Update: Tuesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 273-274)

Roshni and Siddharth are at a NGO and as a result some reason, the NGO manager has gone to his home. Before long, Siddharth gets a call from the oolice inspector, who requests that he meet in order to converse about Aisha and the letter that she had with her. Afterward, when Siddharth returns back to the NGO, the kids over there asks him to drop them for their dance rehearsal. Siddharth does not have any desire to leave Roshni alone and he feels something uneasy about leaving Roshni.

While Roshni and Aisha are sleeping, somebody breaks into their room and approaches Aisha. He holds Aisha's face and places a knife at Roshni's neck. Be that as it may, before he could something, somebody knocks on the door. Hearing the door getting knocked, the person leaves Aisha and stows away. Roshni too awakens and finds Aisha to be alarmed. Roshni then open the door and discovers Kesar and Deurgadevi at the door. Durgadevi takes Roshni and Aisha back home as Roshni locks up the person in the room. Who is this person? Will Aisha uncover something about him?


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