Update: Wednesday On Young Dreams (Episode 190-192)

Bua calls Gunjan Namak Haram and wants to slap her. Everyone surrounds Gunjan in a circle and starts screaming and insulting her. The flash back starts whereVihaan pulls Gunjan in a corner. She warns him not to meet like this as he is her brother-in-law.She tells him to behave properly. He tells her not to warn him and shows her the pictures he clicked. He reminds her how much Rachna loves him and then says how will Rachna feel if he dumps her.

He tells Gunjan to get involved so the plan can work. Flashback ends . Seema asks everyone if they understood why she made the plan with Sangeeta to stop the Mayank wedding. Shayl walks down the stair.Flashback starts again. Vihaan reminds her of the prank the girls pulled and his humiliation. Gunjan tells him she won't be a part of it. Vihaan reminds her that Rachna loves him so much that she can do anything once he dumps her. Vihaan tells Gunjan that she has to be his fiancee only for one week and if she does that he will be Rachna's forever. He tells her not to run away as he has the pictures. Flashback ends.

Dayal tells Shayl that Gunjan did the same thing that many years back her mom did to her and walks away. Mayank wants to say something but Charu stops him. Mayank leaves, Charu smirks. Shayl and Gunjan are crying and Shayl leaves. Gunjan is all alone crying.Gunjan is sobbing and talking to herself that why is her mom not here, why is she all alone. Gunjan hears Sneha's voice that she is there for her. She holds Gunjan from behind. Gunjan hugs her mom and cries. Gunjan tells her mom that everyone here hates her including Shayl masi. She agrees that everyone has a reason. She tells her they don't know the truth that there was a reason. She tells her she hates the ringbut is bound to wear it. Gunjan tells her she did it so that Rachna and Vihaan can be together forever and if she would not have done that they could not be together as Rachna loves Vihaan a lot. Sneha tells her to stay strong and the truth will be out. She tells that Shayl may be upset but loves her. She consoles Gunjan and suddenly Mayank calls Gunjan and she turns to see him.

Mayank looks shocked. When she turns back her mom is not there. Gunjan is worried if Mayankheard everything.Gunjan thinks that Mayank listened to everything. Mayank asks her about all. He says that he had done a big mistake in the past by not believing her, but now he has full trust on Gunjan. Gunjan denies and says that everything is going rightand the ring in her finger is the truth now. But Mayank doubtstotally. Shail outside Rachna’s room asks Rachna to open thedoor. Gunjan comes and also asks her to open the door. Rachna after hearing her voice opens the door in irritation, says that she hates her and asks her why she did all this to her being her best friend and a loving sister. She added that it was the biggest mistake they let Gunjan in their house and asks her to go away. Shail asks Rachna to keep quiet. Rachna faints. While Gunjan was touching her, Shail asks Gunjan not to touch her. The whole family is at the spot and let Rachna in her room. Charu asks her to move away. Gunjan runs and goes to terrace and says bad words about herself. She asks why she has come to the house, all is spoiled because of her in the house. She goes in flashback, thinks about the sweet moments between her and Rachna and cries.Rachna is on bed, doctor checks her and recommend medicines.

Dayal and whole of the family are in their respective rooms. Shail supports Rachna, Rachna gets back from the position. Shail tries to let her understand not to think anything negative rather to keep positive thoughts. Rachna says that all has spoiled and nothing will be good now.Vihaan and his friend are in a room. Vihaan asks his friend not to remain sad and to be happy. Meanwhile Rajeev comesand asks him about the plan behind all this but Vihaan disagrees and says that is all love and not a plan. Rajeev saysthat he should have said all this before, as all this insulted Rachna’s family a lot. Vihaan replied that he wanted all to accept his love so he did all this and Gunjan also loves him as she had put ring in his hand (keenly). Rajeev says that from now onwards his eyes are on him all 24 hours.Rachna thinks of what has happened, how Vihaan has rejected him. Gunjan comes and by chance Rachna sees her engagement ring, Gunjan hides it.

Rachna cries continuously.Rachna gets a call from Vihaan, Rachna picks it up, Vihaan says that he wants to talk to Gunjan as her cell is switched off. Rachna passes her cell, Gunjan without listening to anything says she has to sleep and disconnects the call. Rachna asks her why she has done this, Gunjan stitches her lips and didn’t even utter a single word. Rachna stands up and tries to go out from the room but Gunjan says its her room so she will go out and she steps out.Gunjan leaves the room with the pillow and blanket sadly. Gunjan overhears Shail talking to Dayal saying she can’t see Rachna’s pain and she has no words to ease Rachna’s pain. Dayal says he warned Shail that because of Gunjan that no harm should come to Rachna’s future. Dayal says but Gunjan has destroyed Rachna’s life and future. Dayal says such thoughts can only be Gunjan’s. Shail says she doesn’t know why Gunjan did it and there had to be a reason. Shail says she can’t stand to see Rachna sad and what Rachna must begoing through.

Shail says when she looks at Gunjan from a mother’s point of view she feels there must be some reason for her doing so. Dayal says there’s no reason but Gunjan purposely and thoughtfully did it. He tells Shail to learn that their own child is their child and an outsider’s is always an outsider’s child. Dayal says Gunjan did this in return for their love and he says that she can do anything. Gunjan is sad and says to herself that Dayal is misunderstanding her and cries. Shail says the most hurt is Rachna. Gunjan walks away. Shail continues saying if they become weak then who will take care and support Rachna. She tells Dayal that they are the only ones there for Rachana. Dayal says he’ll go see Rachna. Rachna comes into their room. Rachna asks Shail if she can sleep in their room for the night. Dayal says yes. Shail tells Rachana she knows she has many questions on her mind butbrave girls never look back. Shail tells her to slowly forget it and move on. Rachna says okay. She tells Shail to forget it is difficult and it would be easier for her to forget it if Shail doesn’t talk about Gunjan in front of her.

Rachna lies on the bed.Rohit says bye to Vihaan and leaves. Savitri comes into his room and Vihaan kicks away the can of beer on the floor. He asks Savitri why isn’t she asleep and she says the drama thathappened wouldn’t allow her to sleep. Savitri says she wants to talk to Vihaan. She says whatever he did was too much. Savitri says she had no choice but to support him. Savitri says Gunjan is not worthy to come as a daughter-in-law. Savitri comments saying look at Gunjan’s behaviour and clothing and says the relationship is impossible. Savitri asks if Gunjan was the one who trapped Vihaan. Rajeev says its not Vihaan that’s trapped but the other way round. Vihaan is surprised to see that Rajeev is still at the house and says its good he’s here and to stay over. Rajeev tells Vihaan to tell the truth. What game is he playing with the girls. Vihaan acts innocent and says he’s not playing a game and had explainedto Vihaan and asks why does he not believe him. Savitri tells Vihaan Rajeev will never believe him and Rajeev says yes he won’t believe Vihaan as he knows Rachna and Gunjan well, that they are his students and are good girls from a good family with values.

Rajeev’s father says he agrees with Rajeev and that Vihaan's behavior was embarrassing and that both families got insulted and asks if Vihaan realized it. He tells Savitri look at the consequence for spoiling Vihaan. Savitri is angry and says so the blame is that she didn’t bring Vihaan up well. Rajeev says he didn’t mean that and Savitri says even if she’s his step mother so what, she is a mother. Rajeev says she is misunderstanding him. He says that Vihaan’s intentions were never straight. She says that Rajeevwants to prove that all the mistakes are Vihaan and says she knows what Rajeev’s intentions are. She says that he is purposely doing it to bring Vihaan down. Vihaan stops Savitriand says that Rajeev is a far better person than he is. Vihaan says thank god she didn’t bring Rajeev up otherwise he would have ended up like him (Vihaan). Savitri raises her hand to slap Vihaan.Vihaan asks why did she stop because he’s her own. Vihaan tells Savitri she might take Rajeev as a step son but for him he’s more than a brother. Savitri scolds her husband for standing and just listening without saying anything. He says no one listens to him. If they were to listen to him then they wouldn’t have to see this day. He says she was the one who told Rajeev to go away. Rajeev leaves and Vihaan goes after him. Vihaan tells Rajeev that Savitri is angry with him and is taking it out on Rajeev.

Rajeev says its okay and he’ll take an auto. Vihaan says he’ll drop him. Rajeev says he’ll go on his own. Vihaan asks Rajeev why did he not say anything to Savitri and just kept quiet. Rajeev says he had no problem with what Savitri said but he was upset with the way Vihaan talked to her. Rajeev says its his mother and is that the way to talk to a mother. Vihaan says just because he’s a step child doesn’t mean she should talk to him like that and says he can’t take it. Vihaan says he loves Rajeev and hugs him and Rajeev says he loves him too. Rajeev says Vihaan is the closest thing he has as his own. Rajeev says he feels that whatever happened was Vihaan’s plan and Vihaan denies it. Rajeev tells Vihaan if he had a hand in it then he knows what he’ll do.Charu, Seema and Sangeetha are in the kitchen. Charu says that Gunjan falls into the trap without them doing anything. Charu says this is entertainment. Shail prays to God saying whatever happens is God’s grace and to give them peace in this difficult times and not to leave her side. Shail thinks of talking to Gunjan. She can’t believe Gunjan did it on her own free will. Shail says there must be another reason. Shail thinks she’ll make her tell the truth by swearing on the aarti. Shail goes around the house with the aarti and serves everyone.

Shail asks Dayal if Rachan has awaken and Dayal says she’s in her room. Shail comes and asks Rachna if she has taken her bathe and tells her to take the aarti. Shail tells Rachna Gunjan is no where to be seen and Rachna walks away. Shail thinks where could Gunjan go so early maybe theterrace. Seema sees Shail looking for someone and Shail says Gunjan is nowhere to be seen. Seema says its good she’s nowhere to be seen or her whole day will be bad. Shail tells Seema to put the aarti in the altar and goes looking for Gunjan in the terrace. She shout Gunjan’s name and wonderswhere could she have gone. Shail tells Dayal that Gunjan has gone somewhere. She says that she looked everywhere. Dayal says where did she go and Seema says there’s no end to her drama. Seema says she went missing during the engagement and now. Mayank tells his mother not to start again. Charu says how can he support the girl that humiliatedhis sister. She says what kind of brother is he. Shail says although she made a mistake but Gunjan is her responsibilityand what will she answer to Akash and that she’s a child and is not matured. Dayal says no matter what happened she is their responsibility and Shail says to look for her and that she’ll come with Dayal. Mayank says he’ll look for her. Dayal tells Shail not to worry and she’ll be found.

31st January: Today In History

Today is Tuesday, January, the 31st day of 2017. There are 334, days left in the year.

Today's Highlight In History;

1865   General Robert E. Lee becomes general-in-chief over the confederate army 
1936   The Green Hornet radio show debuts. 1958   Explorer I becomes the first successful American satellite 
1961   Ham the Chimp travels into outer space. 1990   The first McDonald's opens in Moscow, Russia.

1919   Jackie Robinson (Baseball Player) 1931   Ernie Banks (Baseball Player) 1947   Nolan Ryan (Baseball Player) 1971   Minnie Driver (Actress) 
1981   Justin Timberlake (Singer)

Man Who Stole Babies In Lagos Caught And Beaten Mercilessly (Photos)

A man who stole two babies at Alapere beside mile 12 market in Lagos was given the beating of his life after he was caught by angry mob, before he was rescued by police.

Jealous Lady Stabs Her Younger Lover To Death In Lagos (Photo)

The rate at which people, both men and women, resort to violence these days is quite worrisome. If you observe your partner is not faithful, why not just leave the person and move on with your life, rather than do something to harm him/her and land yourself in trouble?

A big lady selling drinks has gruesomely sent her younger lover, Stanley, to death in the Ajegunle area of Lagos, for allegedly seeing another lady.

The young man was stabbed to death, according to a source, Gloria Agbubo, by a notorious lady who sells drinks in within the area. She stabbed him in the neck and he couldn't survive it. Sigh!

Big Girl In Big Brother Naija Housemate, Gifty, Left Her Husband After 5 Months?

If you mistakenly marry a desperado, anything you see just take it like that and move on with life.

According to a message sent to relationship counselor Innocent Tino, Big Brother Naija housemate Gifty is no longer married as is being claimed on social media.

She parked her load and left her hubby's house after 5 months, without his knowledge. Details...

The source said Gifty left a note for her hubby and he hasn't seen her and doesn't know where she is since then. She also allegedly dated singer Flavour briefly, and now dating K24.

2face Rumours Club VI Opens Softly In Style (Photos)

The opening of the new Rumours Club in Victorial Island was witnessed by some top artistes. The club which is co-owned by 2Face and Zzini Media lived up to its billing. See more photos after the cut...

Hmmm! Female Big Brother Naija Housemate TBoss Strips (Photos)

One of the female contestants in the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality TV show, has stunned many viewers by stripping in the midst of other ladies and guys.

TBoss, as she's called, is now trending on social media after showing off her stuff. More pics...

Female Undergraduate Dies Mysteriously.. Family Suspecting A Rich Alhaji (Photo)

The death of Miss Joy Odama, a mass communication undergraduate is still shrouded in mysterious circumstances, leaving many close to her in shock.

Investigation by Leadership revealed that on December 18, 2016, the deceased in company of her friend, Elizabeth had gone to one Alhaji Usman I. Adamu, who is believed to be a philanthropist, because he assists indigent students, with scholarship to complete their studies.

According to the mother of the deceased, Mrs. Philomina Odama, “when it was my daughter’s turn to see Alhaji Adamu, she told him that she had come to seek for an assistance to continue with her education. But the ‘philanthropist’ told her to come along with her mother to the house.

"My daughter told me this and I decided to go there with her, since the quarters where the Alhaji lives were in the same neighborhood where we reside. I equally met other people in the house seeking for the same assistance from this Alhaji Adamu.

According to her, when the late Joy had introduced her mother, “the Alhaji promised that he would support her daughter in school and also promised the mother a job at the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

“Two days later, on the evening of 20th of December, the Alhaji called my daughter, and told her that his house help is seriously sick and that she should please come and help him look after her while he goes to look for a doctor.

“He also said that he has called other girls (that is some of the girls we saw in the house the previous day). My daughter informed me about this and I allowed her to go. That was the last time I saw my daughter alive.”

Mrs. Odama further narrated that she called the daughter later and she told her that she was in the company of other girls in Alhaji’s house and that she would soon be back. According to her, “About an hour later, she was not yet back, I called her but she did not pick the call. I called her several times and there was no response.

"Then I called Alhaji’s number, but he too did not pick. I became worried. I continued calling her number and that of the Alhaji every now and then and the Alhaji eventually picked his call. However, to my surprise, he pretended not to know who l was or who my daughter was.

She continued, “When I pressed further, he replied, ‘Did anything happen to Joy?’, as if he did not know where Joy was. And I knew all was not well.

"We were about going to Karmo Police Station [Abuja], to report the matter when 2 police officers came to my house and told us (myself and my husband) to follow them to the station. On getting to the station (Karmo Police station), the DPO informed us that all the girls that went to Alhaji’s house were all unconscious; that one is not responding to treatment, while others are responding to treatment.

"The next day, which was December 22, 2016, I and some of my relatives and a lawyer, including a close family friend who works with an NGO went to the police station again. That was when they informed me that my daughter was dead and has been taken to the mortuary,” she explained.

Our lawyer asked the DPO if the Alhaji has been arrested. But the DPO said bluntly, ‘As far as he is concerned, no crime has been committed and that my daughter died a natural death and that he cannot arrest the Alhaji.”

In a petition on the matter, an Abuja based non-governmental organisation (NGO), Basic Rights Enlightenment Foundation and the family have cried out to the office of the senate president, the House of Representatives, the Human Rights Commission, Inspector General of Police as well as the Department of State Services to hasten action in unraveling circumstances leading to the death of Miss Joy Odama with a view to bringing the culprits to justice.

According to a petition addressed to the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), the biggest worry of the family of the late Joy and the NGO is that the prime suspect in the murder of Miss Odama, is still working free without attempt by the police to bring him to book.

Another source of worry to the petitioners is that the remains of the late Joy had already been embalmed before she was put in the morgue. 

The DPO directed us to the Federal Medical Centre Airport Road Abuja and on getting to the mortuary at the hospital; we discovered that my daughter’s body has been embalmed,” Mrs. Odama said.

According to her, she has laboured seriously to see Joy and her younger sister through school before she was murdered in what looked like a ritual killing. Joy's family are crying for justice.

Presidency Reacts To 2face-Led Planned Nationwide Protest

The presidency has reacted to the February 5th proposed Nationwide protest which 2face Idibia and other celebrities have come out to support.

Speaking in an interview in Lagos, President Buhari's Media Assistant, Femi Adesina, said:

"This is a country of about 180 million people. It is impossible for 180 million people to think the same way. Yoruba has a saying that if you all sleep and put your head in the same direction, then you are all foolish because you would be breathing in one another's mouth and lungs. 
Don't forget the last election and how it went. Somebody scored 12.5 million votes, another scored about 15 million votes. There are some people who are still in that election mode. They have not gotten out of it and till today, they are still living and "rheumatisizing" about the past. What they don't know is that that past is gone and gone forever. 
Majority of those calling for the protest are still in election mode. Majority of them are people that have resolved not to see anything good in this administration simply because the man they wanted lost at the polls."

Pharrell Williams And Wife Welcome Triplets

Pharrell Williams ' wife has given birth to triplets. The Happy star and spouse Helen Lasichanh who also have son Rocket, eight, together welcomed three babies into the world earlier this month, a spokesperson for the singer has confirmed to Vanity Fair.

The representative declined to reveal the gender or names of the tots, but said the family are all "healthy and happy".

The proud parents already have a son called Rocket and Pharrell had previously opened up about why him and Helen chose to name their son Rocket.

He said: "In the same way the Indians named their children after a force or animal or element, we named him after a man-made machine that was meant to go up, meant to ascend."

Godswill Akpabio Denies Not Been Behind Tuface’s National Protest

The attention of the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswil Akpabio has been drawn to a story circulating in the internet, alleging that the former Governor of Akwa Ibom State is the sponsor of the proposed nationwide protest to be led by 2 Face Idibia, to demand answers from the government over different issues in the country. 

It is laughable that the only link between the music star, 2 Face and Senator Akpabio which the authors of the mischievous story belabour to establish is that “in 2013, 2Face and his wife, Annie Macaulay were gifted (sic) two brand new Prado SUVs by this former governor as their wedding gift which they amiably (sic) accepted.”

For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state categorically that Senator Akpabio knows nothing about the planned protest neither is he the sponsor. In fact, Senator Akpabio has had no contact whatsoever with 2Face for many years. 

According to the information being circulated the organizers of the planned protest have stated clearly that their protest is: “a call for nationwide protests as we say no to the Executive, no to legislatures, no to judiciary.” 

Is it not idiotic and senseless for anyone to imagine that Senator Akpabio will sponsor a protest against the same arm of government that he is serving as a leader. 

As the Minority Leader, Senator Akpabio has consistently maintained that Nigerians should put aside their differences and support every effort that will pull the country out of the present recession. Much as he believes in the right of every Nigerian to express himself, he does not think that mass protest is the solution. 

The mischievous attempt to drag the name of Senator Akpabio into the planned protest should be discountenanced as the handiwork of political jobbers.

Anietie Ekong
Special Assistant (Media)
To the Senate Minority Leader

Teacher Allegedly Rapes 9-Year-Old Pupil After Lesson

An Ibadan Chief Magistrates’ Court on Friday remanded a 40-year-old teacher, Sampson Eyo, who allegedly raped his nine-year-old pupil.

The Chief Magistrate, Mr Taiwo Oladiran, directed that the accused should be remanded at the Agodi Prisons custody pending the advice of the Oyo State Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Consequently, the court did not take the plea of the accused. Eyo, a teacher in a nursery and primary school, Bashorun, Ibadan, was arraigned on a count charge.

The prosecutor, Sgt. James Oriola, told the court that the accused had unlawful carnal knowledge of the pupil between September 2016 and Jan. 19, 2017.

  Oriola said: “Eyo, being the class teacher of the girl and also her lesson teacher, lured the girl after lesson period and had carnal knowledge of her.’’

He said that the accused committed the offence at 4:00p.m. at the school premises.

Oriola said that the offence contravened Section 218 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Oyo State, 2000. Section 218 stipulates 14 years imprisonment for offender.

The case was adjourned to Feb. 27 for mention.

Lagos: Petrol Thief Falls Inside Tanker, Dies (Photo)

The Director of Lagos State Fire Service, Mr Rasak Fadipe, on Tuesday said they recovered two bodies from a petrol tanker and a deep well on Monday in the state.

He said on Tuesday that an unidentified man, who attempted to steal petrol inside a stationary tanker, was suffocated by the fumes and died.

He said, “The tanker was parked opposite Morogbo Police Station, along the Badagry Expressway. The dead man was removed at about 5pm on Monday and was handed over to Morogbo police men.”

In another development, the service also recovered the body of another unidentified man, who fell into a deep well of about 150 feet on Monday night.

Fadipe, who said that the incident happened at Iju Ishaga area of the state, stressed that it took them many hours before they retrieved the body.

He said, “We got information that a male adult fell into a deep well of about 150ft deep at Iju Road, besides Skye Bank.

 Our men mobilised and went there immediately, but were able to retrieve the body many hours later on Monday.

“The well is located at a virgin land, no one knows what the victim was looking for before falling into the well.”

Update: Wednesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 300-301)

The episode starts with Sarla helping Bulbul getting ready for her engagement and arguing with her how to wear the dress. Pragya comes there and says she will help now. Sarla leaves. Bulbul asks if she proposed jiju. She says no and nervously tells what happened in restaurant and how old couple tried to help them, etc. She says she held Abhi’s hand. Bulbul acts as getting excited and then asks she is very primitive and think like a new generation woman and propose Abhi soon.

Corporator shows Pragya and Bulbul’s pic and asks his henchman to kidnap the most beautiful girl. Henchman says both are beautiful. He points at Bulbul and asks him not to make any mistake. Abhi is with Tanu. She starts her emotional atyachar and says her parents are questioning her a lot and wants their marriage happened soon. She asks him to meet her parents at least today.Corporator’s goons reach outside Pragya’s house and wait near the car. Pragya on the other side hurriedly takes Bulbul out, but Sarla stops them and asks Bulbul to wear black thread first to protect from evil eyes. She asks Purbi to bring thread soon. Purbi says they don’t have. Pragya says she has brought and it is in car.Aaliya and her puppets are tensed thinking if they will succeed in their plan or not.

She calls Sarla and asks if Bulbul left house. Sarla says she is about to leave. Aaliya informs corporator who in turn informs his henchmen. Pragya comes out of house andis walks near car. Henchmen take out chloroform to make her unconscious and are about to succeed, when constables come there and they stop. Bulbul and Sarla come out of house and leave in car. Henchmen inform corporator who in turn informs Aaliya. Aaliya yells at him that he made a mistake of believing him. Corporator asks her not to yell at her and tells his plan.Purab comes to Abhi’s room and sees him tensed. He asks why is he tensed. Abhi says it is because of his ill fate. Purab asksfrom when he started believing fate and says his solution is always with him and points at Pragya.Bulbul reaches Abhi’s house with Pragya for engagement and meets Daadi.

Bulbul tells Pragya that they made her drink daadi’s cough syrup/alcohol during antakshari game and she was acting weird after that. Pragya nervously (overacting) asks what did she do. Bulbul says she proposed Abhi, so he let her hold his hand. Daadi calls Bulbul and she leaves. Aaliya and her puppet look at Bulbul and get jealous.Pragya nervously in her room reminisces Abhi asking her to meet in restaurant and Abhi holding her hand. She thinks Bulbul should not have told about this at this time,how will she face Abhi now. Abhi enters just then calling her Fuggi. She hides behind sofa. He searches her and thinks why is she hiding there. He sits on sofa andcalls Fuggi. She responds. He asks if he is hiding from her. She says no and says she called Fuggi, then why will Pragya reply. He asks her to sit and says he wants to talk to her. She says she has to attend daadi and will come back. He asks her to sit.

Corporator calls Aaliya and asks her to send Bulbul out soon. She asks him to wait for sometime. She sees Bulbul smiling and thinks she will snatch it. Purab takes Bulbulto a room and asks if she knows Tanu asked Abhi to marry her. She asks him not to worry as she has done something. He asks what. She says she told didi what she did after getting inebriated. He asks what about Abhi. He says didi does not know if Abhi proposed her or not and will propose him again. He asks if her plan will work. She says yes.Abhi asks Pragya to speak. She nervously blubbers. He asks her to stop and says he is tensed with his problem and asks her to listen first. He asks her to remember lohri night and after pheras, she came to hall and met 2 clients, they are not clients but Tanu’s… Just then, Daadi comes there and takes her from there.Purab gets romantic with Bulbul and asks her to give him a kiss. She says no. He says now their mission is working well and Pragya and Abhi uniting. She asks him to wait and walks out smiling. Pragya catchesher and nervously tells she doe snot know what Abhi told after she proposed her. Bulbul says jiju was also inebriated and did not tell anything. She asks why is she doingthis, people move ahead after marriage, butshe is way behind and asks what will she tell about their kids to Sarla and Daadi. She says if she is happy like this, she will not push her, she will have to sacrifice Abhi if she does not move ahead. She asks her to propose Abhi before it is too late. Pragya says there is only one solution for that. Bulbul asks what?

Pragya telling Bulbul that she gets nervous when she goes in front of Abhi to propose him. Bulbulsuggests to write a letter then. Pragya says she is right and starts writing letter.Aaliya with her puppet Tanu comes back home and angrily tells that her plan fails always and says if she does not kidnap Bulbul, Purab will not hers in life again. Corporator calls her and asks if she planned anything to kidnap Bulbul. She says no as people are all around. He says he will himself come there and kidnap her and thinks Aaliya is waste for him. Pragya gets down with letter and thinks of giving letter to Abhi. Shestares at Abhi. He comes and asks why is she staring at him. She gives him letter andasks to read it. Abhi thinks what if she has given Bulbul’s dowry list, opens letter and is about to read it when Tanu comes and takes him from there to parking lot. Corporator enters parking lot hiding and dashes with dustbin. Abhi hears sound andgoes to check. Tanu stops him and to divert his attention starts complaining that does not pay attention to him, etc.

Mitali sees Taiji and says Abhi is spending a lot on Bulbul’s engagement. Taiji asks herto mind her own business. Mitali thinks they have money to waste on unnecessary things but not to bail out her husband Raj. Akash gives Taiji 2 lakhs envelope and says it is caterer’s payment and to give it when he asks. Mitali tries to peep in. Taji asks her to stop staring at money and warns dare not to think of stealing it.Aaliya goes with Tanu to parking lot and scolds corporator to come there. He asks her why did not they bring Bulbul out and says he himself will kidnap her now.Purab gets ready and comes for engagement. Abhi says Daadi someone is looking more dashing than him for the first time (true, actually Purab is more dashing than Abhi). Purab gets shy and Daadi smiles.Pragys nervously tells Bulbul that Abhi did not read her letter yet.

Abhi comes there with letter in his pocket and asks them to come out for ring exchange. Pragya tries topick letter from his pocket, but stops when he looks at her. He takes them out for the engagement ceremony.Daasi sees Bulbul, Abhi and Pragya comingto the venue and jokes that Bulbul and Purab’s are No. 2 jodi. Aaliya asks who is No. 1 then. Daasi says Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says she is right and warns Purab not to betray Bulbul like he betrayed her, else she will not spare him. Abhi tells Aaliya personally took care of decoration.Tanu sees corporator inside home and tellsAaliya. Corporator disguised as waiter wearing mask come to them and says since they could not do anything , he himself will kidnap Bulbul. He starts dancing with the dancing troupe and asks Bulbul to dance with him.

Bulbul looks at Purab and Purab signals her to go ahead. She starts dancing with him and feels embarrassed seeing him touch her inappropriately. Purab comes and starts dancing with her next. Corporator then applies chloroform on cloth.Bulbul and Purab’s engagement completes with ring exchange. Lights go off. Daasi askAbhi to check it. Power comes back and everyone gets tensed seeing Bulbul missing. Purbi says it is her plan to make the event more memorable. Purab has to find out Bulbul and prove how much he loves her. Purab agrees.Pragya goes and meets Bulbul in store room. Bulbul hides under shawl and asks how was everyone’s reaction. Pragya says Purab was shocked to see her missing. Seh asks her to continue hiding there for some time and gets out.Aaliya tells coproator that Pragya has hidden Bulbul in store room. Corpoator asks his henchman to kidnap her silently.

Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 275-276)

The puja is held at Roshni's home and Bua Dadi has some kind of plan under her sleeves. Amid the puja, the priest understands that Aisha is not one of the family. Henceforth, she is not permitted to take part in the puja. Siddharth contradicts the priest saying that kids are a form of god. Along these lines, Aisha does not leave the puja. Amid the puja, Aisha sees a plate of laddoo and chooses to have one. Just before she could pick a laddoo, Siddharth gets a call. Siddharth leaves the puja to answer the call. While Bua Dadi clues that she has mixed something in the laddoo and she needs it to feed Durgadevi.

The Laddu that Bua Dadi had made for Durgadevi is eaten by herself. Bua Dadi is now ill and articulates a few words that elucidates that she had prepared the laddus for Durgadevi. A goaded Durgadevi begins yelling at Siddharth and proclaims that from now onwards the only family that would take care of Roshni is the Patel family. Afterward, when Mona meets Durgadevi to speak for the Khurana family, she is reprimanded by Nani Maasi. Rather than getting the issue solved, it ends up being messier.  
Durga Devi is vexed about Roshni's choice to go for the dance competition being held for the kids notwithstanding that she is Pregnant.

After DD leaves the room, Siddharth demonstrates his support to Durga Devi however Roshni declines to tune in. Both of them later reach the venue of the dance competition with their group of kids including Ayesha. They all remain uninformed of the way that the kidnappers have supplanted the original crew at the venue of the competition. After Ayesha finishes her performance, she is kidnapped. Be that as it may, Roshni realizes that Ayesha is being abducted and she begins to tail the car. Seeing this, the Kidnappers pull her inside the car as well. Siddharth sees this and chases the car but unable to make up for lost time with them.

Roshni is abducted and the family is concerned for her. In the meantime, Siddharth shows up at the scene and informs the police that he has the location of Roshni and Aisha.


Update: Wednesday On Antara (Episode 175-177)

Billu is stressed over the prospect of Vidya and Antara leaving the house. Notwithstanding, Vidya informs him that she wouldn't like to live in the house and might want to hand it over to the legitimate owner. Abhishek looks on.

Vidya loses each hope of making Abhishek comprehend the significance of a family and chooses to move out of her home. Billu is stunned when Vidya informs him regarding her choice to move. Vikram too is left speechless when he gets to know concerning Vidya's decision. Vikram says, he will have a word with Abhishek to make him understand the significance of relationships. Be that as it may, Vidya restricts Vikram from addressing Abhishek.

The main person who supports Abhishek is Antara. Antara and her innocence makes Abhishek realize that a family's adoration and support will always be  more valuable than all the wealth he can earn. Abhishek breaks down and asks for Vidya and Antara's forgiveness. Abhishek at long last forgets about the hared he has been nursing against Antara for every one of these years and comes back to their home with her. As a parting message, he says that despite the fact that it took him long, he has accepted Antara's autism and understood that the world looks different from her point of view.

FIN (The End) Hope You Enjoyed it. 

Update: Tuesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 208-209)

The episode starts with Bulbul getting ready for her mehandi. Daadi asks Pragya to get ready to apply mehandi. Bulbul says daadi it is her engagement, but she is asking her bahu to get mehandi first. Daadi says she knows it is her day, but her sister should get ready first to get her ready. They all continue to share a lighter moment and laugh.Purab calls Bulbul and tells he knows she must be applying mehandi and writing his name from it. Bulbul asks if he is watching her. He says he is just a thought away from her and if she closesher eyes and imagines, he will be in front of her. They both continue their romantic talk.

Aaliya hears Bulbul talking to Purab and gets jealous. She walks into her room and starts yelling in front of Tanu that she cannot see Purab praisingBulbul insteadof her. Tanu says if they ruin Bulbul’s face, Purabwill be forced to hate her and suggests they should throw acid on Bulbul’s face and make it ugly. Aaliya asks who will do that. Mitali says she knows someone who will do it.While on the way to home, at a traffic signals, kids request him to buy flowers. Abhi buys them.Pragya on the other side buys balloons from other kids.Sarla and Daadi discuss that they are lucky to have Abhi as their damad who is taking care of Bulbul’s marriage as a brother. Purbi shows her dress and says he even gifted them all dresses for engagement function. Daadi asks servant to bring cough syrup.

The all start laughing.Mitali speaks to her goon and sets a deal to throw acid on Bulbul’s face for 30000 rs. She comes down with Aaliya and Tanu and Bulbul to get matching dupatta for her engagement dress from a shop. Daadi says she does not want her go out on her engagement day, but agrees on Bulbul’s insistence. Mitali takes Bulbul’s pic and sends it to her goon saying she is sending it to the shop owner.Abhi waits for Aaliya at a restaurant and hopes she agrees to help him convince daadi to meet Tanu’s parents. Pragya comes with balloons andgifts them to him. He asks why did she bring her.She says he calls her fuggi, so she brought fuggas for him. He gets irked, but then calms down and gifts her yellow flowers and says he brought jaundice flowers for her. She happily asks if it is for her. He jokes and then says yes, asks for howmuch did she buy them. She asks to tell first. They both get nervous thinking how to tell what is in their mind. The continue arguingto tell first. An old couple hear their argument and ask if they are husband wife. Abhi and Pragya say yes.

They ask them to propose each other and asks Abhi to propose first. Abhi says I love you nervously. Couple then ask Pragya to say I love you.Aaliya and her puppets discuss that they should make sure Bulbul is not escaped this time and their goon throws acid on her face. They say they themselves will go out and personally check.Old couples kiss each other and ask Abhi to kiss Pragya now. They both embarrassed and joke with the couple that somebody is stealing their purse to divert their attention. Once old couple rush to check their push, they both run from there and get into their car. They both start laughing and then get conscious.Aaliya and her puppets wait for their goon in a car and Aaliya asks Mitali if her goon will come or not. Mitali says he will come for sure and seesa man with face hidden with veil who signals her. Mitali says he will do his work for sure. Aaliya gets happy thinking Bulbul will come to get her dupatta and after acid attack, it will help her hide her ugly face. Bulbul comes out of shop after getting dupatta. Goon walks towards her with acid bottle. Corporator passes by in his car and sees goon walking towards her with acid and dashes goon with his car. Goons fall on the road. He comes out of car and asks Bulbul if sheis fine. Bulbul gets angry seeing him and asks him to keep away from her. He says goon was trying to harm her. She says he will harm her instead and walks out from there. Corporator then catches goon and asks who sent him. He shows Aaliya’s car. Corporator rushes towards them, but the elope. Coporator then follows themin his car.

Abhi and Pragya’s car stop in a signal between corporator and Aaliya’s car. Mitali gets tensed seeing Abhi and tries to hide, but Aaliya scolds and sends her back. Corporator sees Abhi and waves him. Abhi gets irked seeing him and starts his car. Mitali informs Aaliya that Abhiwas in his car and they got saved by him. Aaliya gets tensed hearing his name.coporator waving hands to Abhi in a traffic signal. Abhi taunts him and moves his car. Corporator starts following Aaliya’s car. Abhi stops at a local tea stall and reminisces having tea with Tanu once. He sips tea with Pragya. His childhood friend meets him and asks Pragya who is she. Pragya introduces herself as Abhi wife.Mitali tells Aaliya that they escaped because of Abhi today. Aaliya asks where was Abhi. She says he was in traffic signal between her and corporator’s car. Just then corporator’s car overtakes them and stops. Aaliya gets irked. Corporator comes out, drags Aaliya out and askshow dare she is to try to burn Bulbul’s face with acid and says he will get them arrested right now. He calls inspector and asks him tocome right now. Aaliya says she does not have any grudge on him and asks him to spare them.

Abhi’s friend tells that he is a classical singer and is not successful like Abhi. Pragya says she and many people like classical music and says she needs his mobile number. He walks to get her mobile. Abhi says friend that Pragya always blubbers and bores everyone. Friend says he is lucky instead to have a wife like Pragya.Bulbul comes home. Purbi says Sarla now knows that she went to Pragya’s house. Bulbul asks who told her. Purbi says Pragya. Bulbul says she could not propose jiju, but complained about her. She reminisces corporator trying to harm her, calls Pragya and tells her about the incident. Pragya asks her not to worry, Abhi will take care of corporator.Aaliya tries to frighten corporator by telling he is doing a mistake by confronting Abhi Mehra’s sister, her brother will not spare her. He asks her repeat the name. She repeats and asks if he is afraid now. Corporator reminisces Abhi beating him and says he got a jackpot now, he can take revenge from both Abhi and Pragya now.Abhi comes to his room and reminisces his friend praising Pragya, thinks Pragya does magic on everyone.

Corporate brings Aaliya and puppets to his hideout and asks how dare she to try to splash acid on his Bulbul. Aaliya says he is a fool as usual and says Bulbul is marrying Purab and he cannot do anything. Corporator is shocked to hear that and asks if it is true. Aaliya says Bulbulis snatching her Purab and she will kill Bulbul. Corporator says he will kill Purab instead for coming his way. Aaliya asks him dare not to touch her Purab. Corporator says she and her brother Abhi are cowards and know just to bark, he will send his henchmen to finish Purab. Tanu asks them to stop fighting and says both of them should think of stopping engagement. Corporator asks what if his men go and stop thisengagement. Aaliya says her brother is very intelligent and will evict his goons easily. Tanu suggests they should kidnap Bulbul. Corporator says he will hatch a plan. They all 4 shake hands.Abhi looks at Pragya and gets lured. Pragya is also nervous and looks at mirror, thinking why is he looking at her. He thinks he loves Tanu, so he should not think about Pragya. He asks her to tell what she wanted to. She asks him to tell first.They both start you first, you first game again. Abhi walks out angrily.Corporator tells Aaliya that his henchmen will kidnap Bulbul as soon as she gets out of house. Aaliya asks him not to worry, she will take care of rest.Pragya thinks she should have proposed Abhi before he walked out and gets more nervous.

Purab calls her and asks if she spoke to Bulbul as she is not picking his call. She says she will personally go to her mom’s house and will checkand asks him not to worry.Abhi is busy with his servants and is guiding them in arrangements. He sees Pragya, calls herFuggi. She gets irked hearing that. He asks where is she going. She says she is going to temple on Daadi’s insistence and if he does not believe her, he can talk to Daadi. He says it is okay and permits her to leave.Bulbul waits for Pragya’s call and gets nervous. Purbi asks her to select her jewelry and get ready. Bulbul yells at her. Purbi gets angry and walks out asking her to get ready herself. Sarla comes there and gives some family gyan how to be a good bahu and beti after marriage, etc.Aaliya and her puppets come and think they should send their car and pick Bulbul before Pragya picks her up. Aaliya says she will check with Abhi and asks if Pragya went to pick Bulbul.He says she has gone to temple. She says she will pick Bulbul then. He says driver has gone to pick bulbul and asks her to stay at home, else daadi will get angry seeing both beti and bahu missing. She asks which car and driver he sent to pick Bulbul. He says Satish with white car. Aaliya asks him to call her if there is any need and walks from there, she informs corporator about car’s number. Corporator asks her not to worry, his henchman will kidnap Bulbul.