Update: Thursday On Antara (Episode 163-165)

Aditya tells Antara to never be debilitated by Careless remarks from strangers and solicits Abhishek to take care from his mom and sister since he will be the man of the house once he leaves. At long last Aditya inhales his last and leaves for his heavenly homestead. Aditya's  absence takes a substantial toll on Antara's routines and her tantrums deteriorate. With Aditya not around to calm her down, Vikram fears that Antara may forget all that she has learnt throughout the years. Vidya chooses to send Abhishek to a boarding school for his further studies. Be that as it may, Vidya's dad restricts the choice and tells Vidya that rather than her own child, she should send Aditya's illegitimate daughter away. Abhishek catches the discussion and is stunned to know the truth that was hidden from him for so long.

Abhishek's contempt for Antara develops more stronger when he discovers that Antara is his step-sister. Abhishek holds Antara responsible for every one of the problem he has confronted in his life and points the finger at her for Vidya's decision to send him to a boarding school. Notwithstanding Abhishek's innumerable pleas, Vidya sends him to a boarding  school to complete his studies. 12 years cruise by. In spite of the fact that Antara has made tremendous progress as far as communicating with people, she also continues keeping up her distance from the rest of the world. In the mean time, Vidya tries her best to bring home the bacon by taking up odd hobs like singing for advertising jingles.

Antara refuses to go for her treatments without Aditya. Her therapist Neetu tries to convince Antara to go to the clinic with her, however she at last yields and continues with the treatment at home. Antara's progress awes Neetu and she tells Vidya that the day isn't far when Antara will learn the ways of the world. Antara and Vidya go out for a walk when they meet Billu. Some of raucous boys from their locality attempt to bug Antara. Vidya prohibits Billu from picking up a battle with the boys to teach them a lesson. Vikram advises Vidya to offer her home like the others in her locality have. In any case, Vidya declines since it is next to unimaginable for Antara to adjust to another home. Vikram advises Vidya to request that Abhishek return home so he can help them with the different difficulties they are confronting. In any case, Vidya says that Abhishek does not have any desire to maintain any sort of relationship with her or Antara any longer.


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