Update: Wednesday On Antara (Episode 175-177)

Billu is stressed over the prospect of Vidya and Antara leaving the house. Notwithstanding, Vidya informs him that she wouldn't like to live in the house and might want to hand it over to the legitimate owner. Abhishek looks on.

Vidya loses each hope of making Abhishek comprehend the significance of a family and chooses to move out of her home. Billu is stunned when Vidya informs him regarding her choice to move. Vikram too is left speechless when he gets to know concerning Vidya's decision. Vikram says, he will have a word with Abhishek to make him understand the significance of relationships. Be that as it may, Vidya restricts Vikram from addressing Abhishek.

The main person who supports Abhishek is Antara. Antara and her innocence makes Abhishek realize that a family's adoration and support will always be  more valuable than all the wealth he can earn. Abhishek breaks down and asks for Vidya and Antara's forgiveness. Abhishek at long last forgets about the hared he has been nursing against Antara for every one of these years and comes back to their home with her. As a parting message, he says that despite the fact that it took him long, he has accepted Antara's autism and understood that the world looks different from her point of view.

FIN (The End) Hope You Enjoyed it. 

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