Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 275-276)

The puja is held at Roshni's home and Bua Dadi has some kind of plan under her sleeves. Amid the puja, the priest understands that Aisha is not one of the family. Henceforth, she is not permitted to take part in the puja. Siddharth contradicts the priest saying that kids are a form of god. Along these lines, Aisha does not leave the puja. Amid the puja, Aisha sees a plate of laddoo and chooses to have one. Just before she could pick a laddoo, Siddharth gets a call. Siddharth leaves the puja to answer the call. While Bua Dadi clues that she has mixed something in the laddoo and she needs it to feed Durgadevi.

The Laddu that Bua Dadi had made for Durgadevi is eaten by herself. Bua Dadi is now ill and articulates a few words that elucidates that she had prepared the laddus for Durgadevi. A goaded Durgadevi begins yelling at Siddharth and proclaims that from now onwards the only family that would take care of Roshni is the Patel family. Afterward, when Mona meets Durgadevi to speak for the Khurana family, she is reprimanded by Nani Maasi. Rather than getting the issue solved, it ends up being messier.  
Durga Devi is vexed about Roshni's choice to go for the dance competition being held for the kids notwithstanding that she is Pregnant.

After DD leaves the room, Siddharth demonstrates his support to Durga Devi however Roshni declines to tune in. Both of them later reach the venue of the dance competition with their group of kids including Ayesha. They all remain uninformed of the way that the kidnappers have supplanted the original crew at the venue of the competition. After Ayesha finishes her performance, she is kidnapped. Be that as it may, Roshni realizes that Ayesha is being abducted and she begins to tail the car. Seeing this, the Kidnappers pull her inside the car as well. Siddharth sees this and chases the car but unable to make up for lost time with them.

Roshni is abducted and the family is concerned for her. In the meantime, Siddharth shows up at the scene and informs the police that he has the location of Roshni and Aisha.


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