Update: Thursday On Young Dreams (Episode163-165)

Mayank is being prepared by everyone and Gunjan is standing looking sad and so is Mayank. Mayank mounts the horse and Gunjan is standing nearby with Charu and looks at him sadly. Mayank also looks sad. Gunjan looks away and talks to Chaya saying she looks beautiful. Vihaan signals to Rachana she looks beautiful and Rachana smiles. Gopal tells Mayank to come and dance with them as there’s a long time for the pheres. Everyone are dancing and Shail and Gunjan looks sad. Rachana is dancing and sees Gunjan sad and stops.Charu gets dressed up as a bride. The girls getting ready want to see Mayank the groom and so does Charu but a relative tells her not to. 

Mayank and the whole family reach the wedding hall. Charu’s mother does some rituals in welcoming Mayank. Charu’s father gifts a car to Mayank and wants to hand him the key. Sangeetha and Seema are happy but Mayank refuses. Seema says that Mayank is shy and offers to take the key. Charu’s mother says to proceed before the good time passes. Mayank sits and Charu walks in but he is lost in thoughts of Gunjan and is not looking at Charu. Charu gives Gunjan a nasty look. Charu’s mother asks them to exchange garlands. Mayank and Charu exchange garlands while Bhare Naina from Ra One movie is playing in the background. Gunjan, Shail and Rachana look sad.

Savitri comes and tells Seema she has become a mother-in-law before she has and Seema says it's her turn next. Rachna comes and seeks blessings from Savitri. Savitri tells Rachna hope no one castes an evil eye on her. Charu’s friends come to Shail and say they planned something for Charu and Mayank. Shail asks what is it. The girl says during the phere they want to put a video of Charu’s life. They ask for her permission to play the CD and Vihaan comes and says yes they can and they go to get the CD. Shail thanks him for being like a son.

Vihaan says she doesn’t need to thank him ifshe considers him her son and tells Rachna everyone’s eyes are on her. She says she wouldn’t know as her eyes are not on everyone. Vihaan asks on whom are her eyes on. Rachna says someone special and she’s looking at him and Vihaan says that person is him. Rachna says it's not him and it's Mayank because today is his special day. Vihaan says she’s very smart. Mayank and Charu are heading to the mandap. When Mayank sees Gunjan and they both look at each other sadly.

Mayank thinks of their happy moments. Gunjan turns away but he calls her.Gunjan says it's time for his phere and that someone is waiting for him at the mandap and to go. Seema comes to take Mayank. Charu’s friends come and ask Vihaan to play the CD and he tells them to give the CD. Mayank and Charu start taking the pheres and Shail gives Vihaan a CD and tells him to play it first. The video of Sangeeta and Seema plotting about separating Gunjan and Mayank is playing while the phere is going on. Everyone looks shocked. The video continues playing showing Charu sneaking into the house with Sangeeta’s help and three of them plotting against Gunjan.

Gunjan thinks back how Seema said she accepted hers and Mayank’s relationship and how she gave her the saree and jewellery and how Seema reacted after shemelted Seema chain and Sangeeta telling her the wrong timing for Mayank’s interview. Shail thinks back how Rachna asked her to get 3 CD’s with the music in her room on the bed. Shail finds 4 CD’s and says Rachna said 3 and which one has the music and she checks them out on the laptop. She sees the CD’s with the recording of Seema and Sangeetaplotting. Dayal shouts and says to stop the CD from playing as it's defaming the family.

He asks Seema and Sangeeta what it is. Sangeeta says they don’t know what it is and someone has done this to frame them. He tells Shail to stop it and Vihaan goes to stop it but Shail tells him to let it play. Dayal asks what is this stubbornness in front of everyone. Sangeeta tells to make Shail understand this is all a lie. Rachna stands by Gunjan. Dayal says there’s no need to do this in front of everyone and Shail says that Gunjan is the daughter of the house too and why did all this happen to her and what was her fault. Dayal says okay but not in front of Rachna’s in laws. He says what will they think about their family.

Shail apologizes to Savitri saying whatever is happening is not right but it's important to bring the truth to light. She asks Savitri if she were in her place won’t she do the same. Charu asks her mother what will happen now and Charu’s mother says she will ask. Charu’s mother tells Sangeeta how can she do this to her sister’s life. She says that Charu was a child but she is an adult and she should have made Charu understand. Sangeeta says the CD is a lie and that someone is against her and it's the age of computers anything like this can be done easily and this CD was done to defame her. Dholu says she’s lying and that he made the CD and that he saw her talk like that.

Sangeeta says he is talking too much and he says his CD is real and notfake. Sangeeta is about to slap him when Shail says what is his fault and Sangeeta says he’s become rude. Shail says he’s a child and whatever he said is the truth. Shail says Sangeeta conspired against Gunjan. Seema admits they did it and that it's a mother’s love and wants her son’s happiness. Mayank angrily pulls the shawl around his neck.Mayank tells Seema that all this while it was her plotting and that she lied to him her son. He asks what did she think that he would be happy and after she knew that he loved Gunjan and did everything to get her why did she do this. Seema tells him to say whatever is on his mind and that she did it forhis own good. She says Charu has all the values that would help him in leading a household life and far better than Gunjan but Mayank says he does not agree to it and tells Seema that she betrayed him and played with his feelings and future.

Shail tells Mayank not to blame his mother as it's his fault too and that she thought that Mayank would be ableto catch the lie Seema and Sangeeta told but she says he easily got influenced by them. Gopal angrily and sarcasticallytells Sangeeta that she fulfilled her responsibility as a daughter-in-lawwell and that he is proud and raises his hands to slap her. Dayal says enough. He tells everyone to go home and the discussion to be done at home and not in front of everyone. Prabhu says that the family has already been humiliated and whatever is to happen to just let it happen and that the entire game is Seema’s and Sangeeta. He says how could they play with Gunjan’s feelings and didn’tthey see the pain in Gunjan and Shail’s eyes. Shail says she never knew she would see this side of Seema and Sangeeta and how could they do such a derogatory thing and asks did they do it to Gunjan because she has no mother and that she could not do anything. 

Shail says what was her fault that she loved Mayank or that Gunjan couldn’t give the amount of dowry Charu gave. She says it was good Rachna sent her to get the CD’s and she didn’t know which was the one and accidentally she got hold of the CD and now the truth is out.Shail says this injustice was bound to come to an end. Mayank apologizes to Gunjan and looks angrily at his mother. He says because of him she had to hear all sorts of things and promises that he will never let that happen again and pleads to her. Gunjan runs away and starts crying. Rachna tells Gunjan to stop crying. She says whatever happen has happened and now everyone knows the truth. Gunjan says Seema and Sangeeta hate her.

Rachna says to think of the people who love her and that she is the luckiest girl. Gunjan says if she were lucky her mother and father would be with her and she won’t be alone and that she misses her mother and loves her. Shail comes with clothes and jewellery and says it's not the time to cry but to dress up and gives Gunjan the things. She says the good time is running out and to wear it quickly. Shail says Mayank is waiting for her impatiently. Gunjan is hesitantly saying now. Shail says Sneha and Akash would be happy for her and that she is happy knowing that Mayank and Gunjan are to unite. She says she will give Gunjan away as this will be the best deed she will do in her life. Shail tells Rachna to help Gunjan get ready. Rachna gets Gunjan ready and Heer from Jab Tak Hai Jaan song plays in the background.

Gunjan and Rachna hear Charu saying that Mayank will marry her and no one else. Rachna says Charu’s drama is still not over. Rachana gets Gunjan ready. Seema scolds Sangeeta saying that Dolu was at fault dragging the video camera around and that she Sangeeta should have slapped him. Sangeeta says Dolu is a kid but Mayank sometimes agrees to the wedding and sometimes doesn’t and that he went through the rituals halfway and left. Seema and Sangeeta blame Gunjan for it. Bua tells them off. Mayank asks Shail if she forgives him and she says yes. Shail says all is well that ends well. Rachna brings the bride covered in a ghungat. Seema curses under her breath saying look at how she’s covered.

The wedding rituals take place exchanging the garlands, the pheres and Mayank puts sindoor and thinks of the good moments with Gunjan. The priest says they are husband and wife. They seek blessings from the elders. A voice then says CongratulationsMayank and everyone turns to see Gunjan and is shocked. All look at the bride covered and she lifts up the ghunghat and it's reveal to be Charu.Shail rushes to Gunjan and asks what did she do and why did she did it. Gunjan says whatever she did was after thinking it through and does not regret it. Shail says what is she saying and that she loved Mayank and the Mayank that she was eager to see every time he was away. Gunjan says she was really hurt but walking on the path of pain she realized what Seema and Sangeetha did to her was wrong and was unjust.

She says her loneliness made her think and see a different side of Mayank. She used to think that whatever happened Mayank would trust her but she was dejected. Gunjan says Mayank’s love was weak and that when someone gave it a push it broke and a third person has distanced them where it's difficult to come back. She says if the CD wasn’t there Mayank and Charu would have wed and he would have still thought she was wrong. She says he didn’t try talking to her and that he believed what people said and even if they were to get married there won’t be trust and the love would have long died. She says the CD has brought Mayank’s trust in her but not her trust in Mayank. Gunjan says the hope and love for him is over forever.Gunjan tells Seema and Sangeeta never to give anybody the same pain they gave her. Gunjan then tells Seema she completely accepted Seema as her mother but Seema blamed her for so many things and then asks her why Seemahates her so much, what did she ( Gunjan ) take from her ( Seema ) and what was her mistake.

Gunjan then says by tomorrow Seema and Sangeeta will forget this but she will never forget this even if she tries. Gunjan then tells Seema she got what she wanted, Charu as her daughter-in-lawand there is no better life partner for Mayank than Charu. Gunjan then tells Seema and Sangeeta that they love Charu a lot andCharu loves Mayank a lot and will be able to keep him happy and then says she doesn’t want to come between anyone's happiness and her place is somewhere else. Then, Gunjan leaves. Shail then stops Gunjan and says she won’t let Gunjan leave so easily and that what Gunjan did was wrong. Gunjan tells her what she did was for herself and after giving it a lot of thought. Shail says how can this decision be correct when it doesn’t involve her happiness. Gunjan tells her she doesn’t want to talk about this now and leaves. Shail follows her.

Mayank just watches looking sad and teary eyed. Shail tells Gunjan to stop and she doesn’t agree with Gunjan’s decision at all. Dayal tells Rachna to tell Shail that it’s time for the bidai. Rachna says yes and tells Shail that Dayal is calling everyone for the bidai and she will go with Gunjan. Vihaan offers to take them both home and Shail apologizes to Savitri for what happened. Savitri says it's okayand just hopes to god that this has no effect on Vihaan and Rachna’s relationship. Savitri says today has just been too much drama and says they should leave. Prabhu tells Seema it’s time for bidai. Seema is persistent to leave in the new car. Prabhu says they don’t want the car. Charu then complains to her mother that she is tired and wants to go in the new car. Finally, Prabhu agrees. During the bidai, Charu pretends to cry and be sad. Mayank is annoyed and walks away but Prabhu tells him there has been enough drama for the day and to realise his responsibilities.

The bidai ceremony takes place as Kal ho naa ho song plays in the background and Mayank thinks of Gunjan. Shail is sad and thinks about Gunjan.Gunjan is looking sad and Rachna comes to console her but Gunjan tells her to leave her alone for a while. Rachna leaves and Gunjan takes the photo of her mother and hugs it. Gunjan starts thinking of her and Mayank. In front of the house the welcoming rituals are being done and Mayank angrily tells Seema what else is to be done. She tells him to wait and calls out to Pihu to do the aarti. Pihu asks Mayank for a token before doing the aarti and Mayank tells her the wedding is over and to let him go. Seema gives Pihu a gold bangle. Sangeeta tells Bua it would be better if Shail did the aarti. Bua signals to Shail to do it. Shail takes the aarti platterheavyhearted. Shail does the aarti but imagines Gunjan as the bride and everyone are smiling. She tells Gunjan to knockthe pot of rice with her foot and put her feet in the platter with red dye. Then she is startled from her dream and sees Charu doing it. Pihu calls Charu sister in-law and says there’s a lot more rituals to do.

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