Update: Tuesday On Antara (Episode 154-156)

Abhishek recalls that his birthday is just a day away. He begins thinking back about his birthday a year prior, when Aditya began celebrating a day early. At the point when Aditya returns home from the hospital, Abhishek gets energized, believing that his dad has brought him his birthday present. Abhishek is frustrated when he begins searching his fathers briefcase and finds it empty. Rather, Aditya and Vidya chide Abhishek for opening his dad's bag without authorization. In any case, Abhishek tries keeping his spirits up with the expectation that Vidya will cook his most loved food for him. Be that as it may, because of Aditya's ongoing treatment, all Vidya can cook is food implied for sicked people. Once more, Abhishek faces dissatisfaction when he sees that his mom has made nothing special for him. 

Antara stains Abhishek's new clothes. Be that as it may, when Abhishek hollers at Antara, Vidya reproves him for wearing new clothes in the house. Abhishek shares his dissatisfaction with Billu. In any case, Billu makes Abhishek understand that Antara is not as independent as he is and she needs her parents more than him. Abhishek and Billu return home from school and are stunned to see Antara hanging over the ledge of the building attempting to retrieve a kite. For Antara's safety, Abhishek says he will get the kite for her. In any case, when Aditya sees Abhishek hanging over the ledge, he slaps him. 
Abhishek declines to celebrate his birthday. Aditya and Vidya realize that they have made a huge mistake by forgetting Abhishek's birthday. They choose to lay out the gift they brought for him on his table with the goal that he sees it first thing in the morning. Be that as it may, before Abhishek can wake up, Antara looks at Abhishek's gift and opens it. Abhishek's outrage knows no limits when he sees Antara playing with new toy and feels that his parents purchased something for Antara however it's his birthday. Abhsihek takes money from Vidya's purse before leaving home. Abhishek skips school and chooses to spend the day by setting off to a movie theater. Aditya begins speculating that Vidya knows about his disease and inquires as to whether he has spoken with Vidya about it. Vikram denies, despite the fact that Vidya is right outside his office, hearing the discussion. However, Vidya's phone begins ringing.


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