until he spoke perfectly.

As a child, Max would place a crocheted Chinese lantern carefully on his bedside table, explaining: ‘It’s to catch all my nightmares, because they are very scary.’

Renat was moody and occasionally aggressive, but articulate and extremely bright. Both boys were often withdrawn, but Glenn and Keith put it down to their traumatic experiences and difficulties with adapting to their new language and surroundings.

When Max was eight, he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, which Glenn calls ‘institutional autism’. 

He qualified for a Statement of Special Needs which meant, among other things, that the council paid his fees at a specialist school, Fairley House. Max believes the diagnosis saved his life. 

‘It meant I could stay in a school for children with learning difficulties which had very small classes,’ he said. ‘It was a safe environment for me, and I made decent friends. I doubt I would have coped in a state school and it’s probably why I am here now and not insane.’

He is currently flourishing at Portsmouth University, where he is doing a degree in biology. Keith, 64, says proudly: ‘Max has aims, is organised and very driven.’

Both boys admit they had difficulties at school dealing with their fathers’ sexuality, and at the peak of his disruptive behaviour Renat would even resort to hurling homophobic abuse at his parents.

‘Some of the children bullied me because I had two dads and no mum so I used violence against their words,’ Renat recalls. ‘I also took it out on Glenn and Keith because I felt it was their fault. I went through a homophobic phase. I think gay parents need to be very sensitive when they adopt because of how other children may react.’

Renat was asked to leave his school and went next to a boys’ comprehensive in North London, where his behaviour deteriorated still further and he began to mix with a local street gang.

Glenn and Keith had paid for private mental care and therapy, but were told that full mental health assessments were not available for boys over 14. 

Social workers were assigned, but appeared to take little action about the damage to their home. ‘At 15 he would sometimes be out all night and we were worried sick,’ said Keith. ‘After a few months he dropped out of school altogether, then refused to leave the house for six months. He became incredibly violent and we couldn’t cope.’

Finally the violence got so bad, they had no choice but to call the police and apply for the banning order. Keith was devastated. ‘The only thing left was to criminalise him, which is terrible. He has spent more than ten nights in a police cell since he was 15.’

After a period spent sleeping on park benches or sheltering in 24-hour McDonald’s restaurants, Renat has now found a job in a pub and is preparing to move into a flatshare in March. 

He admits he is still violent, though he says his parents are no longer the target. ‘I break their property instead,’ he says. 

The accumulated cost of Renat’s behaviour is shocking. Glenn estimates it at about £60,000 just in the last six weeks, involving damage to a new timber floor, walls, various antiques, electrical equipment and a computer. 

‘We can’t afford to keep repairing everything because our finances are dire,’ says Glenn.

‘Our bank account is permanently in the red. Our three credit cards are maxed out and we can’t get through the month without taking payday loans.’

For Keith and Glenn, the result is a mixture of fear and guilt. ‘I feel bad about our failure to get any kind of proper help for Renat, spurning him and making him homeless,’ Glenn admits. ‘We also feel guilt about Max because we didn’t protect him and he has suffered badly at Renat’s hands.’

Peace Corps Of Nigeria: Exploitation Of Vulnerable Job Seekers

Barely 3-years after 6.5 million Nigerians in all 37 states were crammed together in respective recruitment centers for 4000 vacant positions in the Nigerian Immigration Service, the tendencies of having a re-occurence of the tragedy that gained world attention is likely being rehearsed at the ongoing recruitment into the Peace Corps Of Nigeria . 

It would be recalled that in the March 2014 Nigeria Immigration Recruitment tragedy, at least 16 job seekers were confirmed dead with scores of people with scores of people fatally injured. 

The major causes of death was plausibly hinged on overcrowding, stampede, exhaustion, and impatience of the applicants. 

It is however expected that Nigeria had learnt her lesson with the cause-effect approach, thus using the successive recruitment exercises such as the Nigerian Police Force as a litmus test.

However, the horrid report coming from the Peace Corps Of Nigeria is not only saddening, but also a reflection of the fact that we have a long way to go in our recruitment exercises, hence the need for urgent attention by relevant authorities to curtail the inhumane cum daylight robbery process in the guise of employment. 

The Peace Corps process is fresh, and recognised as one of the employment opportunities of the Buhari led change government, yet a process where exploitation of job seekers have been taken to the next level. Imagine, where the unemployed going through recruitment paid N40,000 and the greatest shocker was when they got to know that this money was just for uniform and accommodation alone, without shoe. 

However, the accommodation settled for was just a mere illusion as the N8,000 people taken from Abuja were posted to Durben Polytechnic Bwari, a place that cannot accommodate one quarter of the population. Many of them slept outside the premises as Nigerians have learnt their lessons. 

The activities of the Peace Corps Of Nigeria recruitment process must be checkmated, the exploitation of vulnerable job seekers must be stopped, especially in a new paramilitary yet to be take its full operation in the country.

Maryam Wokili 

23rd February: Today In History

Today is Thursday, February. 23rd, the 54th day of 2017. There are 311 days left in the year.
Today's Highlights in History:

1836   The Siege of the Alamo begins in San Antonio, Texas. 
1903   Cuba leases Guantanamo Bay to the United States 
1904   US gains control of the Panama Canal Zone. 
1919   Benito Mussolini forms the Fascist Party in Italy 
1941   Plutonium is first produced Famous 

1685   George Frederick Handel (Classic Composer) 
1939   Peter Fonda (Actor) 
1955   Howard Jones (Singer) 
1965   Michael Dell (Founder of Dell computers) 
1983   Aziz Ansari (Actor in Parks and Recreation) 
1994   Dakota Fanning (Actress)

Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 246-247)

The episode starts with Pragya imagining Abhi playing in water and asking her to join him. She wakes up from her dady dreaming then and sees Abhi sleeping. Bulbul brings Abhi’s family to a said spot to catch Aaliya red-handed. Daasi instead of searching Abhi and Pragya, they are waiting here to see if Aliya is involved in kidnapping or not. Mitali thinks she knows it beforehand, but if Aaliya is caught, she will also be caught, but then thinks she wants to see Aaliya caught. Puneet tells Bulbul not to worry and they all hide. Aaliya comes to the spot and calls blackmailer/Puneet. Puneet comes with mask on his face and asks if she brought money. She gives him money bag. Daadi and others walk out from their hideout towards Aaliya.

Pragya prays god to wake Abhi up soon and requests water. Pragya gives him water. She checks his wound and gets happy. Corporator and his goons see blood stains on ground and think Pragya and Abhi are still alive. Corporator asks them to find abhi and Pragya. They then see police and hide.

Aaliya checks photos, sees children photos and asks if he thinks she is a fool. He says she is. Daadi comes and slaps her and asks if she was behind Abhi and Pragya’s kidnap. Aaliya says Bulbul is trying to trap her. Bulbul says she knew she would tell this, so she came with proof. Aaliya asks Purab to believe her. Purab says he knew she does not like Pragya, but what did Abhi do, what will he feel if he will know she is his culprit. Daadi says even if Abhi forgives her, she will not forgive her. Daasi says even cat does not steal in her own house, but she betrayed her own brother and family. Daadi asks her to take her to Abhi and Pragya right now, else she will forget that she is her granddaughter and will punish her. Purab also says same. Aaliya starts her drama and asks Bulbul if she happy after making her villain in her family’s eyes. Bulbul says she wants didi and jiju come back and asks her to tell where they are. Bulbul says if she knows she is behind it, she must be knowing where they are. Puneet removes his mask and asks if she knows him. Aaliya says she does not know. Mitali says she knows, but then gets afraid and says she does not know.

Pragya feeds Abhi soup (surprise…she got ingredient ready in her hand). She asks what if goli had killed him. He says he ate goliyan before. She asks what???. He say medicines. She shows him knife. He asks if she is trying to kill him. She says she removed bullet/goli from his body with this knife. He asks how can she insert such a big knife. She says she removed it carfully. He starts his usual blah blah…. and says he is rockstar and nothing will happen to him, etc.

Bulbul asks Aaliya to tell the truth, opens suitcase and throws money, but is shocked to see papers instead. Aaliya says she came to find out who the blackmailer is and just wants to get back her bhai and bhabhi and says she is not involved in kidnapping. Mitali says Aaliya is a big dramebaaz. Bulbul asks who was that man whom she met at night and asks why was she at a place from where Abhi called. She says she already that he detective friend’s office is in that area and calls her associate and asks to come to the spot right now. She says they will know if she was telling truth or lie and says they will know who is behind this kidnapping.

Abhi looking at his torn t-shirt and asks fuggi/Pragya if she did tried hankie pankie on him. She says no. He says he is a rockstar and handsome (good joke) and anyone would like to get intimate with him. She says she will not. He asks if she has clothes. She breaks cupboard’s lock and gets clothes for him. He says why did she steal. He says things got easily are not considered stolen and asks him to wear it now as no one is around except her. She lifts him up and turns back. He holds her shoulder and changes clothes.

Aaliya’s puppet man tells Purab and Abhi’s family that he has a detective agency and gives his card to Purab. He says he and Aaliya have found who the kidnapper is. Aaliya says she did not want to identify the person without proof, now she got a proof and says Bulbul was right, a family member has done it. Pragya’s biji asks what does she mean. Aaliya says she is her family members. Bulbul asks her to mind her tongue. Aaliya says culrpit is though family member, but is an outsider and points at Purvi. Purvi asks how dare she is to allege her. Aaliya says Purvi has a bosyfriend who demanded her to help him kidnap Abhi and Pragya for money. Janaki says Purvi can hide things from her but not from Pragya and Bulbul. Bulbul says she knows Purvi from childhood. Aaliya says she will get proof from Purvi’s bedroom. Sarla says let us check. Purvi says she is sad that Sarla is doubting on her for a stranger. Biji says she is not doubting her, but wants to clear her name from allegations and takes everyone towards house.

Abhi asks if they will get fish. Pragya asks him to stop dreaming and says she is going to bath and asks him not to come in. She then peeps out and asks him to give towel, but does not find him. She gets ready (with lipstick and make in jungle) and sees him walking out holding stick. He is about to fall when she runs and holds him. She asks why did he come out, his blood flow stopped with difficulty and it will start again. She takes sticks and goes to light them (surprise..already a stack of sticks are readmade arranged for her). She pours kerosene from lamp on sticks and lights them. She then asks why did he come out in cold. He says he came to enjoy cool breeze. They both come in front of each other and start looking romantically. She asks what is he looking. He says she is looking pretty. He gets conscious, goes and picks his jeans and finds letter in it. She says there is nothing in this letter. He says if it was in his pocket, he will decide it. She says there is nothing important. He asks if he knows. She says no. He asks then how does she know. She says looking at paper’s condition. He says its condition is better than theirs.

Abhi reads letter and asks if she is teacher. She says yes. He asks her to fill in blanks in this letter as words are missing. She gets nervous. He asks her to stop getting nervous and read it. She says she cannot. He says why did she wash his pant without reading and says because of her, he cannot read what is in letter (too selfish, did not value her sacrifices)… Pragya thinks she should tell what is in her mind, else her condition will be like letter, thinks god has given her a chance to speak out her mind. Dunya ko bhooljawoon….song.. plays in the background. She goes near him and nervously tells she knows what is written in this letter as she wrote it for him. He acts as confused (dumb actually). She tells in her life, only 2 things were important, one her mom and second books, mom bought her up an books showed her way of life, nobody can take mom’s place but someone took book’s place. She continues expressing her feeling while he dumbly listens to her. She says she wanted to tell what is in her heart, but did not have courage, today will tell as she will be happy at least she told it to him, says I love you, I really love you very much. He is surprised to hear that and starts staring her. She looks at him romantically.

Update: Friday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 40-42)

Kalpana refuses to give her pen to Pakhi which leaves Pakhi incensed and envious. Pakhi tosses a vase in outrage and injured herself. In the interim Neetu comes to there and accused Kamala for the entire incident. Kalpana gives her pen to Pakhi with a heavy heart. Vitthal gets incensed on discovering that Kalpana had to sacrifice her favourite pen for Pakhi's happiness.

Vitthal gets incensed on knowing out about the pen incident. Kamla feels bad. She pampers Kalpi and gifts her a doll. Kamla tells Kalpi to never giveaway the doll as it had been gifted to Kamla by her mom. Pakhi likes the doll and asks for it as well. Kamala makes Pakhi understand that one should not giveaway a gifted thing. Kamla discovers that Neetu has requested Kalpi to wash her tea cup. She rage with outrage and tells Kalpi not to do any house chores, regardless. Manda Tai instigates Vitthal about Pakiya. 

Vitthal discovers that Kamala is saving money to purchase another doll for Pakhi. He reveals to Kamala that she was doing injustice Kalpi for another person's daughter. Neetu asks Kalpi to bring a glass of water; be that as it may, Kamala stops Kalpi from doing house chores. At the point when Neetu gripes to Prem about feeling desolate, he reprimands Kalpana and Kamala for it and chooses to take matter in his hand. He stuffs cash in Kalpana's bag and later accuses her for stealing it.

Update: Friday On Young Dreams (Episode 241-243)

Mr Sharma is exposed as a recording is played in front of the entire college. The girls put black colour on his face and the principal says there will be action taken against him. The boys not rajeev hit him.everyone plays holi vihaan wants to apply colour to rachna but she refuses.

The girls come back home shayl is giving gunjan give the cold shoulder. Shayl goes to mayank s room and she ends up seeing gunjan s night dress. She is confused charu enters and looks for the dress shayl sees from window. . Mayank tells shayl gunjan cant do anything to harm rachna and shayl agrees.

Next day morning charu convinces sangeeta to help her as she will get dholu s admission in some international school. Sangeeta says its risky and just says gunjan. Dholu overhears this and goes to Shayl that he does not want to change school and tells everything he heard shayl now doubts charu. The family reaches charu s mayka shayl apologizes to gunjan and guess charu will be up to something big today. Gunjan thinks she wont let charu spoil her relation with rachna. Gunjan Mayank apply colour to each other charu sees this and is upset.. Rajeev comes, rachna chaya apply colour on him . Charu is mixing something and is happy she will ruin rachna s face. Charu mixes bhaang and serves. They dance on radha. Gunjan applies colour to rajeev. Vihaan comes and wants to apply colour on rachna gunjan tries to stop him and Ajay Devgan, sajid and Tamannah come , they say every woman is durga. Them they talk about lath maar holi to play with sticks instead of colour. Rachna gunjan chaya try to hit vihaan with sticks and dance with vihaan, humera ayaan gunjan with some guy from PR, on chokra jawaan re and ali re from no one killed jessica, kudiya nu thag le le.

Gunjan sees charu dressed exactly like her and even charu knows gunjan is watching her. She tricks gunjan in a room and locks her inside. Gunjan tries to open the door charu comes out applies colour on her face. Chaya rachna find it weird that ‘gunjan’ is not playing with them. Charu is in gunjan s clothes a high Mayank talking to her as if she is gunjan.

Charu about to apply colour on rachna s face gunjan stops her. She throws water on charu s face and everyone is shocked to see charu in gunjan s clothes.

Everyone is shocked to see Charu in Gunjan s clothes. Gunjan says the colour in Charu s hand had broken glass pieces and she would rub it on Rachna s face and put the blame on Gunjan.Dholu says he saw Charu mixing something in the colour. Sangeeta defends Charu but Shayl says why is Charu Charu lies about some allergy Gunjan says why has nt she protected her face. Charu is trapped and revels she did it to get Mayank and throw Gunjan out of the house. Shayl screams that she tried to disfigure Rachna s faceand the bhang incident as well. Rachna remembers about everything including the book,shoes. Gunjan says Dholu came searching for her. Charu s parents scold her and tell herr to get lost. Everyone leaves Shayl apologizes and thanks Gunjan and says she is ashamed to do both. She says everytime all fingers point at her and even she thought Gunjan was guilty. Rachna has tears and leaves. Everyone comes back Gunjan is pacing the room and cursing Charu that why is Charu behind Rachna and trying to ruin her. Shayl says atleast the bitterness betwee the sisters will be over. Gunjan says she got a sister after so many years and Charu tried to ruin it. Rachna is telling Chaya how she can face Gunjan now. Chay atells her it was not her fault and Charu should be ashamed . Rachna says she is not worthy of Gunjan s forgiveness and she does not have the courage to do it. Gunjan comes to the terrace and says it was because of her Charu tried to harm Rachna physically and says sorry. The girls hug title track in BG Rachna says she should be the one saying sorry as she talked crap. Rachna says why dint you scold me or fight with me Gunjan says she will if R achna does not stop crying. The girls reconcile and play holi with water. Gunjan is standing and thinking her mom used to say that ther is a silver lining behind dark cloud but is worried avout Mayank. She asks Shayl where is.

Charu is scared and Sangeeta tells her that she should not get her involved in front of everybody.Charu tells Sangeeta that she wont leave the house as her parents have spent a lot of money and given loads of gifts to her so she Is obliged to help her as she is her sister. Charu tells that it is a warning that Sangeeta should help her or she will tell everyone she is involved. She tells her to come back only when she has the solution.

Prabhu is scolding Seema he leaves the room Sangeeta comes in.Seema is angry and tells Sangeeta that it sonly been a few days Charu came into this house and she is doing such stuff. sangeeta says why is Seema blaming Charu its Mayank s fault as he did not love his wife like he should have. She says a wife cant bear if her husband sees another woman. Mayank is telling Seema that he does not want to talk to anybody and is upset. Gunjan overhears this.

Mayank on the terrace and Gunjan comes there, he tells her to leave as he does not want to talk to anyone. Gunjan apologizes to him for exposing Charu. Mayank says she should apologize because she got him married to the wrong girl even though she knew Charu's truth and she rejected himbecause he was not worthy of her and asks her how her calculations became wrong. Gunjan says lets not talk about the past. Mayank asks her why she is here, she didn't care about him earlier and he tells her Charu is better than her as atleast there is truth in her dishonesty but Gunjan lies about her fellings and it causes trouble.