Update: Wednesday On Antara (Episode 160-162)

Vidya is angered that Abhishek lied and skipped school when she finds movie tickets in his pocket. Vikram realises that if he does not get Aditya a fake medical certificate soon, Aditya's suspicions will grow stronger. Vidya is distraught when Vikram tells her that he got a fake medical certificate issued For Aditya. But when Vikram explains the reason behind his act, Vidya appreciates everything Vikram is doing for her and expresses her gratitude. Vikram says that not only Vidya, but Aditya too is his good friend and he is doing everything in the hope that the treatment will work and Aditya's cancer will be cured.

Vidya breaks down as she assures Antara that Aditya will not leave them. Aditya returns home and informs Vidya that he has availed of an insurance policy worth Rs 2 crore. He says that his family will be self sufficient, after he passes away. An emotional Aditya informs Vidya that he does not want to go away. Vidya consoles Aditya and hopes that his cancer will be cured. As time passes, Aditya undergoes treatment and Vidya supports him. Aditya also attempts to make Antara self-reliant. Vidya is shocked after the doctor informs her that there is no medical cure for Aditya's cancer.

Vidya is devastated as the doctor tells her that there is absolutely no hope to cure Aditya's cancer. Aditya consoles Vidya and reminds her that she must remain happy for the sake of their children. Aditya meets Sameer and tells him that he must accept the fact that Milli is his daughter before it's too late. Aditya makes Sameer realise that he will not live forever and must keep his family happy as long as he can. Aditya also has a heartfelt conversation with Billu, where Billu admits that he has loved Antara ever since they were kids and will marry her when they grow up. Aditya also has a discussion with Vikram and Vidya. He asks Vidya to marry Vikram after he dies to ensure salvation for his soul.


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