Two Young Men Arrested With Guns At A Motor Park In Abuja (Photo)

Two men, suspected to be armed robbers carrying guns were arrested on Sunday morning at a motor park in Gwagwalada, FCT. A witness, simply identified as Daniel, said the arrest happened at about 11:00a.m. when the two suspects came to board a vehicle at Wazobia motor park on Abuja-Lokoja road
He said the two suspects allegedly concealed the guns in their clothes, saying one of the motor park workers who was loading an unmarked bus suddenly saw the gun as one of the suspects was trying to board the bus.
He said the worker alerted the police and plain clothes detectives were sent to the garage and they arrested the suspects.
It was learnt that a mob at the motor park manhandled and inflicted injuries on the suspects who claimed to be travelling to Benin, before the police arrived the scene and took them into custody.
When contacted, the Gwagwalada Divisional Police Officer (DPO), CSP David Kolo, confirmed the arrest of the two suspects.
He said the suspects were transferred to the police command yesterday.
“Actually, the two suspects arrested at the motor park with guns were still at the division, until Wednesday, after preliminary investigation when we will now transfer them to the FCT police command for further action,” he said.

“This Journey Is A Suicide Mission” - Computer Engineering Graduate Who Returned From Libya (Photo)

A 28-year-old man identified as Nwaka John from Imo state left Nigeria in June 23, 2017 with the intention to enter Europe but ended up being stranded in Libya.
“I spent 5 days in the desert where I have to drink somebody’s urine in order to survive. Out of 104 of us that started the journey only 81 made it to Libya, 23 others died in the desert. This journey is indeed a suicide mission,” John lamented.
The computer engineering graduate was among the 157 Nigeria migrants that were brought home by IOM from Libya on Wednesday 27 December 2017.
This latest flight is the 30th chartered flight IOM has organized so far in 2017 that has brought home 6327 stranded Nigeria migrants from Libya under the EU Funded project “Migration Governance and Reintegration in Nigeria”.

Woman Accidentally Bites Of Husbands Testicles During Lovemaking

A man in Taiwan was reportedly rushed to hospital on Boxing Day after his wife chewed off one of his testicles during an aggressive lovemaking session. When paramedics arrived at the couple’s home, they apparently saw the 51-year-old man, surnamed Wang, wearing a robe and holding his severed testicle in a rice bowl while the wife repeatedly explained: ‘I accidentally bit it off!’
Taiwan news website Apple Daily reported that the mans’ right ball had been ripped off by his wife surnamed Hsieh, 49.
Hsieh called an ambulance to the home at around 2am on December 26.
Apple Daily reported that Wang works at a car repair shop. He and Hsieh have married for many years and have two children.
Paramedics said the panicking couple were waiting for them at the entrance of their flat in Taichung City in West Taiwan.
Wang was taken to Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital where he was treated by Lu Li-hua, the supervisor of ER.
Lu said the patient’s scrotum was sutured, but his right testicle was not reattached for fear of an infection.
Wang was still recovering at the facility at the time of writing.
Reports said Hsieh suffered from a mental illness and that she bit off her hubby’s testicle in a ‘surge of excitement’.

Update: Shruti Kanwar Entry In Lies Of The Heart!

Shruti Kanwar played a pivotal role of Radha, a far-off cousin of Kanchan the sister-in-law of Samrat, Shruti enters the show at an important and interesting juncture, where Urmi has finally filed for a divorce case against her abusive husband Samrat, who lost her mother at the time of birth and more recently, her father.

Radha is a young, beautiful and docile girl from a small town. She hails from a poor family and is now left orphaned with nobody to take care of her, who is brought to Samrat's house to take care of his five year old son Shaurya. When she enters Samrat's house, it's a never-seen-before world for her and she is in complete awe of the richness and luxury she sees around her but since Shaurya has now left the house, Shashi decides to make use of Radha as the new servant of the house. But Radha's character will unfold an interesting turn.

The show will see how the timid, village girl Radha starts to fall for Samrat. Her fascination for Samrat will only grow by the day, however Samrat will purely consider this nave girl as an easy access at home. Urmi and Ishaan using Radha against Samrat in the court to win Shaurya’s custody case.

A turn of events will see how Radha creates havoc in Samrat's life as she reveals in front of everybody in court that Samrat is her husband and their marriage was kept a secret. The custody drama will wrap up with Urmi winning Shaurya’s custody and Samrat being put behind bars.

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Update: Wednesday On Love Happens (Episode 127-129)

Raghu meets Madan, who expresses his inability to help him. Madan tells him that his transport business is running in a loss because every night the bandits raid his fleet of trucks and loot all the goods. So Madan tells Raghu that he will give him Rs. 2 lacs if he delivers his goods to the neighbouring village at night for a month.

Raghu agrees as he needs the money desperately. On the other hand, Aanya manages to make the garland but again fails to impress Daadi. As day 3 continues, Daadi then tells Aanya that she will definitely lose the next task as she wants both of them to hold a 'Maun Vrath', a type of fast which prohibits the person from talking.

Though Aanya does not like the idea because the pressure is on her as she is forced not to do something she is so good at but, there is nothing she can do. Later Aanya is shattered when she comes to know that her father was supporting Kangana by placing his bet on her. Looking at Aanya depressed, Raghu, Bhola and Debbie plan to cheer her up.

Raghu, who makes a business deal that only allows him to spend only one more night with Aanya and so he plans something very special. He wakes Aanya in the middle of the night and takes her to the cowshed. Aanya is mesmerised to see the cowshed as it is very beautifully decorated. Raghu then offers her the cake prepared by Debbie and both spend the whole night chatting.

Dadi is shocked when she finds Chhotu sleeping in place of Aanya in the morning and gets furious when she learns that Raghu and Aanya had spent the night in the cowshed. She chides both of them, but Raghu intervenes and tells Dadi that it was his idea to spend some time together. Raghu manages to pacify Dadi, and also apologises to his mother. Later, Aanya gets nervous when Dadi tells her to get prepared for the new task - 'Maun Vrath'.

Aanya and Kangana get ready for the task and Dadi once again reminds Aanya that she will lose the contest if she utters a single word. Dadi then asks Kangana to bring the vegetables from the market while Aanya is assigned to bring the groceries. After a tough time with the grocer, Aanya finally manages to get all the things.

On the other hand, Rangeela gets into the shoes of greengrocer and tries his best to confuse Kangana. Meanwhile, Raghu is all set for his new endeavor and decides to keep a sickle to defend himself from the dacoits. Later, Dadi gets disappointed when Aanya completes her task flawlessly, while Kangana makes a mistake. With a heavy heart, Dadi announces Aanya as the winner of that task. However, Dadi soon hatches a plan to break Aanya's 'Maun Vrath'.

Update: Wednesday On Modern Homemaker (Episode 36-38)

Neelam meets Bindiya with Govardan and Julie but Bindiya and her husband get annoyed by Neelam's interference in Julie's life where Bindiya asks Neelam what she wanted to tell about Julie? If she is talking on the phone doesn’t means she is wrong. Julie is her daughter and she know well about her. Govardan also says, talking on the phone is not wrong and Neelam tried to tells them not to mistake her. They however insult Neelam by barring Neelam's interference in Julie's life.

Govardan says it's looks like she is getting bored since she have nothing to do these days and it's not good to do things like this. Bindiya adds that she know well about her daughter and if she really want to be mother, why can't she be one? Neelam is hurt by this and agrees with Bindiya that she is right, she will take care of herself first and leaves.

Neelam recalls Bindiya’s words. Sona is aboout to call Neelam and sees her being upset. Sona tries to figure out Neelam's sadness and wonders what happened to Neelam as she looks upset. Kanhaiya in the police station slaps the guy and asks if he have a mother and sister? The guy says yes and Kanhaiya tells him to go and try to bully them instead. The guys gets furious and asks how dare he talk about his family. Hearing this, Kanhaiya slaps the guy and warns the guy not to disturb any girls after this. The parents of the guy arrive and the parents says that they are ashamed of their son and asks Kanhaiya to release their son or his future would be ruined. Kanhaiya then tells the guys that he is saved today because of his parents and warns him not to repeat this again. The guy leaves with his parents. On the other hand, Neelam is crying while doing work recalling what happened.

Sona comes there and sees Neelam crying asking her what happened? Neelam says nothing. Sona asks Neelam not to try hiding it her face is clearly showing that something happened, she urge her to tell her what is it. Neelam says some problems is like that where you don’t even realize that you are crying. Sona consoles Neelam saying that she will do the work. Neelam says that she wants everything in the house to be fine and she wants to see Julie, Dimple and Chicku to study well and asks why do people find mistake in her?

Sona asks why should they be worried about what others said? And she should always smile. Julie enters her room and sees Chicku hiding in her room behind the curtain. Julie asks if he didn’t go to school today? Chicku says that he is not in the mood today, and that’s why he didn’t go. Julie says alright then, and asks Chicku to give her money that he have. Chicku asks why she need it? Julie says that she need to buy a form.

Chicku advice Julie to be nice to Govardan. Julie goes and tries talking to her father Govardan. Sona who comes to give cofee asks what happened Julie? Julie says nothing but she personally want to talk to her father. Julie says a poem which Govardan praises her and Julie says that she need to do something for everyone to know her and that she needs to buy a form for that which is for Mrs Allahemabad. Govardan remains silent and Julie convinces him and Govardan gives her the money which Sona watches. Sona thinks to herself that if parents don’t monitor what their childrens are doing, it could land them in problem.

Sona is in deep thoughs thinking how come Govardan didn’t question Julie. Neelam comes in and sees Sona asking what happened? Sona informs her what happened and Neelam says if they try to help, they get scolded instead. If they try to advice, they say that her parents itself don’t say anything, and asks why should Sona? Sona says this is not right. Neelam asks Sona not to get involved and to let them realize themself. Sona then hears the ball sound and wonders if Chicku is at home and didn’t go to school? Sona calls out Chicku and asks why didn’t he go to school? Chicku says that he is not in the mood.

Renu comes to the kitchen and Chicku immediately hides behind Sona. Renu asks Neelam to make her a cup of cofee. Sona then used that opportunity to inform Renu that Chicku had not gone to school today again. Renu remind Sona, that she is working and asks how is she supposed to know that he is going to school or not? She adds that it's Neelam’s responsibility. Neelam says that she got him ready and yet he didn’t go. Sona says he always says that he has no mood to go, and that she is his mother and she can try to make him understand right? Renu also gets furious on Neelam for her irresponsibility towards Chicku and scold her that she is a housewife and asks why can’t she take care of this? Sona and Neelam looks at Renu.

Renu pulls Chicku’s ears and Durgesh comes to rescue him saying he is Just a small kid and gives signal to Chicku, while Renu says he have been skipping his classes. Chicku says his grandma Sunaina had given him permission saying that his father had also missed many classes and yet he is an engineer now. Renu says she don’t want him to be a mechanic like his father and tries to bring him away while Durgesh asks to leave Chicku. Neelam’s husband says that Renu is right and that he needs some discipline. Renu asks Durgesh not to support him and she claims she is a working wife and she doesn’t have much time. And this house is going to get divided because of Sona and Neelam.

Neelam’s husband starts thinking and Durgesh tells Neelam’s husband that because of Neelam, they are not arguing among themselves. Renu brings Chicku inside the room and locks the door saying she is going to teach him. Seeing that Bindiya and Renu refuse to take responsibility for their children’s action, pushing the blame on her, Neelam feels guilty after receiving Renu's anger for her irresponsibility towards Chicku and tells Sona that Renu is now upset with them. She had got Chicku ready and yet he didn’t go. Sona asks Neelam why is she taking the blame when it's not her mistake? And that she didn’t even know that he skipped schoool. Neelam says she was not even able to explain to Renu and Sona says that if Renu is angry with Chicku, and it's good as she would send him back to school. Renu is in the room trying to teach Chicku a lesson saying that he is a son of a teacher while Chicku tries giving reasons to escape from studying.

Renu asks Chicku to stop giving reasons and do his homework. Chicku takes out his books. Renu starts going through the books and asks Chicku to complete the questions and he must not move anywhere till he completes it. Chicku says he will go back to school and Renu is not willing to listen and starts asking Chicku some historical questions. Chicku is giving reasons and Renu hits him for not listening to her. Sunaina hears Renu hitting and scolding Chicku. Sunaina Devi get annoyed after hearing Renu's yelling over Chicku and calls everyone to come out. Chicku complains to his grandma Sunaina that his mom was hitting him. Sunaina Devi supports Chicko and says how dare she do this? She calls Renu to come and asks if she have become a very big teacher? Renu explain her that Chicku doesn’t want to go to school and that’s why she hit him.

Sunaina asks if she is the only one worried about studies? Darshana says when she was younger, her mummy sent her to her grandma’s house and hearing this, Sunaina says she don’t need to bring up this issue all the time now that she is living here and yet doing nothing right and now the issue is how Renu dare to hit Chicku? Chacha asks Sunaina not to get so angry now and Sunaina says that Chicku is still a small boy. Chacha asks his sister-in-law to forgive Renu. Sunaina warns Renu to control her actions. Neelam’s husband praises his mother Sunaina and Sona says that Chicku have not gone to school.

Sunaina tells Sons that now she is speaking as she thought she was a superhuman? She tells everyone to listen, that Sona is their daughter-in-law who talked so big. She helped the maid’s but did not do anything for their Chicku. And their Neelam only knows how to speak sweetly and Sunaina imitates Neelam into saying ‘Yes, mummy’. Neelam tries speaking while Sona holds Neelam not to speak. Sunaina asks everyone to leave and asks Neelam to follow her to her room as she is having headache. Sunaina’s neighbour comes over asking for a glass of milk.

The neighbor asks Sunaina if the maid didn’t come or had left her job. Sunaina asks how did she know this? Sunaina thinks to herself that she must have come to make up some stories. Neelam brings the milk and the neighbor says that this maid was saying some stories around. Sunaina asks what did she say? The neighbor says that there is a lot of work in this house and there was no mistake in the maid as she had so much of pressure and was talking so many things about her family. Sunaina asks how dare they talk about her family? She threaten the woman to just wait and watch what happens if she dare speak about her family again. Sunaina asks the neighbor to leave and she leaves in anger.

Meanwhile, Julie is flirting with the guy opposite her house and the guy throws her a love note and it falls down. Julie is about to go down when her uncle Kanhainya comes home and sees the paper on the ground, he pushes it away and enters his house. Suanaina is thinking of everything Sona has done in the house. She later decides to allot enormous responsibility over Sona in order to refrain herself from being the housewife to the family. She looks at her locker and thinks to herself that Sona has been winning all this time but Sunaina will also get her turn and Sona will then understand about her. Kanhaiya walks in looking for Sona.

Neelam comes there while Kanhaiya asks where Sona is in which Neelam says he is so worried for Sona. Kanhaiya replied that he can't think of anything other than his Sona. Neelam inform him that she is in the room. Hearing this, Kanhaiya is extremely happy and says that he is a big fan of Neelam as she understands him. Kanhaiya enters his room, he looks for Sona only to sees that she is not around. Kanhaiya calls Sona on her mobile phone. Sona comes out from the washroom and scares Kanhaiya from the back. She asks why he came back early today?Kahnaiya says he came back to eat her cooking, Sona asks if that is a reason for him to come back? Kanhaiya says that is also true but today he hit a guy who is trying to disturb a girl.

Sona thinks to herself that if Kanhaiya finds out about Julie, it would be a big issue. Kanhaiya asks Sona what happened and tells her to patch up with his mother, he pulls Sona into his arms and both look into each another. Sona asks if he is hungry? She then reminds him that he came back to eat? Kanhaiya says yes while Sona tells him she will go and prepare the food. Kanhaiya, who intend to say something looks shocked. Suanaina carries her locker and drops it in the living hall and everyone is shocked. Sunaina calls a person asking if he wants to buy the locker from her? Sunaina Devi sells her money locker as a scrap to a person in order to signal Sona of being responsible for the monetary loss to the family. She begs this person to take this away from here and the guy carries the locker while Sona thinks.

Sunaina Devi indirectly insults Sona for bringing in monetary loss to the family due to her refusal to join her office. Everyone taunts Sona that she is the reason for Suhnaina doing all this and that she had really hurt Suhnaina badly. Sona feels ashamed by Sunaina Devi's complains and since she is feeling bad, she goes to speak to Sunaina. Sona apologizes for hurting Sunaina’s feelings and says just to make things better, she had hurt her. Sunaina asks what she have done? Sona says she feel guilty for what happened and asks her to please forgive her for all her mistakes. Sunaina says that there is no need to say sorry.

Suhnaina brings Sona to the living hall and announces Sona to retain her duties of being a housewife to the family since she have been wanting so badly to be a housewife will from now on be one. Neelam and Sona are happy as Sunaina finally accepts Sona as a housewife. Sunaina says that all the responsibilities in the house are to be managed by Neelam and Sona.

Chacha is left thinking what the reason is for this change in his sister-in-law Sunaina and knows she must be planning something big and wonders what she could be up to. Next morning, Govardan and Neelam’s husband calls her to make some drinks. Sona brings a cup of tea for Kanhaiya and asks him to buy the household things. Moment later in the kitchen, Kanhaiya enters with the household things and they both have kitchen romance. Sunaina comes there and see Sona doing work slowly and asks her to do things fast. Sona works hard to perform all her duties as a housewife in order to live up to Sunaina Devi's expectations.

Update: Wednesday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 245-247)

Urmi takes Shaurya and then eyeing Samrat stoically, she turns around and leaves. All are tensed. Samrat shouts at her that there’s no one in the world, who can get him ( Samrat ) to divorce her, and she will see who can divorce him from Urmi. Samrat is enraged as Urmi takes Shaurya from him while Urmi leaves.

Later at Sushma’s residence, Shaurya reaches Sushmaji's house and all are super happy with Shaurya’s arrival, and ensure Shaurya that they won't let him be bored. Shaureya feels happy when he gets a warm welcome there and asks his mommy to pack, and go far away. Urmi asks why. He expresses his scare that his daddy will take him forcibly and will beat him profusely. Urmi is shocked. She asks him if Samrat did so. Shaurya complains to Urmi that his dad had hit him while he was staying with his father, she is stunned, and loves and hugs him, apologising and promise him that she won't let it happen to him again. She hugs him, saying that she won't ever let him go back to his father again.

Sushma and her husband are tensed, but they too assure Shaurya and then continue to distract him. Urmi and Sushma are left, both tensed. Sushma says that Shaurya is not wrong in being scared, as after the divorce notice, Samrat would be ain a fury, and will bother them more, and now she has an added responsibility in the womb. Urmi says that she knows that she has a long way ahead. She says that Samrat has told her that he would ensure that she doesn't win. She says that for Shaurya and the unborn’s happy future, she would give it all to fight and won't accept defeat at any cost.

Later at Lawyer Mr. Niranjan Khanna’s office, Samrat goes to Neeranjan Khanna, a renowned lawyer who has never lost a case. The two of them discuss about the divorce case. As Samrat tells the lawyer, that he isn't more concerned for his win, but is more adamant on Urmi’s pathetic loss, that shocks her to the core. The lawyer compliments him on his focus, and that he should also know what they can't let the enemy have, and that a person should know what he doesn't have or want, along with what he has and have. Samrat starts venting out his frustration at his wife, while the lawyer assures him, that he has never once lost a case, and that's his passion. Samrat says that's why he came here and he can't even take one percent chance, and makes it clear that he does not want to divorce his wife although she has filed for one.

The lawyer is confused and asks if he still loves his wife. Samrat mocks the question and says that he just loves himself, and that Urmi wants a divorce so that she is rid of him and gets Shaurya, and he doesn't want her to have both the luxuries. The lawyer asks if they stay separate. Samrat complies. The lawyer says that there won't be a case, when both the parties don't mutually agree and after some years by default, it would be passed, and till the time the divorce doesn't happen, the child will be with the mother. Samrat is frustrated. The lawyer says that it's the law, and by default, till the divorce doesn't happen, he can't fight the custody of the child. Samrat refuses to budge. The lawyer says that then he would have to agree to the divorce, and that means both the parties mutually agree, then he would fight his divorce case and the custody case together, and as he has a winning streak, he won't let the custody of the child slip away. Samrat is left to think what to do as his lawyer encourages him to sign the divorce papers. He is tensed.

On the road, Urmi talks to the grocer for his cake ingredients, and then comes out, and is surprised to find Samrat’s car slamming open in front of her. He gets a paper out, and after having mocked her, he hands her some papers just as she is about to leave, saying that he has signed her divorce papers. She is stunned as to how it could be so easy, and knows that there’s definitely some angle for him, to do it. He asks her why is she so surprised, and if she thought that he was dying to be with her, and that he won't sign off the divorce papers. He mocks her for misunderstanding his revenge for his want for her. Samrat says that he everyday purchases women like her, at a very cheap rate, from the market. She is insulted and utterly shocked at his callous statements. Urmi then tells him that the girls he buys are not the women that she is, but women like her face him.

Samrat asks her to be in her limits, as he was not pining for her, but wanted to make her life hell, and even if she closed that door, she opened another one, and that her world will be ruined and torn apart, and that when he fights the case, he will see that she would be a beggar, and her son would go with him, and never with her, and that no lawyer will be able to get her to win over the custody of Shaurya and officially states the war is actually beginning now, and that he would end the war, and with it, he would end her, or else he won't be his father’s son. He later tells her that he has Neeranjan fighting the case for him and he will for sure get the divorce and will get the custody of Shaurya. He would see to it, that she turns a beggar, and set a role model for women empowerment females like her, so that no woman again tries to raise voice against her husband. He gets in the car and drives off. She stands shocked, distraught and begins to get worried.

As the evening sets in, she walks the roads preoccupied with thoughts about what Samrat had just said, unaffected and oblivious of the traffic, as Samrat’s voice keep ringing in her head, threatening her, and Shaurya’s scare bothering her. Just then a vehicle comes from behind and is about to hit her but luckily for her when a person jerks her towards him, to save her from an oncoming speedy car. She is shocked, as she is thrown in that person’s arms, rendered unconscious. Ishaan is shocked as he is unable to get Urmi out of consciousness. He carries her in his arms as he looks at Urmi, who is unconscious in his arms.

At the Hospital, Ishaan is tensed and enquires with the nurse about the condition of Urmi and relaxes after the nurse says that all is well. When the nurse comes in asking him to fulfill the formalities, for the discharge and he fills the form, and then pay the fees. He leaves, having signed. When the head nurse finds the form half filled, without mentionaing the relationship status, between them, the nurse assumes that Ishaan is Urmi's husband and jot it down and writes it down on the forms of the hospital.

Meanwhile in the ward, Urmi gains consciousness, asking if the child is okay. The doctor tells her that her BP was high due to stress and tension. Urmi remembers Samrat’s threats and gets tensed again. She remembers Shaurya’s sweet talks. The doctor asks her to do certain things that a pregnant lady should take care of. Urmi asks how she came here. The doctor informs her that a noble person got her here and also paid for her treatment. Urmi wonders who is it, and enquires about the person who had got her to the hospital, expresses her desire to meet him. The doctor says that she would just send him in, and asks her to take care of herself.

At Samrat’s residence, Samrat gathers everyone to talk to them about something. All are baffled and wait. Samrat tells his family that he has finally reached a turning point in his life, that would completely turn things around. Aditi asks what the matter is and what's he talking about. Samrat announces in front of his family that he will be divorcing Urmi and he is finally giving her divorce, just to trap her all the more. Shashi is amused while all others are shocked. Kanchan says that technically he is the person who received the divorce papers, and didn't give it to them. Samrat asks if that girl has the limits and the status to give him divorce and that now he would give her the divorce. Samrat asks her to shut up, while Shashi too instigates her, and asks her to stay quiet. She excitedly asks him if he would not go back on his word. He says that he wouldn't as he is not like her. He says that she doesn't realise that a woman is a use and throw thing.

Shashi is very happy that Samrat finally did what she wanted. Samrat says that he would ruin her. Rudra asks if they both have decided to separate, then why make ugly issue about it. Aditi and Kanchan too try to point it out, but Shashi and Samrat are adamant. Aditi says that it would ruin his own reputation too. Samrat says that he has already been maligned, and that she would have to be sacrificed with her respect and ego, to be able to give divorce papers, and that her whole life will be immersed in counting the ruins that he caused her. Kanchan starts saying that in divorce, woman always demands high maintenance for the child and maybe she ends up causing the trouble. Samrat says that he will get Shaurya’s custody and won't give Urmi anything, and that she would need tolerance and poison after some days. Shashi is very happy and blesses him, while Aditi and Kanchan are shocked.

At Sushma’s residence and Hospital, Sushmaji on the other hand is worried about Urmi as she has not returned home yet. Sushma and her husband are tensed as they try to comfort Shaurya, while he keeps cribbing for his mommy. Shaurya gets tensed too. Sushma tries to distract him, while both are tensed for Urmi. Sushma finds that the phone is still switched off. Her husband tries to distract him, with firecrackers, and it works. As Shaurya goes to get them, they are very tensed for Urmi. They wonder why hasn't she returned yet, and lament if Samrat has not done anything.

Later, in her ward, Urmi wakes up to find many calls and immediately receives Sushma’s call, hurriedly, and doesn't bother her by telling her that she is in the hospital, as sushma was sounding extremely tired as it is. She informs Sushma that she is fine and that she would be back home soon. Ishaan finds Urmi, talking from the windshades. The nurse asks him to get the medicine, and comforts him that she is completely fine. Urmi asks about Shaurya and is told that he is alright, and misses him badly. Urmi says that she would come soon, and asks her not to be bothered. From the nurse, Urmi gets to know that the person has gone to get medicine for her and has already paid the bills. Urmi is surprised and says that she would go there and meet him, as he is getting late. Meanwhile, Ishaan takes the medicine and moves towards Urmi’s ward.

Urmi too rushes out. As Ishaan gets busy trying to receive a call, Urmi walks by, without anyone noticing the other. Urmi goes and doesn't find the person there. She wonders how can she go without saying thanks, and that she didn't even ask the name, and wonders how to look for him. She decides to go back to the ward, but again gets Shaurya’s call, who’s crying saying that he is missing her badly, while Sushma tries to calm him down. He threatens that he would run and come to her again, and all attempts from their side going in vain. Urmi promises that she is just coming. She gets tensed. She thinks that she would find the name, number later on, and should prioritise going to Shaurya first and leaves the hospital. In her ward, Ishaan says that he has her medicine and everything, when the nurse relates where Urmi went and why. Ishaan runs behind her, barely missing her by the inch, and then following her outside.

As Urmi is storming out, Ishaan calls out to her from behind. She is shocked and turns around and is stunned to find herself confronted by Ishaan. She asks him how come he is here. He gives her the prescription and the medicine, while she takes them, still disbelieving that he is here. He casually starts saying that she was behaving very reckless on the road. Urmi remembers asking Ishaan, on her marriage day, if Samrat is a nice man to spend her life with, and Ishaan had told her that Samrat is a nice man. Ishaan says that it's good that he came at the right time, or anything could have happened. An upset Urmi says that anything could have happened, and asks why does he care, as he had left her stranded years, in a similar manner. Ishaan’s embarassed hearing this.

Urmi laments as she is upset with Ishaan and she blames him responsible for having a life that seems like hell for her. She reprimands him that Ishaan ruined her life, as he lied when she asked him the most important question of her life. Ishaan tells her to atleast give him a chance to explain, but Urmi refuses to listen and vents out her anger and frustration at him, asking how could he be so callously to ruin her life, when he very well knew what she was getting into, when she married Samrat. He tries to make her stop, but she doesn't listen to him.

Urmi tells him that she has left Samrat and every relation long back, and particularly she doesn't want to look at his face, as Samrat atleast did it in front of everyone, but what did he do, he did his enemity, by masking himself in innocence and simplicity. He again tries to speak, but she says that she hates people like him, and never wants to see him ever again. He is hurt as she blames him for the condition she is in today and shocked seeing her reaction towards him after such a long gap. Urmi storms out.

Meanwhile at Samrat’s residence, Shashi finds a girl coming in, and reprimands her to be a thief. Radha, who reaches Samrat's house to take care of Shaurya tries to explain, but Shashi starts wrenching her by the hand. Kanchan comes and clarifies that she is her sister. Shashi says that now Shaurya is not there, so they don't need her. Kanchan says that she couldn't do anything, as she didn't know that Shaurya would leave so soon. Since Shaurya has now left the house, Shashi starts thinking that she would serve best as a maid and decides to make use of Radha as the new servant of the house. She pretends that she would somehow manage to get Samrat, to let her stay here. As Kanchan goes inside with her, Samrat comes and asks his mother why is she shouting. She hesitatingly brings forward the topic of keeping the girl, and Samrat agrees. Shashi is amused.

Later, Shashi instructs Kanchan to get the girl to start working, as Samrat doesn't like work undone. As Shashi leaves, telling Kanchan that Radha will stay in the store, hearing Samrat holler at her, Kanchan instructs her to stay away from everyone, and just stick to her work, and especially not cross paths with Samrat, for his mood swings, and his temperament. Samrat comes home and gets everyone downstairs, excitedly. He excitedly says that they have found a second groom for Aditi, and all are pleased, while she is shocked as her brother shock everybody when he tells them that he has fixed her marriage with a well known family and she is tensed. Samrat is super excited at having her relation finalised in a political household and influential family. Aditi however is extremely scared about this.

Later at Saroj’s residence, Ishaan reaches Gaurav's house and all are excited to see him come with Anu. Urmi's entire family narrate tales about how Samrat and Urmi are giving them a tough time. Granny tells him about Devi’s paralysis. She starts thinking that maybe Ishaan can make Samrat understand. He says that no one can make Samrat understand, as he wouldn't have broken off his friendship with him. Granny asks him to make Urmi understand and think about what she is planing to do. Ishaan tells Granny and others, that he is with Urmi on what step she has taken. Granny asks if he knows, what a life left, for a divorced woman will have to live.

Anu tries to argue as to how unfair this is, and that she will interfere, when elders are wrong. Saroj is highly tensed, and asks her to calm down, and not boggle him with their problems. Granny asks him what brought him here. He gets tensed and then says that he came for some work, professionally. He thinks that he couldn't stop himself after knowing about Urmi. Ishaan thinks that he himelf is responsible somehow for Urmi’s condition. He is apalled. Meanwhile, Anu however is convinced in her own dream world, that he has come here for her.

On the road, while Ishaan is walking on the road, attending to a call, Samrat, passing by is shocked to see ex-friends after a long time on a road. Samrat is shocked to find Ishaan, and wonders what's he doing here in Jhansi. He comes to him, and stands behind him, while he is busy in his call. When Ishaan turns around, he is shocked to find his ex friend Samrat standing in front of him.

“God Is A Woman” – Topless Lady Says As She Tries To Snatch Statue Of Baby Jesus (Photos)

A topless woman tried to snatch a statue of the baby Jesus at the Vatican just before Pope Francis delivered his Christmas message. The the doll was part of a larger-than-life nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square.
Alisa Vinogradova, from the feminist group Femen, was stopped by police as she grabbed the Jesus and attempted to run away during the Christmas Day protest.
She jumped over guard rails shouting “God is woman” and had the same slogan painted on her bare back, a Reuters photographer at the scene said.
A Vatican gendarme stopped her from taking the statue and she was detained.
The incident happened about two hours before Pope Francis delivered his Christmas message to some 50,000 people in the square.
The group’s website identified her as Alisa Vinogradova and called her a “sextremist”.

Hoodlums Rob Car Owner Who Was Seen Having S3x In The Night In Benue State (Photos)

A car-snatching syndicate, which has been terrorizing Makurdi, the Benue State capital and its environs has been smashed by the Benue State Police Command. The gang was arrested by men of the Benue State Police command during the week.
According to reports, one of the suspected car snatcher revealed how the car was obtained by his gang after spotting the driver having s3x at David Mark bye-pass in Makurdi, Benue state capital.
For the Highlander, we met one man in the dead of a night at David Mark bye-pass having s3x with a woman in the vehicle….”, these were his words..

Fuel Scarcity: House Of Reps Member, Loveth Idisi Rides A Bicycle To An Event (Photos)

Loveth IdisiNigeria’s House of Representatives member, Loveth Idisi, representing Ethiope federal Constituency in the green chamber, who is back to his village for the Christmas holiday was forced to ride a bicycle to an event as he couldn’t get fuel for his car.
See more photos of the Reps member on his bicycle journey after the cut;

Cossy Orijakor Shares Hot Catchy Christmas Photo

Cossy OrijakorNollywood actressCossy Orijakor, took to Instagram to share her Christmas day photo which also came with prayers for her fans. 
Here is what she wrote;

“Thanks for the uplifting words. Thanks for being my fan… Your kind soul is a gift no one can ever match. Prosperity and an abundance of love is my wish for you and your family this Christmas.”

Alleged Former Hitman For Eiye Cult Group Killed On Christmas Day In Delta State (Graphic Photo)

cultThe President/Commander of Anticult Volunteer Corps (AVC), Delta State, Austyne Emu, in story he shared alongside photos, claimed that an alleged notorious cultist identified as Imadureportedly got killed for decamping to another cult group. 
According to him, Imadu who was a hitman for Eiye Cult Group was killed on Christmas Day in Utagbe-Ogbe community, Kwale Town, Delta State, for decamping to Baggar Cult Group.
He wrote;
“As a result to the recorded violent cult related activities which in time past took lives and perceived unending, here comes the continuation of the previously reported clash.

The killings between Baggars and Eiye cult groups which AVC was made handicapped in handling due to lack of support from supposed resourceful indigenes, Delta State Government and conflicting Anti-Cultism/Anti-Terrorism Laws of Delta State.

The deceased who is known to be very notorious was a hitman member of Eiye Cult Group before he cross-carpet to become a member of Baggar Cult Group and as well became a hitman but luck ran out on him as he was supposedly killed by suspected members of Eyie Cult Group on the Eve of Christmas.

He was termed to be notorious but remain human who would’ve become someone useful if he was rehabilitated and enlightened to living a positive and resourceful life.

AVC will only try her human possible best to continually ensuring a crime free yulitide season in entire Delta State but seek for Deltans to endeavour in avoiding and reporting any criminal activities to any available security agency or agent to boost our efficiency in delivering our selfless services.

Actress Chizzy Alichi Builds A Mansion For Her Parents (Photo)

Chizzy Alichi
It has really been a good year for Nollywood actress, Chizzy Alichi, as she ended the year by dedicating a house she built for her parents.
The actress who recounted some bad moments she shared with her family, wrote;
“People have always refer to me as “mgbeke” (local girl) that I dont know fashion or carry designer bags/shoes/clothes
That I don’t wear expensive hair. Well my darlings I do know and want to wear those things but I have been saving for this building right here. I can’t remember d last time my family travelled for Xmas because their is no house to stay. My mother falls sick whenever she goes for August meeting and comes back. My father wanted to sell half of our compound to fix d leaking roof, buy ceiling and also patch the broken wall but I told him No. ( PAPA I WILL BUILD HOUSE FOR YOU) after saving for sometime, I wanted to use the money to buy myself another car (A bigger car) but I said to myself, what’s d need for d car when we don’t have roof over our head in d village moreover the car I have is still in good condition and serves me well, I can always buy another one later. Today am grateful to Almight God that it came to pass. My parents are d happiest ppl on earth. 4 masters bedroom, extra 2 toilets, kitchen, dinning and palour. God is the Greatest.”

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RAP Cypher Drops A Brand New Single To End The Year 2017, Its Produced by the best producer in Nigeria "Sanchel".
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Police Arrest Suspected Ritualist With Corpse Of Baby In Ogun State (Photo)

A suspected ritualist in possession of corpse of a baby, has been arrested by the police in Ogun State.

According to Sunonline, the 42-year-old suspect, Ajiboye Emmanuel Olusola, according to a statement by the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Abimbola Oyeyemi, was arrested at Saapade motor park on Friday, December 22, when he was about boarding a vehicle with the dead body wrapped in a polythene bag.

The PPRO stated: “Upon the information, the DPO of Isara-Remo Division, CSP Yusuf Taiwo, led policemen to the scene where the suspect was promptly arrested. On searching his bag, it was discovered that a dead baby was wrapped inside it.

On interrogation, the suspect claimed that he was coming from Offa in Kwara state heading to Lagos where he intended to bury the baby. Not satisfied with the claim, the suspect was taken to Isara division for further investigation”.

Robber Mistakenly Shoots Partner To Death During Robbery (Photo)

An armed robber has died from his partner’s bullet during a foiled robbery attack on one Francis Chibueze on Bakery Road, Azikoro village, Yenagoa.

Confirming the incident on Sunday, the spokesman for the Bayelsa State Police Command, DSP Asinim Butswat, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the armed robber mistakenly shot and killed his partner. “On December 22, 2017, around 8pm, a two-man robbery gang attacked one Francis Chibueze of Bakery Road, Azikoro village, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

“As they were trying to attack their victim, one the robbers mistakenly shot and killed his partner, while the victim, Chibueze, escaped unhurt.

“The deceased armed robber was identified as Thankgod Smith, a 25-year-old man. The partner who shot him has been identified as Peter Napoleon, 23,’’ Butswat told NAN.

He said the suspect came to the Azikoro Police Station on December 23, 2017, to turn himself in.

The spokesman said the suspect confessed to the robbery and killing of his gang member. “The suspected armed robber led police detectives to an uncompleted building on Bakery Road, Azikoro village, where the gun was recovered,” he said.

Nigerian Santa Claus Trekking In Jos Due To Scarcity Of Fuel

Which way Nigeria?? 

18-Year-Old JSS3 Student Rap3s His 8-Year-Old Blood Sister In Kastina

An 18-year-old boy, Saidu, who allegedly raped his 8-year-old blood sister (name withheld) has been arraigned before a Katsina Senior Magistrate’s Court.
The suspect, a Junior Secondary School student and a resident of Janbango quarters, Katsina, was charged for incest, which the Police said is contrary to Section 390 of the Penal Code laws.
In the charge sheet read before the court yesterday, Saidu was alleged to have lured his sister to a toilet within the premises of a steel rolling company near their house and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her.
The victim was, thereafter, reportedly taken to General Hospital, Katsina, for examination and treatment.
One Sergeant Sani Rabiu of the Central Market Police Station outpost brought the victim to the station after the incident. Police prosecutor, Inspector Sani Ado, who asked for an adjournment, told the court that investigation was ongoing.
Hajiya Dikko adjourned the matter till February 14.

Check Out This Creative Mickey Mouse Inspired Maternity Shoot (Photos)

A mom to be, Kasha opted for a Mickey Mouse inspired shoot for her maternity photo and it’s beautiful. Yay or Nay??? 

Police Finally Arrest 3 Of The 5 Ghanaian Boys Who Gang Rap3d 15-Year-Old JSS2 Female Student In Viral Video

Police in the Ashanti Region, Ghana have picked up three people believed to have been involved in the gang rape of a young girl which was then filmed and disseminated on social media.
According to GHCelebrities, Bantama Police picked up the three suspects earlier today after the video went viral and sparked massive outrage amongst the populace.
The disturbing video shows a gang of guys raping a teenage girl who was being held down by one of them whilst the other take turns s*xually assaulting her.
Police believe the perpetrators to be five in number and have launched a manhunt for the other two. They are requesting information from the public to assist in arresting the others.
The girl in the video, according to reports, is currently at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital receiving treatment and is assisting the police in their investigations.
The incident occurred at Bantama in the Ashanti Regional capital.

Monster Husband Battered Wife Into A Coma And Filmed Her Horror Injuries To Show Off To Friends Before She Died (Photo)

A man accused of battering his wife to death and filming her horrific injuries to show off to his friends before she slipped into a coma is facing 15 years in jail if found guilty.
Maxim Gribanov, 34, assaulted Anastasia Ovsiannikova, 28, at their home in the city of Lebedyan, western Russia, after she told him she wanted to leave him, it is claimed.
After savagely kicking and punching her for several hours he allegedly filmed her horrific injuries to boast to his friends about how he had her “under control”.
Sickening images show the woman sitting on a sofa with horrendous injuries covering her head and body.
She managed to call the emergency services, and was taken to hospital with severe bruising, internal bleeding and broken bones.
She fell into a coma and tragically died six days later.
According to friends and family, the long-suffering woman had been trying to build up the courage to leave Gribanov after meeting someone new.
But she told them she was too scared because she was afraid of what he would do, it is alleged.
The thug now faces 15 years in jail.
For several years she had allegedly been a victim to his relentless brutality and abuse.
It is claimed he forced her to quit her town hall job and had threatened her father and brother if they reported his abuse and tried to stop him beating her.
 Gribanov now faces 15 years in jail.