Update: Monday On Antara (Episode 169-171)

Vidya trusts that Abhishek would end the resentment against Antara. Be that as it may, Abhishek declines to stop trusting that Vidya still adores Antara more than she loves him. In the mean time, Billu requests that his friends discover the name of the person who has bought the building where Anatara lives. Soon thereafter, Billu comes back to the building where he has an enthusiastic reunion with his childhood pal Abhishek. Billu discovers that Abhishek has entered the construction business and tells Abhishek that somebody is attempting to make Antara and Vidya vacate their home. Unaware of the truth, Billu trusts that Abhishek himself purchases the building so that Antara stays upbeat. Kriplani calls Abhishek to request the rest of the cash from the sale of the building.

Vidya plans to repair the bond with her son. Notwithstanding, Abhishek at the end of the day discusses Aditya's mistakes and reprimands him for giving him an unhappy life. Vidya realizes that Abhishek has come to convince her to clear the house. Vidya Says that Abhishek came simply because his goons failed to vacate the house. Abhishek meets Kriplani and cautions him to avoid his family. In any case, Kriplani says that if Abhishek fails to pay the remaining noney or does not get the house vacated, he will do it without anyone's help. In the interim, Billu takes Antara out for a walk and protects her from prying eyes of men around their general public. Be that as it may, Antara's detached attitude and refusal to listen to Billu makes him furious and he leaves.

Abhishek take Kriplani's threat important and calls up at home to check if Vidya is fine. Vidya's failure to answer the phone makes Abhishek fear the most noticeably awful and he rushes home instantly. In the mean time, Neetu gets back home and is stunned to see Vidya seriously sick. She advises Vidya to rest and administers her some medicines. Abhishek returns home and is soothed to see Vidya. He has another warmed contention with Vidya about vacating the house. Neetu tries to intercede however is inconsiderately told by Abhishek to stay away from their family matters. Abhishek tries hard to search for a financier who will give him the money to purchase the house from Kriplani. In any case, Abhishek's naiveté makes the financers wary of helping him. Kriplani advises Abhishek to forget about purchasing the house for his family and asked him to persuade them to move out Instead.


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