Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 202-203)

Abhi clashes with Pragya and they start a healthy argument.Tanu while driving car asks her parents if they liked Abhi. Dad says yes and says his wife is more understanding tham him. His mom says she was very boring and her lifestyle is very different than Abhi, only Tanu looks good with him. Tanu gets happy hearing that.Pragya back comes to her room and boasts in front of Abhi that she will make him more rich byhandling his deals. He says he did not see a bigger fool than her. She says he should thank her instead for cracking his deal well and says even daadi considers her as his lucky mascot. She prepares her bed and sleeps. He thinks he liked her baffoonery today somehow and goes near her and starts looking her face. She wakes up, thinks he needs his pillow back, and says shewill not give pillow and falls back asleep.

In the morning, daadi is busy performing pooja. She gets a phone call and daasi informs that Sarla has called. Daadi takes phone and asks if everything is fine. Sarla says yes and says she wants to talk to her something. Daadi asks her tospeak hesitantly. She says when she distributes Bulbul’s roka sweets to her neighbours, they got very happy and want to meet Purab, so she has arranged a small function tonight and wants her to send Abhi and Pragya also. Daadi says she will send them. Sarla asks her also to come.Abhi gets Tanu’s call who talks to her romantically. He promises that he will meet her in the evening. She says if he does not come, she will come there with her mom and dad. He says he will meet her for sure and cuts call. Daadi comes there and asks if he is going out tonight. He says he has important client meeting. Daadi asks him to cancel it as she has to go to Sarla’s home with Pragya. Abhi says his meeting is important. Daadi says she will apologize Sarla then and ask her to talk you directly hereon and emotionally blackmails that she is not important to anyone here. Abhi asks her not to say that and says he will do as she says. Daadi then calls Pragya and says she has to go to her mom’s house in the evening.Abhi gets tensed and nervous in his room and thinks if he should inform Tanu that he is not coming, then thinks she will come here with her mom/dad here.

Pragya comes getting ready and asks if he is ready. He says he is not fine and has fever. She checks his forehead, he says fever is in stomach. She says fever does not come in stomach. He says he is tensed. She asks him to speak out, she will solve his problem. He says he has an important meeting to attend. She asks if he has to meet Tanu and says he can walk with her to her mom’s house and can go from there.Tanu meeting Aaliya andtelling that Pragya did something to her parents that they are praising her since yesterday. Aaliyasays she is worried about herself as Purab and Bulbul are getting closer each day.Pragya is in car with Abhi. She looks at him. He asks to her to stop staring him. She asks him why is he taking a different route. He jokes that he is going to meet Tanu first. Pragya gets tensed and says he has to first drop her to Sarla’s home.Sarla enjoys workout videos on TV.

Daadi says she is relaxing here and has left them to work. Sarla sees Bulbul working and asks her to go and relax. Bulbul goes to her room, calls Purab and asks him to come soon. He says he is invited for dinner. Bulbul says Abhi and Pragya are on the way and shewants him to come right now. He agrees.Sarla asks Purbi to call Pragya again and ask where is she now. Purbi says she called her 30 min ago and Pragya was on the way with jiju. Sarla says it is too late and she is worried that they must have met with an accident. Daadi jokes that people must be waiting to get under Abhi’s car and laughs. Pragya and Abhi come there just them. Daadi greets them in. Abhi sits on sofa and asks Daadi if dinner is ready as it is time and he likes Sarla’s prepared food. Sarla says food is ready and asks him to go and freshen up. Pragya takes him to room and shows washroom. He gets in.Tanu is on the way with her parents to meet Abhiat a hotel for dinner. Her mom asks if she is sureAbhi will come. Tanu says he personally invited them. Mom says she will call and check. She calls Abhi’s number, but Pragya picks call. Mom says she met her the other day and says Abhi had a meeting with her. Pragya thinks Abhi reallyhas a client meeting, but she thought he is eagerto meet Tanu. She tells Abhi that his client has called.

He comes out of washroom and asks why did she pick his call. She says she does not him to lose any contract and says he can go andattend business meeting.Abhi starts enjoying dinner before it is served and says he is very hungry and cannot control. Sarla says it is good. Purab comes and joins them. Pragya tries to serve Abhi, but Bulbul say she will serve. Pragya asks her what mischief she is thinking now. Bulbul says she is. Pragya kicks Abhi during dinner. Abhi writhes in pain. Bulbul jokes it must be rat. Abhi thinks Fuggi andher family will not let him go out now. Sarla smiles. Tanu waits her parents for Abhi at hotel and calls him. He comes out and says he met with an accident near Fuggi’s house and cannot come there. Tanu asks why did he go there. He starts talking weird. She asks him to stay right there, she will come there. He asks her not to come there and says he will be there soon. He then thinks he is stuck between gharwali and baharwali, Pragya’s family will not leave him andif he does not go, Tanu will come here with her family.

Pragya’s family starts playing antakshari after dinner and asks Abhi to join them. Abhi says he does not know to play it. Pragya asks him to not tell lie as he is a rockstar. He says he knows onlyhis songs and has a business meeting. Bulbul says he cannot walk out from his family like this.Daadi asks him not to worry and says price is cough syrup/alcohol and they both can enjoy it. Abhi thinks he cannot drive after drinking cough syrup and Tanu will come here with her parents and will tell their secret to daadi.Sarla insists Abhi to play antakshari and he agrees hesitantly. Pragya also insists. Bulbul starts the game and asks Purab to sing. He sings Mere Saamne wali khidki me ek chand ka tukda rahta hai….song… and asks her to sing next. She signs Hum tum ek kamre me bandh hoaur chaabi khojaye… song. Pragya smiles shyingly. Bulbul asks Daadi to sing next. Daadi sings O gori gori o baaki chori kabhi meri gali aaya karo. Purbi says she sang wrong. Sarla says she purposefully sang wrong to get cough syrup. Dadi says she sang whatever she knows and asks maid to give her cough syrup. Bulbul asks Abhi to sing. Abhi says he does not know, but agrees on Pragya’s insistence.


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