Update: Tuesday On Young Dreams (Episode 172-174)

Seema and Sangeeta are stumped. Charu comes home and starts her overacting, screaming that she is really unlucky and wants Mayank to apologize to her mother. She sees Dayal, Prabhu entering and doubles her drama. Dayal walks away while Charu hugs Seema and looks content. Rachna is upset that Gunjan is being blamed and she wants Gunjan to tell everyone it's not her fault. Gunjan starts singing hum to aise hai bhayya. Rachna says she can bet it's all Charu's drama but Gunjan tries to divert her attention to clothes and wants Rachna to do a dress rehearsal for Shail. She puts the chunari on Rachna's head singing mayyan mayyan and dancing.

Shail tells them that they are her biggest jewel and that she will search a nice prince for Gunjan but Gunjan says she will live here and rule. Dayal asks Shail what is going on between Mayank and Charu. He asks if all this is not becauseof someone else. Shail says if he means Gunjan it's not her fault and she has moved ahead in life. She tells probably Mayank was gifted loads of stuff and he became upset.Vihaan talks on the phone to Rachna while she tells him she has never done all this earlier. Gunjan remember her time with Mayank and keeps scribbling Mayank's name on a paper and when Rachna calls her she crumbles it and throwsit. Rachna tells Gunjan that Vihaan wants her to wear heels to college and Gunjan lends her her heels.

Rachna tries walking and is really bad at it, Gunjan teases her. Shail comesin and is shocked to see Rachna and she also teases her. Shail asks her who told her to wear them, Gunjan says she is fulfilling her future husbands desires. Shail tells Rachna they will buy new heels for her tomorrow. Shail later gets hold of the paper and is shocked to see a full of life Gunjan dancing with Rachna. Shail thinks that Gunjan is an example how she is dealing with everything and moving ahead in life.Seema and Mayank are in a room when Seema brings food and says its cooked by Charu for him but Mayank says she is of no use. Seema opposes and says she is a very good girl and loves him very much. They had a lot of debate. Dayal reading newspaper and goes in flashback how he behaved with Shail and afterwards asks Shail whether she is not happy with the treatment.

Dayal talks about Rachna and asksher to remain happy and do all the marriage preparations happily. Shail says she had done all the responsibilities happily and on time and that what happened since few days was not at all good and also talks about Gunjan that she is a very brave girl. Dayal being a good listener says that he is familiar with the duties done by Shail on time and with proper way. Dayal smiles after Shail leaves from there.Gunjan and Rachna takes off the auto. Rachna blushes as she had been wearing heals on Vihaan’s wish. They enters college. Gunjan teases her a lot. Rachna asks how she looks.Suddenly Rachna reminds that she had forgot some sociology chart.

Gunjan says she will do it for her and will bring it from stationery shop. When Gunjan was moving towards the shop, Mayank holds her hand. Later, Vihaan callsfor Rachna and Rachna coming blushing. Vihaan asks for Gunjan, Rachna asks for canteen, Vihaan agrees. Rachna talks of a newly opened caffe after the college but Vihaan denies.Gunjan asks Mayank why is he creating problems in their lives, now he is married. Mayank says that he is married and he knows very well but she had spoiled his life and he is being married to a wrong girl. Mayank says that he had not came to meet her but he had just came to give the chart paper to Rachna and leaves. Meanwhile Rajeev comes and sees Mayank going and Gunjan crying. Rachna asks of how she is looking today, Vihaan replies she is looking sweet as always.

Rachna tried to reminds him about the last night convo about heals. Vihaan remembers and says see Gunjan how she carry on the heals but she can’t do it. Vihaan again asks about Gunjan as he want to tell her something but whenRachna asks him he says that he had no benefit to tell her as he is planning to go for bolwing and added that Gunjan would be knowing it properly as she is from Mumbai. Chaya brought some magazine about the latest fashion. Gunjan comes and says that they should wear what suits them and also asks about what’s the reaction of Vihaan. Rachna irritates and says that she had lots of compliments.In a dance room, Gunjan again goes in flashback about the meeting they had in college just few time back. On the other hand, Vihaan and Rachna dance but Rachna is not catching up the steps, Vihaan scolds her that she can’t do it as she don’t wants to do it and she is not at all concentrating.

Rachna says she can’t do it. Gunjan comes, motivating Rachna that she can do it and asks her to be positive. Vihaanagrees and asks Gunjan to dance with him so that they couldtell Rachna of steps and how to dance. They are being shown dancing together on a song “SENORITA”. Rachna being jealous with tears in her eyes.Gunjan and Rachna walks back from college and Rachna thinks how Vihaan says she can’t dance properly and Gunjan dances well. Gunjan asks Rachna what’s wrong and she saysher legs are hurting and Gunjan says it happens when one wears heels although it may be fashionable. Gunjan tells her to put her feet in warm water and she will get some relief and Gunjan says Rachna is upset because she made a mistake during the dance practice but she shouldn’t be as rehearsals are when mistakes are made so that she will be perfect during the competition.

Gunjan says Vihaan is an awesome dancer and Rachna says she’s not sure if she can match up to it. Gunjan tells Rachna to just keep practicing. Gunjan gets a text from Vihaan saying it was fun dancing with her and he needs to discuss something important with her and to keep it a secret from Rachna as its a surprise. Rachna asks who’s message it is and Gunjan says it's her friend. Seema is worried wondering why Charu isn’t back even though she left in the morning. Bua tells Seema to make Charu understand her responsibilities as it's been 3 days since her marriage and she should understand household matters. Charu walks in and Seema tells her she took a long time. Charu says so and Bua tells her it's not nice for her to do this. 

Charu says it's unfair that the girls of the house can come home as they please but not the daughter-in-law. Bua says sarcastically then she also should go to college and come back whenever classes are over. Charu says she isn’t the type that will sit at home all day and not to lecture her. Shail tells Charu that Bua is the elders of the house and should not be spoken to like that.Charu says does the new daughter-in-lawalways get scoldedin the house. She says no one asked her why she was late but just started scolding her. Charu says her mother’s health was bad and no one is bothered and asks what is she to do when she is the only child, should she fulfill the responsibilities of a daughter or a daughter-in-law.

Seema tells her not to cry and that no one will scold her. Seema tells Shail not to tellCharu anything and that eventually she will learn the ways of the family and also tells Shail to focus on Rachna’s engagement and gives Charu the sweater to give Mayank and tells him Bua made it. Charu comes into the room and Mayank is sleeping and she purposely mumbles to herself that she is not allowed to go anywhere. Mayank wakes up and Charu asks why is he lying like that and she touches his forehead and says he’s got a fever and he says he is fine. Charu says he must be cold and gives him the sweater that itwill keep him warm. He thanks her and she says it's not necessary and says she will get him medicine. Mayank says it's not needed.

Charu insists on calling a doctor and says his condition will worsen. He refuses to take medicine and get a doctor called. Charu tells him to rest. She thinks to herself that Mayank can only be won lovingly and smirks. Rachna puts on some music and Gunjan asks her if they’re having a dance party and Rachna says she’s taking her advice and is gonna practice. Gunjan supports her and she starts dancing on Dance Pe Chance from Rab Ne Bana di Jodi. Gunjan then gets a call from Vihaan and he asks why is it so noisy. Gunjansays Rachna is practicing and tells Vihaan she doesn’t understand what the surprise he messaged her about. Vihaan says the surprise will be on the engagement day and he plans to do a musical play showing how they met and the fun things they did.

Gunjan says it's an awesome idea and that Rachna is lucky to have him. Rachna asks Gunjan who she’s talking too and Gunjan signals her to give her a minute. Gunjan tells Vihaan that if Rachna hears this she will be overjoyed and Rachana is already going mad practicing her dancing. Vihaan says let her and not to disturb his would be wife. Gunjan says okay. Rachna is wondering who Gunjan is talking to for so long. Gunjan says she will talk to him later. Gunjan then tells Rachna she doing good practicing and Rachna says she hopes that Vihaan never talks to her like that again in the future. Gunjan says he didn’t mean it and Rachna asks how does she know and Gunjan says because Vihaan loves her and is a solid guy and husband material. Rachna says she will start practicing again. Shail sees Rachna dancing and smiles.

Shail comes in and tells them dinner is ready and Rachna says she’s not hungry and Gunjan says she is really hungry. Rachna tells Shail to let her practice and Shail asks what for and Gunjan replies that Rachna is taking part in a dance competition. Shail says she will definitely come to see and Gunjan drags her to watch them dance. They start dancing and they pull Shail to dance as well. Shail then says that they made her forget what she came to their room for and that they should eat. Rachna says she will eat after practicing. Shail says she can’t practice with an empty stomach. Gunjan says she will bring Rachana’s plate up. Rachna thanks Gunjan. Gunjan and Shail are preparing food when Charu comes and says Mayank has a fever and that she wants to make tulsi tea and that if she can get a stove fast. Shail says she will get some medication. Charu says she is asking for a stove and not medicine.

Charu says she knows what her husband wants. Shail gives Charu the stove to use and Charusays that Mayank is like a child and he is stubbornly asking for tea and that she will give it to him. Shail tells Gunjan that if anything else is needed she will bring it to the room. Gunjan goes and meets Mayank, they look at each other sadly and both are teary. Charu sees this and comes to Mayank asking him why he came out without his sweater and that she made the tea and drags him back to the room. Gunjan looks on sadly and Mayank turns back to look at Gunjan. Gunjan brings the food for Rachna, wipes her tears and tells her to open her mouth to eat. Rachna asks Gunjan who she was talking to on the phone and Gunjan says Vihaanand that he said he enjoyed the dance practice.

Rachna says why didn’t he talk to her. Gunjan says that Rachna talks to him in college all day and now also she wants to talk to him. Gunjan says that Shail says she has to finish her food as she needs strength to dance.Rachana says she feels no pain wearing heels today and Gunjan says good they can walk faster as they are late. Shail tells them to eat something but they refuse and then Charu tells them to eat before going. Rachana says they’ll eat at thecanteen but Seema says to eat in order to please Charu since she insisted. Gunjan tells Rachana to sit and eat while she goes to drink water. Charu comes and tells Gunjan not toinstigate Rachana if not like how Mayank’s life is ruined so will Rachana’s. Gunjan just walks away.

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