Update: Wednesday On Young Dreams (Episode 190-192)

Bua calls Gunjan Namak Haram and wants to slap her. Everyone surrounds Gunjan in a circle and starts screaming and insulting her. The flash back starts whereVihaan pulls Gunjan in a corner. She warns him not to meet like this as he is her brother-in-law.She tells him to behave properly. He tells her not to warn him and shows her the pictures he clicked. He reminds her how much Rachna loves him and then says how will Rachna feel if he dumps her.

He tells Gunjan to get involved so the plan can work. Flashback ends . Seema asks everyone if they understood why she made the plan with Sangeeta to stop the Mayank wedding. Shayl walks down the stair.Flashback starts again. Vihaan reminds her of the prank the girls pulled and his humiliation. Gunjan tells him she won't be a part of it. Vihaan reminds her that Rachna loves him so much that she can do anything once he dumps her. Vihaan tells Gunjan that she has to be his fiancee only for one week and if she does that he will be Rachna's forever. He tells her not to run away as he has the pictures. Flashback ends.

Dayal tells Shayl that Gunjan did the same thing that many years back her mom did to her and walks away. Mayank wants to say something but Charu stops him. Mayank leaves, Charu smirks. Shayl and Gunjan are crying and Shayl leaves. Gunjan is all alone crying.Gunjan is sobbing and talking to herself that why is her mom not here, why is she all alone. Gunjan hears Sneha's voice that she is there for her. She holds Gunjan from behind. Gunjan hugs her mom and cries. Gunjan tells her mom that everyone here hates her including Shayl masi. She agrees that everyone has a reason. She tells her they don't know the truth that there was a reason. She tells her she hates the ringbut is bound to wear it. Gunjan tells her she did it so that Rachna and Vihaan can be together forever and if she would not have done that they could not be together as Rachna loves Vihaan a lot. Sneha tells her to stay strong and the truth will be out. She tells that Shayl may be upset but loves her. She consoles Gunjan and suddenly Mayank calls Gunjan and she turns to see him.

Mayank looks shocked. When she turns back her mom is not there. Gunjan is worried if Mayankheard everything.Gunjan thinks that Mayank listened to everything. Mayank asks her about all. He says that he had done a big mistake in the past by not believing her, but now he has full trust on Gunjan. Gunjan denies and says that everything is going rightand the ring in her finger is the truth now. But Mayank doubtstotally. Shail outside Rachna’s room asks Rachna to open thedoor. Gunjan comes and also asks her to open the door. Rachna after hearing her voice opens the door in irritation, says that she hates her and asks her why she did all this to her being her best friend and a loving sister. She added that it was the biggest mistake they let Gunjan in their house and asks her to go away. Shail asks Rachna to keep quiet. Rachna faints. While Gunjan was touching her, Shail asks Gunjan not to touch her. The whole family is at the spot and let Rachna in her room. Charu asks her to move away. Gunjan runs and goes to terrace and says bad words about herself. She asks why she has come to the house, all is spoiled because of her in the house. She goes in flashback, thinks about the sweet moments between her and Rachna and cries.Rachna is on bed, doctor checks her and recommend medicines.

Dayal and whole of the family are in their respective rooms. Shail supports Rachna, Rachna gets back from the position. Shail tries to let her understand not to think anything negative rather to keep positive thoughts. Rachna says that all has spoiled and nothing will be good now.Vihaan and his friend are in a room. Vihaan asks his friend not to remain sad and to be happy. Meanwhile Rajeev comesand asks him about the plan behind all this but Vihaan disagrees and says that is all love and not a plan. Rajeev saysthat he should have said all this before, as all this insulted Rachna’s family a lot. Vihaan replied that he wanted all to accept his love so he did all this and Gunjan also loves him as she had put ring in his hand (keenly). Rajeev says that from now onwards his eyes are on him all 24 hours.Rachna thinks of what has happened, how Vihaan has rejected him. Gunjan comes and by chance Rachna sees her engagement ring, Gunjan hides it.

Rachna cries continuously.Rachna gets a call from Vihaan, Rachna picks it up, Vihaan says that he wants to talk to Gunjan as her cell is switched off. Rachna passes her cell, Gunjan without listening to anything says she has to sleep and disconnects the call. Rachna asks her why she has done this, Gunjan stitches her lips and didn’t even utter a single word. Rachna stands up and tries to go out from the room but Gunjan says its her room so she will go out and she steps out.Gunjan leaves the room with the pillow and blanket sadly. Gunjan overhears Shail talking to Dayal saying she can’t see Rachna’s pain and she has no words to ease Rachna’s pain. Dayal says he warned Shail that because of Gunjan that no harm should come to Rachna’s future. Dayal says but Gunjan has destroyed Rachna’s life and future. Dayal says such thoughts can only be Gunjan’s. Shail says she doesn’t know why Gunjan did it and there had to be a reason. Shail says she can’t stand to see Rachna sad and what Rachna must begoing through.

Shail says when she looks at Gunjan from a mother’s point of view she feels there must be some reason for her doing so. Dayal says there’s no reason but Gunjan purposely and thoughtfully did it. He tells Shail to learn that their own child is their child and an outsider’s is always an outsider’s child. Dayal says Gunjan did this in return for their love and he says that she can do anything. Gunjan is sad and says to herself that Dayal is misunderstanding her and cries. Shail says the most hurt is Rachna. Gunjan walks away. Shail continues saying if they become weak then who will take care and support Rachna. She tells Dayal that they are the only ones there for Rachana. Dayal says he’ll go see Rachna. Rachna comes into their room. Rachna asks Shail if she can sleep in their room for the night. Dayal says yes. Shail tells Rachana she knows she has many questions on her mind butbrave girls never look back. Shail tells her to slowly forget it and move on. Rachna says okay. She tells Shail to forget it is difficult and it would be easier for her to forget it if Shail doesn’t talk about Gunjan in front of her.

Rachna lies on the bed.Rohit says bye to Vihaan and leaves. Savitri comes into his room and Vihaan kicks away the can of beer on the floor. He asks Savitri why isn’t she asleep and she says the drama thathappened wouldn’t allow her to sleep. Savitri says she wants to talk to Vihaan. She says whatever he did was too much. Savitri says she had no choice but to support him. Savitri says Gunjan is not worthy to come as a daughter-in-law. Savitri comments saying look at Gunjan’s behaviour and clothing and says the relationship is impossible. Savitri asks if Gunjan was the one who trapped Vihaan. Rajeev says its not Vihaan that’s trapped but the other way round. Vihaan is surprised to see that Rajeev is still at the house and says its good he’s here and to stay over. Rajeev tells Vihaan to tell the truth. What game is he playing with the girls. Vihaan acts innocent and says he’s not playing a game and had explainedto Vihaan and asks why does he not believe him. Savitri tells Vihaan Rajeev will never believe him and Rajeev says yes he won’t believe Vihaan as he knows Rachna and Gunjan well, that they are his students and are good girls from a good family with values.

Rajeev’s father says he agrees with Rajeev and that Vihaan's behavior was embarrassing and that both families got insulted and asks if Vihaan realized it. He tells Savitri look at the consequence for spoiling Vihaan. Savitri is angry and says so the blame is that she didn’t bring Vihaan up well. Rajeev says he didn’t mean that and Savitri says even if she’s his step mother so what, she is a mother. Rajeev says she is misunderstanding him. He says that Vihaan’s intentions were never straight. She says that Rajeevwants to prove that all the mistakes are Vihaan and says she knows what Rajeev’s intentions are. She says that he is purposely doing it to bring Vihaan down. Vihaan stops Savitriand says that Rajeev is a far better person than he is. Vihaan says thank god she didn’t bring Rajeev up otherwise he would have ended up like him (Vihaan). Savitri raises her hand to slap Vihaan.Vihaan asks why did she stop because he’s her own. Vihaan tells Savitri she might take Rajeev as a step son but for him he’s more than a brother. Savitri scolds her husband for standing and just listening without saying anything. He says no one listens to him. If they were to listen to him then they wouldn’t have to see this day. He says she was the one who told Rajeev to go away. Rajeev leaves and Vihaan goes after him. Vihaan tells Rajeev that Savitri is angry with him and is taking it out on Rajeev.

Rajeev says its okay and he’ll take an auto. Vihaan says he’ll drop him. Rajeev says he’ll go on his own. Vihaan asks Rajeev why did he not say anything to Savitri and just kept quiet. Rajeev says he had no problem with what Savitri said but he was upset with the way Vihaan talked to her. Rajeev says its his mother and is that the way to talk to a mother. Vihaan says just because he’s a step child doesn’t mean she should talk to him like that and says he can’t take it. Vihaan says he loves Rajeev and hugs him and Rajeev says he loves him too. Rajeev says Vihaan is the closest thing he has as his own. Rajeev says he feels that whatever happened was Vihaan’s plan and Vihaan denies it. Rajeev tells Vihaan if he had a hand in it then he knows what he’ll do.Charu, Seema and Sangeetha are in the kitchen. Charu says that Gunjan falls into the trap without them doing anything. Charu says this is entertainment. Shail prays to God saying whatever happens is God’s grace and to give them peace in this difficult times and not to leave her side. Shail thinks of talking to Gunjan. She can’t believe Gunjan did it on her own free will. Shail says there must be another reason. Shail thinks she’ll make her tell the truth by swearing on the aarti. Shail goes around the house with the aarti and serves everyone.

Shail asks Dayal if Rachan has awaken and Dayal says she’s in her room. Shail comes and asks Rachna if she has taken her bathe and tells her to take the aarti. Shail tells Rachna Gunjan is no where to be seen and Rachna walks away. Shail thinks where could Gunjan go so early maybe theterrace. Seema sees Shail looking for someone and Shail says Gunjan is nowhere to be seen. Seema says its good she’s nowhere to be seen or her whole day will be bad. Shail tells Seema to put the aarti in the altar and goes looking for Gunjan in the terrace. She shout Gunjan’s name and wonderswhere could she have gone. Shail tells Dayal that Gunjan has gone somewhere. She says that she looked everywhere. Dayal says where did she go and Seema says there’s no end to her drama. Seema says she went missing during the engagement and now. Mayank tells his mother not to start again. Charu says how can he support the girl that humiliatedhis sister. She says what kind of brother is he. Shail says although she made a mistake but Gunjan is her responsibilityand what will she answer to Akash and that she’s a child and is not matured. Dayal says no matter what happened she is their responsibility and Shail says to look for her and that she’ll come with Dayal. Mayank says he’ll look for her. Dayal tells Shail not to worry and she’ll be found.

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