Update: Monday On Antara (Episode 154-156)

Vidya keeps on being in a stun in the wake of finding out about Aditya's disease. Aditya's cancer is spreading and he is advised to begin treatment promptly. Nonetheless, he chooses to put off the treatment on learning it would cost him around five lakh rupees. Sameer finds out about Aditya's loan application when he gets a cheque of Rs 4 lakh from the PF office. Doubt begins to flourish in Sameer's mind that something was out of order and he confronts Aditya. In any case, Aditya figures out how to convince Sameer.

Aditya looks for Vikram's assistance in setting up a fake medical certificate to get a insurance cover of Rs. 2 crore which would be needed to Secure the future of his family. Vikram declines to do as such, however a frantic Aditya endures. At the point when Vikram requests that he get himself treated, Aditya counters him saying there was no assurance of his recovery. Unknown to Aditya, Vidya hears his discussion with Vikram. Aditya precludes Vikram from telling Vidya.

Vidya makes Vikram guarantee her that he won't tell Aditya that she knows about her husband's illness. Aditya returns home and is astounded to see Antara bathing on her own. Aditya understands that Vidya was training Antara to take her bath when she left home on an errand and ignored her. Aditya demands knowing where Vidya was the point at which she left Antara alone. Knowing well that the truth will break Aditya's confidence, she figures out how to sidestep his questions. Vikram consents to make a fake medical certificate for Aditya and calls him to a hospital. Aditya lies to Vidya and tells her that he will be busy in a meeting throughout the day.

Aditya lands at the hospital to get a fake medical certificate from Vikram. Be that as it may, shockingly Vikram solicits Aditya to yndergo a session of chemotherapy, a treatment to cure his cancer, before he can issue a certificate. Vidya lands at the clinic and is happy to hear that Vikram deceived Aditya into undergoing the treatment for his cancer. Vidya and Vikram realizes that lying to Aditya to cure him is not correct but rather they additionally admit that it is the main way they can save Aditya. In the wake of undergoing the first session of treatment, Aditya at the end of the day questions Vikram and questions his honesty. In any case, Vikram guarantees Aditya that he will issue him a fake certificate.


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