Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 184-186)

Mintu’s friend enters her house and sees Rachna. Mintu’s friend while in the house talks to Dholu saying he looks great since he’s the bride’s brother. He asks Dholu where Rachna is as he wants to wish her. Dholu says he doesn’t know and that he’s busy. The guy pinches Dholu and says never mind he’ll find her. He bumps into Gunjan and apologizes. Gunjan looks suspiciously at him and asks Chaya if she’s seen him before or recognizes him. Chaya shakes her head. Gunjan says he’s the guy that used to hang out with Mintu and Chayasays she’s right. Chaya says the guy is Harish uncle’s son. Gunjan asks what is he doing here and Chaya says enjoying the party and that she's worrying unnecessarily.

The guy spots Rachna sitting with some girls. He sees the girl that is Dholu’s girlfriend and tells her to pass a note to Rachna. She gives Rachna the note. Rachna reads the note that says come up fast. Rachna assumes its Vihaan and goes. The guyfollows Rachna and is talking to Mintu and says he found her and he’s waiting for her to come. He says he’ll talk later as someone is coming. He puts chloroform on a handkerchief and is about to put it on Rachna when Chaya comes and scares her. The guy hides behind the door. Rachna says she got scared when Chaya frightened her. Chaya asks what is she doing up when Vihaan is downstairs and who did she come to meet.Rachna is shocked to know that Vihaan is downstairs. Prabhu comes and tells Rachna everyone is looking for her.

Shail wants to talk to Savitri about the dance but Savitri says it was a nice dance and she didn’t expect Vihaan to dance sowell. Savitri tells Shail and Dayal to delay the engagement a bit as Vihaan’s uncle is on his way as his car broke down. Savitri says its best if all the relatives were present at the engagement. Shail says its no problem as the good time is only at 10. Savitri goes to talk to other guests. The friend calls Mintu and he says he doesn’t want trouble and to do it fast that’s why he sent him. The friend says that someone came in the way and Mintu tells his friend he can’t seem to do anything and that he (Mintu) has to do something. Gunjanasks Rachna where was she and Rachna was going to tell her about the note when Vihaan comes and asks Rachna where she was and Rachna asks him back where he was andVihaan says he was with his friends. Vihaan asks if there is a twist in the story and who did Rachna meet before the engagement and he keeps eyeing Gunjan.

Gunjan feels uncomfortable and excuses herself and leaves. Vihaan asks Rachna why is she sweating and to relax or her makeup will come off. Rachna says she’ll go and touch-up her makeup. Vihaan says now itself she’s sweating and the real shock is still to come. Mintu comes into the house dressed as a waiter with a moustache as a disguise. He sees Mayank and tries to turn away and avoid him. Mayank walks up to him and thinking he’s a waiter tells him to serve snacks to the guest. Mintu spots Gunjan and recalls what Gunjan and Rachna did to him last time and is furious.Seema is telling Sangeetha to show everyone the photo of Gunjan and Vihaan. Seema says look at how she was dancing with Vihaan. Charu also tells Sangeetha to show the photos but Pihu says not now and to let the engagement take place first. Pihu says that she knows Gunjan is a burden to the house but because of Gunjan she doesn’t want anything to happen to Rachna’s engagement.

Sangeetha tells Pihu she’s right. Gunjan is walking past and Pihu says what a dance and Sangeetha says she has no shame what else is left to say and Charu adds that too with her sister’s fiancee and Seema says she’ll never change. Gunjan thinks why did Vihaan dance with her like that and that Shail, Seemaand Sangeetha and everyone are angry because of it and says she can’t take anymore tension and will clear it out with Shail. Gunjan finds Shail and says she wants to talk to her. Shail looks slightly angry but says what is it. Prabhu comes and tells Shail that Savitri is calling for her. Shail tells Gunjan to say what is on her mind and Gunjan wonders how to explain to Shail but Gunjan says they’ll talk later and Shail goes. Rajeev congratulates Gunjan on a good show and Gunjan thanks him. She said she and Vihaan practiced a lot to surprise Rachna. Gunjan says she loves Rachna a lot her only sister. She says a special surprise for a special sister and tells Rajeev only the last part of the dance wasn’t part of the plan. She says she don’t know what happened to Vihaan and maybe he did it to make Rachna jealous. Rajeev thinks hope Vihaan doesn’t do anything wrong and that he knows Vihaan well and his mind. Mintu spots Rachna and follows her.

Shail comes and asks Gunjan where Rachna is and she says Chaya said Rachna has gone to touch-up her makeup. Shail says to go call Rachna as Vihaan’s relatives want to meet her. Gunjan says she’ll call her. Mintu is following Rachna when Vihaan comes and MIntu quickly bends down as if picking up something from the floor. Rachna sees him from the side and thinks he looks familiar and where has she seen him before and who is he. Mintu leaves and Vihaan asks Rachna where her earring is. Rachna notices its missing. Vihaan says its with him and puts it on her ear and touches her face. Rachna blushes and leaves. Vihaan says he hit his target not one but two and says he’s good and that the girls would never guess the surprise.Rachna is touching up her makeup and Mintu is looking at her through the window and thinks how she slapped him last time. The kids come and block his way from entering the room. 

Meanwhile Gunjan enters and tells Rachna that she is already looking beautiful and to stop it. Rachna says she can’t help herself she is so happy and is finally getting engaged to Vihaan. Gunjan hugs Rachna and says she’s happy for her that she is getting engaged to the person she loves and she’s lucky. Rachna says her luck will be with Gunjan soon and prays to God to send someone special for Gunjan and Gunjan says super fast. Gunjan says maybe the Mr Special might be at her engagement. Rachna says God can do anything. Gunjan says God only knows but she knows one thing that Shail has called Rachna down. Rachna tells Gunjan that someone sent a note for her to come to the terrace. She says she thought it was Vihaan but Vihaan was down then who could it be. Gunjan also is wondering who could it be. Gunjan gets a phone call and is talking when Mintu comes and off’s the light. Gunjan tells Rachna that now only the light had to go off. Mintu puts the handkerchief with chloroform on someone’s face and puts a sack over theperson.

Mintu gets a call for an event and decides to dump the kidnapped body in some room. Savitri Devi asks where is Rachna and Shayl goes to find her. Shayl finds a payal when she is busy searching for Gunjan and Rachna. Vihaan is also tensed as he is unable to find the girls and is worried they know about the plan. Rajeev comes and asks him who he is searching for. Vihaan lies that he is searching for his friend. Shayl asks Chaya and bua and they decide to search as the girls are missing. Savitri again asks for Rachna, bua lies she is getting ready. Shayl spots Rachna and asks about Gunjan. Rachna tells her Gunjan is missing. Shayl tells Dayal and evenMayank that Gunjan is missing. Mayank calls her and her phone is at home. Prabhu wants to inform the police Dayal says he does not want the police today. Seema overhears everything and comes in to inform Savitri who wants the ringceremony to start.Rachna says she won't get engaged till Gunjan comes. Mintuenters the room and is happy no one can come between him and Rachna. He is shocked to see Gunjan and wants to teachher a lesson. He leaves the room. Seema tells Charu and Sangeeta that Gunjan is missing. Savitri wants the ring ceremony to start. Shayl tells that the ring is in the cupboard and the keys are missing ,they tell her to break the lock. Savitri Devi wants to finish the ceremony ASAP. Vihaan is searching for Gunjan. The 3 witches want Gunjan to come back as they want to know Vihaan's plan and show the pictures and throw a bomb. Charu comes and tells Vihaan that Gunjan's missing. Mintu slaps Gunjan and says he wantsto throw acid on her as he missed last time. Rachna says shedoes not want to get engaged to Shayl. Bua, Vihaan comes in and agrees they won't get engaged and he will convince his mom.Mintu leaves the room again. Savitri Devi is upset that the engagement is delayed. Vihaan comes asks his mom to relax, his dad agrees. Vihaan makes her smile and she agrees to wait for ‘my dear vihaan’. Rohit is happy thinks Gunjan went missing to make sure the engagement happenssmoothly. Rohit comes and persuades Savitri Devi to start the engagement. She agrees and decides to talk to the Gargs.Mintu wants to pour acid on Gunjan. Rajeev , Savitri Devi and vihaan's dad try to convince vihaan to get engaged while vihaan is worried about Gunjan. Savitri Devi comes to Rachna's room and tells Shayl that there's no end to the drama in their house. Rachna agrees to get engaged. Mayank comes to take Gunjan back and they hug tightly Gunjan is crying. Mayank wipes her tears and asks her not to cry and tells her let's go.Savitri introduces Rachna to her mom and brother. They decide to start the ring ceremony. Vihaan and Rachna are on the stage. Rajeev hands him the ring and everyone asks him to put the ring on Rachna's finger. Rachna is blushing. Everyone except the witches are unhappy. Gunjan comes in with Mayank and everyone is surprised.Gunjan is on the entrance with Mayank. Shail and Rachna runtowards Gunjan with pleasure and ask her if she is okay. Gunjan replies, yes and says that she has reached at right time to take part on Rachna’s special day. Gunjan wishes her to be happy her whole life. Shail asks Gunjan where she had gone, and all family members were worried of her.

Gunjan requests Shail to talk later after ring ceremony.When Gunjan is going near stage, Vihaan stops her holding her and insist her to talk. Gunjan requests him to talk after ceremony but Vihaan says that it is important. Both of them go inside. Rachna is on stage; all are waiting for Vihaan. Vihaan comes and announces for another surprise for everyone. Gunjan comes back from inside with upset face and stands up near the stage but Vihaan insisted her to be on stage. Shail also insist her to come on stage as she is best friend of Rachna also. Savitri gives ring to Vihaan admires the ring and says that it is best diamond ring in city for best bride. Vihaan is about to put ring on Rachna but suddenly he smirks, goes to Gunjan and puts ring on Gunjan in front of all. Everyone is shocked. Dayal explains to Vihaan that it is not a joke, that the ring for engagement is sign of holiness. But Savitri tells Dayal to relax and clarifies that Vihaan is joking as she drags Vihaan with anger and orders him not to create drama. Vihaan says that it is not a joke; he will marry only Gunjan, whom he loves.

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