Update: Tuesday On Antara (Episode 172-174)

Abhishek calls Vidya and gets furious at her for not vacating the house .He blames Vidya for never permitting him to be happy. Notwithstanding that, Vidya obtusely declines to move out of the house. Billu presents a salwar kameez to Antara. Be that as it may, Vidya gets furious at him saying Antara can't wear such clothes on account of her nental condition. Billu leaves disillusioned. Later on, Vidya apologizes to Billu.

Vidya uncovers to Billu that Abhishek needs her to vacate the house as he needs to purchase the building. Vidya explains that she cannot move out on the grounds that Antara won't be able to accept whatever other house as her own in light of her mentally unbalanced condition. Billu guarantees Vidya that he will ensure she won't need to move out of the house.

Billu endeavor to make Abhishek understand his habit. At the point when Abhishek persists, Billu cautions that he would thwart his arrangements. Billu comes to Vidya with a group of friends and guarantees to protect her and Antara. At the point when Billu boasts that he won't spare Abhishek, Vidya slaps him. She admonishes Billu and requests that he patch his ways. Abhishek calls a doctor and demands him to affirm that Antara is distraught. At the point when Abhishek holds on even after the doctor's refusal, Neetu who arrives at the scene censures Abhishek. Vidya informs Billu that she has chosen to offer her home to Abhishek. She consents to Abhishek's demand as a pay for neglecting him in his childhood.

While spending time together in the park, Billu tries to make Antara understand the significance of valentine's day. Antara's a mental imbalance comes in the method for her understanding Billu's feelings. Be that as it may, he stays hopeful. Abhishek's endeavor to raise money runs into trouble after Kriplani debilitates his associates for the same. Vidya gets bad dreams about goons pestering Antara. On returning home, she is stunned to discover Billu injured. Billu Informs Vidya that he was assaulted when he tried to edify Antara about Aditya's death. Billu is stressed over the prospect of Vidya and Antara leaving the house. Notwithstanding, Vidya informs him that she wouldn't like to live in the house and might want to hand it over to the legitimate owner. Abhishek looks on.


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