Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 169-171)

Seema and sangeeta come in and seema asks charu for her bag keys. Charu drops it on purpose and seema has to bend down to get it. Charu thinks that she knows what seema and sangeeta want while seema says she wants to arrange everything as charu has no idea where she should keep everything. Gunjan is in an auto crying. Charu is distributing gifts to everyone while lot of ladies are present. She gifts a saree to sangeeta who is about to drop it charu is upset and tells her its very expensive. She gives bangles to seema which has 600 on price tag but she removes it sticky. The ladies ask her if its real and this irritates charu. Seema takes her side saying the auntys have never seen something like that. The auto breaks down and Gunjan is standing on the road.

A car comes and its Rajeev inside who offers her a lift . He tells her he will drop her home. Rajeev tells her that she danced really well but he could make out from her eyes she was in pain. Gunjan is lost in Mayank's thoughts. Rajeev tells her that life does not move on the speed we want, he tells her to take part in the competition. He leaves her near the gate and leaves. Sangeeta shows off in front of Gunjan that lot of girls were crazy about Mayank but they chose Charu. Charu comes and gifts something to Gunjan she declines, Charu forces her rudely to sit with the guests. She tells that Gunjan is a guest while she is the daughter-in-law. Shayl overhears and says that Gunjana is her daughter like Pihu and Rachna. She asks Gunjan where is Rachna. Gunjan replies she had a headache and came back early. Gunjan goes in while Shayl offers to make tea for her.

Mayank is staring at Gunjan in the corridor but she walks to her room. Charu is getting dresses singing sajna hai mujhe. Seema comes in getting the wedding album and tells her she will show the pictures to everyone. Charu tells her that she becomes happy for small things but covers it up saying she should have told her as she is the daughter-in-law. Charu's parents are supposed to come tomorrow for pagphera rasam charu asks sangeeta to make Chinese for her parents and as she cant make she wants Sangeeta to order it from outside.Rachna and vihaan are on bike The title track going on vihaan keeps applying break. His phone rings and he stops the bike and does not talk properly then he hangs up . Vihaantells her she will be getting a big surprise he does not tell her and takes her to eat jalebis and pani puri .

Prabhu gets Dayal who has sprained his back. He takes him to the bedroom Prabhu is upset with Shayl who gets a hot water bag but he refuses. She convinces him and then says that even when he is upset he looks nice and offers to get tea. Charu sees Mayank coming in from the window, opens her dori and as soon as he comes in asks Mayank to tie her blouse ki dori . He puts the dori in one loop while she falls into his arms. He asks her to stand straight. She holds his hand he removes it while she says its her right to hold his hand. Mayank tells her their marriage started on a lie. He tells her that she is equally at fault. Charu tells him that she will go to any limit for her rights.

Charu tells Mayank that he has seen a woman's love and not her anger. If she does not get her rights the whole family will have to see her anger. Mayank asks her will she threaten him now and says she is his wife for namesake but will never get that happiness.Rachna is really happy and hugs Gunjan. Gunjan teases her saying love is in the air. Rachna shows some pictures of her and vihaan which was clicked in Mayank's wedding. One picture is of vihaan and Gunjan. Charu comes in to show her marriage pictures and says see how hot she and Mayank are looking. She pushes the album in front of Gunjan who tells her she is wasting her time as Mayank is out of her life and system.

She tells her that she gave Mayank to Charu and to stop making her jealous instead concentrate on her marriageas she needs to put in effort there . Sangeeta Seema and Shayl overhear this conversation while Gunjan walks out of the room. Shayl is pleased while the other two are fuming.Vihaan and his parents have come home with loads of gifts. Rachna takes blessings while everyone gathers in the hall. Savitri Devi tells them that their visit was a surprise as they came to decide the engagement date. Vihaan keeps staring at Rachna. Savitri Devi tells everyone that it was vihaan who wants to get engaged soon. 

Vihaan smirks like the devil looking at Gunjan and even gives Rachna a small flying kiss. Gunjan and Rachna serve snacks and tea. Vihaan takes the cup from Rachna. Savitri Devi wants to give muhdikhai to Charu who comes late till then Seema snatches the coin and then Savitri Devi gives it to Charu and even praises her. The priest comes and says a muhrat ( auspicious date for the engagement) in next two months is difficult. Vihaan pinches and winks at him and he announces a date. Seema says that Charu is lucky for the house while charu taunts Gunjan sayingshe needs to make sure Mayank's bad luck goes away from his life.

Charu is pleased that she got a gold coin and decides she will keep it in her mayka as Seema will take it. Mayank comes in Charu gives him a pet name minku he is upset as his clothes are missing Charu tells him that she has packed all his clothes and taken all his cupboard space. She says she has asked her dad to redecorate the room. Mayank says he won't go to her parents house and leaves. Charu calls her mom and tells her not to come as she will come herself.Rachna is talking about clothes and Shayl is glad that Rachnastarted taking interest in clothes.

Charu comes and says she is going to her parents house and bursts into tears that her mom is not well. Seema tells she made the food and even ordered Chinese. Charu screams that her mom is not well and she is worried about the food . Shayl says how will she go alone, Charu starts her drama saying that who will take her as Mayank is busy. Shayl says Mayank will drop you. Shayl calls Mayank and asks him to take her while he tells he has some work but Shayl asks him to finish the work later as the tradition is that the couple goes together. Seema tells him Charu's mom is having fever. Charu is gloating and thinks that now Mayank is back on track and leaves.

Charu does not want to go in the small car and when she says that he tells her she can walk and go. Charu puts her head on Mayank's shoulder as she feels its very cold but he tells her to sit properly and to wear a sweater if she wants and to wear a seatbelt. Charu and Mayank are at Charu's house, her mom is excited and goes to welcome them. Mayank remembers Charu's lie that she had said her mom is sick andasks Charu. He is furious.Charu's mom welcomes Mayank. He asks about her health she says her back was paining but Charu drops a hint about the fever and her mom covers it up. She asks Mayank to sit while she asks Charu what is going on. Charu tells her she tricked Mayank. Her mom tells her she should have informedher about the fever lie. Charu's mom gives Mayank tickets to some exotic foreign location for their honeymoon from Charu's dad side but he refuses. Charu's mom tells him he refused the car and now this, she encourages him to go and gives him a gold again which he declines.

Charu makes a gesture from behind not to force him. She says she will servelunch and leaves.Shayl calls the tailor and tells him to come home. Gunjan andRachna are looking at designs for mehendi clothes, hairstyle etc and are running around . Rachna hugs Seema while Gunjan is hesitant. Mangaldasji comes with design for jewellery and the girls are choosing while Shayl is touched that Gunjan forgot her problems and is engrossed in Rachna's happiness. Loads of women come to Charu's house with gifts. Mayank is feeling uncomfortable while everyone is gifting mayru. A lady reminds Charu's mom about her shopping plan but Mayank asks her about her health. One lady tells that she was fine an hour back and theyhave to go to the kitty party as well. Mayank is fuming and walks out. Mayank comes home alone and shouts on Seema and Sangeeta that Charu's mom is fine and he will not go to take her back. He screams on Gunjan that its all because of her, if she would not have said no his dreams would not be shattered, she ruined his life.

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