HARDSHIP: Nigerian Economy Finally Slips Into Recession – BBC Reports

Nigeria has slipped into recession, with the latest growth figures showing the economy contracted by 2.06% between April and June.

Nigeria has now seen two consecutive quarters of declining growth, the usual definition of recession.
Its vital oil industry has been hit by weaker global prices, according to Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Crude oil sales account for 70% of government income.

The price of oil has fallen from highs of about $112 a barrel in 2014 to below $50 at the moment.

Outside the oil industry, the figures show the fall in Nigerian currency, naira, has hurt the economy.

It was allowed to float freely in June to help kick-start the economy, but critics argued it should have been done earlier.

Nigeria, which vies with South Africa for the mantle of Africa's biggest economy, is also battling an inflation rate at an 11-year high of 17.1% in July.

"A lot of Nigeria's current predicament could have been avoided," said Kevin Daly from Aberdeen Asset Management.

"The country is so reliant on oil precisely because its leaders haven't diversified the economy. More recently, they have tried, and failed, to prop up the naira, which has had a ruinous effect on the foreign exchange reserves and any reputation it might have had of being fiscally responsible."

Analysis: Martin Patience, BBC Nigeria correspondent
This economic recession comes as no surprise to millions of Nigerians. Many say they've never known it so tough.

The slump in global oil prices has hit Nigeria hard. The government depends on oil sales for about 70% of its revenues.

But critics say government policies made a bad situation even worse. The decision to delay devaluing Nigeria's currency meant many businesses struggled to get foreign currency to pay for imports, which had a cooling effect on the entire economy.

Following enormous pressure, the government changed tack this summer, allowing the naira to float.
That's led to a spike in inflation, but the hope is that it will attract foreign investors. The government also says the country needs to import less: it wants to see more products made in Nigeria.

76-Year-Old Father Arrested After His Son He Stood Surety For Escaped

An Igbosere Magistrates’ Court in Lagos will on September 14, decide the fate of a father, Rasaki Ademola Adeniran, who stood as surety for his son on N1,200,000 bail but failed to produce him for police investigation.

76-year-old Rasaki was arraigned on Tuesday by the Zone 2 Police Division, Onikan, Lagos, before the magistrate, S. K. Matepo.

He pleaded guilty to a 2-count charge of conspiracy and perversion of justice and Magistrate Matepo granted him bail with two sureties and adjourned for allocutus and sentencing.

A police source said Rasaki’s son, Lukman Adeniran, got a contract worth over N3,000,000 from a firm in Lagos to supply charcoal.

The contract fell through and Lukman was arrested by the Zone 2 Police Division and granted N1.2m bail and one surety, which was fulfilled by his father.

He allegedly subsequently disappeared following which the police arrested his dad and arraigned him on a two-count charge of conspiracy and perversion of justice.

Prosecuting Inspector Eshiet Eshiet told the court that Lukman and others were suspects in a fraud incident which occurred on March 23, 2015 at Ikeja.

“The defendant stood as surety for Adeniran Lukman in the sum of N1.2m at ‘X’ Squad Unit, Lagos State Police Command in respect of a case of obtaining money by false pretence, stealing and conduct likely to cause breach of the peace.

“He prevented Adeniran from appearing at X Squad Unit for prosecution with intent to defeat and frustrate the course of justice,” Eshiet said.

The offences, he added, were punishable under Sections 409 and 97(1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011. The magistrate will take a position on September 14.

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Nigeria Moving Away From Corruption To Production – Rotimi Amaechi

The Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, yesterday, said the Federal Government has concluded plans to award contract for the construction of the Lagos-Ibadan railway project.

Amaechi made this disclosure at the 1-year memorial lecture in honour of former General Secretary of Alliance for Credible Election, ACE-Nigeria, late Comrade Emma Ezeazu, in Abuja. 

The former Rivers State governor explained that, “The President’s agenda is not just to recover loots. We are recovering as much as we can. But the president is determined to create employment. 

That is why you can see his focus. In transportation, from Kaduna to Abuja, we have created over 700 workforce. What did I do? I said all the villages or those communities along the route; I said they should give them level six down."

Speaking further, Amaechi said, “Their job is to march on that railway from the beginning to the end to see there was no security breach. The rest of the applicants will go online to apply for the jobs. They said if we publish it, people will die the way it happened during immigration recruitment exercise and they will say Amaechi should resign. This year, we will start the Lagos-Ibadan, railway project. You know the difference between us and the rest, we will not say ‘go and start’, we will look for counterpart funding.” 

On how the project will be funded, he said, “We will bring our counterpart fund as poor as the country is now and give to the Chinese because their money is already in their bank account. It is for us to bring our own. If we bring our own, they bring their own to make sure there is no delay, we will bring all our own to give them and say ‘go and start work. If that happened in two years, the Lagos-Ibadan will be ready. Tomorrow, I will sign the contracts for Calabar-Port Harcourt railway project. Before the week runs out, I will sign Kano-Kaduna. 

That is what we are doing. This is to show you we are moving away from the corruption economy to production economy.”

Soludo Support President Buhari’s "Emergency Bill", Proposes N19trillion ‘Anti-Recession’ Blueprint

Charles Soludo, former CBN has expressed support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s emergency economic bill aimed at reviving the economy. 

In a mini-blueprint for the All Progressives Congress (APC), Soludo also proposed a public spending of 15 percent to 20 percent (N14trillion to N19trillion) of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) to steer Nigeria out of recession to the next level.

He said the document is not a “blueprint” in itself but “only broad pillars”, which could be worked upon by a dedicated team to save the economy.

Highlighting the challenges face by the country, Soludo said Nigeria is ranked number 13 in the failed/fragile state index, behind Somalia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Chad, Congo D.R., Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, and Guinea.

The professor of economics said this is due to uneven economic development, poverty and economic decline, demographic pressure, group grievance, refugees and IDPs, human flight and brain drain, state legitimacy, human rights issues and rule of law, poor security apparatus, factionalised elite and external intervention.

Soludo stated that Nigeria’s GDP compression from about $575 billion to about $296 billion (almost 50%) back to 2nd position in Africa after South Africa could have been avoided.

“Exchange rate and crude capital controls: confusing trial-and-error of tried and failed neo-socialist command and control policy regime of 1960s- mid 1980s.

“As predicted, quantities (employment and output collapse)! Capital market comatose; capital flight with vengeance, private investment pulse, inflation soars, and twin deficits exacerbate. Economy in Recession compared to APC 10% Growth; 3 million jobs p.a.”

He said the recession was caused by “delayed, incoherent (dysfunctional) and incomplete adjustment exerting great toll on the economy”.

“Outcomes so far (especially in 2016) self-inflicted by acts of omission and commission. Nigeria would have avoided a recession: One year enough for blaming fall in oil prices; after that blame our failures.”

At N6.06 trillion, Buhari’s budget of change was seen as the biggest budget in Nigeria’s history. But Soludo says the budget, in dollar terms, is the smallest in recent years.

“FGN budget in US$ is smallest in recent years $15- 19bn depending on exchange rate and about 5% of GDP— or approx. $80 per capita,” he said.

In context, Goodluck Jonathan’s last budget, the 2015 budget, was $26.4 billion in dollar terms, while Buhari’s 2016 budget is only $19.9 billion in dollar terms.

“2016 FGN Budget signals more of the same, with tinkering at the margins; bail-outs, borrowing,” Soludo added.

In proffering solutions for the APC-led government, Soludo said the emergency economic bill is “a positive step forward: Akin to Shagari’s ‘Economic Stabilization (Austerity measures) Act 1982’”

He warned that it “must be seen as only ‘first step’”, adding that the problems are “beyond short-term demand management”.

He said the focus so far has been stabilization plus reflation (basic pump-priming), which he called “faulty, and could become race to the bottom”.

He said the transition to an oil-independent economy is not sustainable by merely pumping money into the system – clapping with one hand – but must include an agenda for supply-side/structural transformation.

He said the APC has 607 working days to make an impression on Nigerians.

“Big ideas to steer the economy to the next level need aggregate public sector spending of 15-20% of GDP; unconventional monetary-fiscal-exchange rate-financial regime; structural and institutional changes; infrastructure boom; unleashing the States.”

He said the APC needs a policy war room, which would drive political transformation and distinguish APC states.

“Politics always trumps economics, although sound economics is excellent politics: Sustainable change is impossible without political transformation of Nigeria!”

“No successful transformation to a ‘productive and competitive economy’ with META-level institutions designed for ‘distribution and consumption’”

He asked the APC to put up an agenda for “competitive federalism via fundamental constitutional change, including fiscal federalism—taxation powers, rights over natural resources, wage setting, fiscal responsibility, etc – breaking from unitary-federalism of uniform standards to multi-speed federalism with only minimum standards”.

“Too many of existing laws are inconsistent with a regime for competitive production; new ones needed.”

He proposed, among other things, that the policy war room should be fully funded to drive an industrialisation plan.

“Merely getting infrastructure and prices right won’t automatically ignite industrialization: It requires intensive case study approaches – Dangote or our big banks did not just happen: deliberate efforts were set to 'create them'.”

Igala Group Denounce Report Of Stoning Gov. Yahaya Bello

A Lokoja-based group, the Igala Youth Forum, has debunked in strong terms, the news as reported by an online news media, PT, that the State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello was attacked at Ankpa when he went for the 3rd Day Fidua Prayers of the Late Ejeh of Ankpa, Alhaji Ahmadu Yakubu.

The group in a statement signed by its Chairman, Alhaji Abu Kadiri, and Secretary, Comrade Ibrahim Achadu, said the publication was false as well as an attempt to cause confusion in the state.

They added that the Governor was warmly received by the entire people of the area including the Former Governor Ibrahim Idris and other prominent Igala dignitaries at the Ejeh's Palace.

According to the Forum, the false report was intentionally crafted to tarnish the good reputation and image of the people of Ankpa and the entire Igala people adding that the Igalas are not law less people.

"The Igalas are not lawless and will never act in such as reported by the ghost sources of the online news media," the statement read. 

The forum noted with dismay that an online platform has been recruited by the enemies of the Igalas and the state to be causing confusion and disharmony among the people.

The Igala Forum, which exonerated Igala youth from what they called blatant lies said the incumbent governor has started on a sound footing, citing the recent re-awarding of construction of Ankpa Township Road and Idah-Ayangba Road as a remarkable step towards the development of Igala land.

The group urged the relevant and regulatory agencies to take necessary measure to check mate the instigating tendencies of some online news sites. They assured the Governor of the unalloyed support of the Igala youth to his government at all times.

Good News: Boko Haram Is Ready For Peace, To Release Chibok Girls

Hajiya Aisha Wakil, believed to be close to the Boko Haram leadership, has revealed that the group is now ready for talks with the Federal Government on the fate of the missing Chibok girls.

She said that she had been on the neck of the Boko Haram leaders, who according to her offered to honour her to dialogue with the government and release the girls and other captives.

Hajiya Aisha, who spoke with The Nation on the phone, said she expected the Boko Haram leaders to come out and discuss with the government now. Her words:

"Since I came back, I have been on their neck. They have now agreed to come out and discuss with the government and bring back the girls.

“I am for the Chibok girls and all the captives. They are ready for peace. This is what they told me.”

Hajiya Aisha was not forthcoming on the imminent release of the girls, whose abduction sparked a global outrage, she said: “I think they might post some information on YouTube within 24 hours.”

It would be recalled that the Army had on August 14 declared Hajiya Aisha and two others wanted for interrogation in line with the Terrorism Prevention Act 2011 (as amended).

Aisha has maintained her innocence, claiming she is not a shady personality, but ready to help.

ASUU Threatens Nationwide Strike (Read)

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has threatened to embark on a nationwide strike to press home its demands for the implementation of its 2009 agreement with the Federal Government.

The ASUU Lagos Zone Coordinator, Prof. Olusoji Sowande, said this at a news conference yesterday in Lagos.

Sowande said that the union was planning to toe this part after several efforts to ensure that the government address the pending demands, proved abortive.

He said that the 2009 FG/ASUU agreement, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on funding of state universities, breaches of the conditions of service and re-negotiation of the agreement, were still pending.

The coordinator also mentioned other demands like the exclusion of Nigerian universities from Pension Management Company and non-release of NEEDS Assessment Intervention Fund.

He said that funding of state universities, earned academic allowance and renegotiation of the agreement were parts of the outstanding issues.

Sowande recalled that the union had embarked on strike in 2012 and 2013 as part of the efforts to make the government implement the agreement, adding that the issues remained unresolved.

N2bn Fraud: Godsday Orubebe Absent In Court As Lawyer Says He Is Hypertensive

A former Minister of Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe, was on Tuesday absent from a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Maitama, where he was scheduled to be arraigned alongside others on charges of diversion of about N2bn meant for the dualisation of Section IV of the East West Road.

Orubebe and others allegedly committed the offences between 2010 and 2010 while he was the Niger Delta Affair minister.

Orubebe’s lawyer, Mr. F. Zimhuan, apologised to the trial judge, Justice Olukayode Adeniyi, for the absence of his client, whom he said suddenly took ill after a domestic accident and was rushed to the hospital.

Zimhuan said the ex-minister’s health was complicated by his hypertensive condition.

The lawyer said, “The first defendant is in the hospital. His absence in court today is not deliberate. He suddenly took ill. He had domestic accident affecting his ankle and wrist. He is hypertensive and the cumulative effect was that they had to rush him to the hospital.

“We want to give the assurance that the first accused will be ready to face his trial anytime he is discharged from the hospital and we pray that it won’t be long from today.”

The Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission had preferred five counts against Orubebe, alongside  Oludare Alaba, Ephraim Zeri (Director of Contracts) and Gitto Costruzioni Generali Nigeria Limited. 

Three Neighbors S3xually Molest 13-Year-Old Girl Till She Got Pregnant In Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 60-year-old man and two others alleged to have repeatedly gang-raped a 13-year-old primary six pupil until she became pregnant, in Majidun area of Lagos.

There is, however, a twist to the rape saga as the victim’s mother has raised the alarm over threat to her life by the suspects: Baba Ijebu, 60, Kingsley and Henry, for reporting the matter to the police.

The suspects, who all live in the same area with the victim, were alleged to have been sleeping with her since May.

As at yesterday, the teenager, identified simply as Ijeoma, was said to be three months pregnant.

A resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, disclosed that “she was raped consistently by these three persons. They usually slept with her whenever her mother went for vigil and at the end, they would give her N100 or N200.”

The bubble burst after a neighbour, who discovered the ongoing abuse of the teenager, advised her to tell her mother but she was said to have declined, arguing that her mother would kill her.

Speaking with Vanguard, the victim’s mother, who refused to disclose her name, said she became suspicious after she noticed some changes in her daughter and when taken to the hospital, she was discovered to be three months pregnant.

She said: “They were arrested by policemen at Owutu Division, but released. Now they are threatening me for reporting to the police. Kingsley and Henry live in the same compound with us, while Baba Ijebu lives at the opposite compound.

“Baba Ijebu offered me N1,000 to take care of my pregnant daughter, but I did not collect it. Kingsley claimed he only fingered my daughter.”

‘I was charmed’

The primary six pupil said: “The first time was with Uncle Kingsley. That night I was passing in front of his room, when he said he wanted to send me on an errand. “Immediately I entered his room, he closed the door and when I asked him why he did that, he carried me to his bed and slept with me.

“The second man is Baba Ijebu. I went to his place to collect one of the things we used to make soap.

When I got inside, he touched me with something in his hand and I did not know what happened until I found myself in his bed with my pants off, while he was beside me.

“Immediately I realised this, I cried and shouted, but he said I would die if I told anyone.

The third man’s name is Henry. In his case, he called me into his room and said that my mummy sent him to me. But when I got to him, he pinned me to his bed and raped me. I shouted, but nobody was there to help me. I couldn’t tell my mummy because I was afraid she would kill me.”

Meanwhile, Project Director, Community Women’s Right Foundation, Alhaji Lateef Akinborode, has vowed to get justice for the 13-year-old girl and her mother. He said: “It is unfortunate that people are taking advantage of the less-privileged in the society, and by God’s grace, we will see this case to its logical conclusion by making the offenders serve as deterrents to others.” 


Chris Brown Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon In Los Angeles

Chris Brown has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. The Los Angeles police department confirmed he was arrested yesterday.
 Brown was "arrested at some point this afternoon," says LAPD detective Meghan Aguilar. Although an exact time was not available, she said Brown was arrested before 5 p.m.

The R&B star will be booked into a LAPD jail facility before being transferred to county jail, and will be able to post bail if he chooses.

LAPD public information Officer Tony said Brown was arrested with his lawyer, Mark Geragos, by his side, after a "thorough investigation" that produced "probable cause" for arrest.

The arrest came after police spent hours outside Brown's house, waiting for a judge to sign a search warrant so they could go inside and investigate a woman's claim that the trouble-plagued singer threatened her with a gun earlier this morning.

The police declined to explain what they were doing at Brown's house except to say that they were called to the sprawling mansion in Tarzana in the San Fernando Valley after a woman, still officially unidentified, reported about 3 a.m. Tuesday that Brown pointed a gun at her inside the house.

31st August: Today In History

Today is Wednesday, August 31st, the 244, day of 2016. There are 122 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

1864   General William T. Sherman leads Union troops in an assault on Atlanta, Georgia. 
1897   Thomas Edison patents the movie projector. 
1980   Poland forms the Solidarity trade union. 
1997   Princess Diana of Wales, dies in a car crash in Paris. 

1928   James Coburn (Actor) 
1935   Frank Robinson (Baseball player) 
1945   Itzhak Perlman (Violinist) 
1949   Richard Gere (Actor) 
1970   Deborah Gibson (Singer) 
1972   Chris Tucker (Actor)

Boko Haram Prisoners Caught With 25 Phones Inside Kuje Prison

Sporadic gunfire caused pandemonium at Kuje Prison, Abuja, on Monday, following a riot by some inmates, who resisted the attempt by prison officials to search their cells for banned items.

It was gathered that security operatives fired gunshots and tear gas canisters into the atmosphere just to restore law and order and control the rioters. There were shocking discoveries.

This happened 11 days after a similar incident in Abakaliki Prison, Ebonyi State, that led to the death of six inmates and injuries to four prison warders.

The Monday riot in Kuje prison occurred two months after two inmates, standing trial for culpable homicide, escaped from the Prison on June 25. The fleeing inmates have yet to be re-arrested.

Sources in the prison said the violent protest was brought under control by the Prison's armed squad supported by soldiers providing additional security cover for the formation.

The incident, it was learnt, caused panic among residents of Kuje community, who had thought that the prison was under attack by terrorists.

The Controller of Prisons, FCT Command, Daniel Odharo, in a statement, confirmed the crisis at the prison but said there was no injury or escape by inmates.

Odharo said, “At about 1000hrs on Monday, staff of Kuje Prison carried out a routine cell-search which is a part of the prisons operational guidelines to prevent the breach of security within and around the prisons.

“Some inmates tried to resist the exercise, which led to an altercation between the search party and the inmates. This was quickly put under effective control. No prisoner was injured, no property damaged and the yard is calm and peaceful.”

Investigations by Punch indicated that the violence was instigated by convicts, who refused to allow warders to carry out a search on their cells for prohibited items.

It was gathered from a reliable source that during the search, 25 mobile sets were recovered from a suspected Boko Haram inmate.

The source said, “The incident happened this morning. The warders who were acting on instructions from the prison authorities, decided to search the cells and seize prohibited items.

“During search, they found 25 handsets with a Boko Haram suspect. After a search of the convicts’ cells, they moved to the awaiting-trial cells.

“But those men, who saw the warders approaching with some ‘already’ seized items, decided to resist them. They attacked the warders with stones and every object they could lay their hands on, and in the process, many of the warders were injured.”

It was gathered that after a search, some substances, suspected to be cannabis, were also uncovered in some cells and confiscated.

VIP inmates resist search
It was said gathered that the convicts, who were kept in a block called ‘VIP’, were allowed to enjoy certain privileges not permitted by the prison rules and regulations.

Sources stated that against prison rules, awaiting trial inmates were allowed to stay in the VIP block as it was more comfortable.

PDP BoT Accepts Sheriff's Terms For Peace, Sacks Nyesom Wike - Led Convention Committee

In its bid to find a solution to the logjam in the party, the Peoples Democratic Party Board of Trustee has conceded to some of demands made by its National Chairman, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

Rising from a meeting in Abuja on Monday, the BoT said that the next national convention of the party would now hold in Abuja, and dissolved the convention committee under the leadership of the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike.

Both conditions are part of the peace accord reached with Ali Modu Sheriff.

The BoT meeting was attended by a sizeable number of members and presided over by its Chairman, Senator Walid Jibrin. It was held at the Musa Yar’Adua Centre. Below is its Communique:

The meeting of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) just ended at the Musa Ya’Adua Center, Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). 
The meeting was presided over by the Chairman of the BoT, Senator Walid Jubril with other members of Board of Trustees (BoT) in attendance which includes: the National Chairman, H.E. Senator Ahmed Makarfi, CON, former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ibrahim Mantu, former National Chairmen, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo and Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, OFR amongst others. 
The meeting arrived at the following resolutions:
1.Passed a solid Vote of Confidence on the National Caretaker Committee led by H. E. Sen. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, CON and urged the Committee to continue its good work of repositioning the Party; 
2.That the forthcoming National Convention of the PDP be held in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT); 
3.That to ensure a credible, transparent, free and fair National Convention, the BoT resolved that a new National Convention Planning Committee be constituted by the National Caretaker Committee and approve by the National Executive Committee (NEC); 
4.That the BoT will facilitate the raising of adequate funds for the Party; 
5.The BoT mandated its Reconciliation Committee to continue with allgood efforts of reconciling all aggrieved Party members; 
6.The Meeting urged all PDP Governors to continue pursuing positive programmes of good governance so as to clearly project the people oriented manifesto of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); 
7.Finally, BoT advised the National Caretaker Committee to as soon as possible convene the Meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) in order to approve proposals on the way forward for Party.
Signed: Senator Walid Jubril
Chairman, BoT

Nigerian Pastor Marries Mother And Daughter

A pastor, Timothy Ngwu, was on Monday docked at an Enugu North Magistrates’ Court for allegedly marrying another man’s wife and the woman's daughter. Strangely, there is also a third woman.

The pastor’s wife, Veronica Ngwu, was said to have petitioned the court over the development. The victims whom Pastor Ngwu converted to his “wives” were said to be members of his church: Gods’ Favour Ministry, located in Nsukka.

One of the victims, Calista Omeye, however said it was her husband, Fidelis Omeye, who persuaded her to meet the pastor as he wanted her to do the will of God through the pastor...

“My husband was a member of the church and he introduced me to the church, because he said that the pastor had a revelation for me (Calista),” Mrs. Omeye said.

She added that the revelation had to do with the will of God “but he later left the church but I refused to leave the church with him.

“I have 10 children for him and we were all members of the church before he left and I had a baby for the pastor but the baby died after some weeks,” she told the court.

She said it was with her husband’s consent that their daughter was given to the pastor in marriage.

“It is not true that I gave out our daughter in marriage to pastor without the consent of my husband, he was aware of everything,” the mother said. 

Pastor Ngwu, who hailed from Ihe-Owerre, Nsukka, was absent from the court as he was said to be on admission at a hospital in Enugu.

The presiding magistrate, R.I. Oruruo, adjourned hearing in the matter to September 26. 

Two Armed Robbers Shot Dead While Robbing Ladies In Lagos (Graphic Photos)

Two suspected bank robbers have been shot dead by policemen in the FESTAC Town area of Lagos. It was learnt that the robbers were about dispossessing some female residents, who had stepped out of a bank at the Apple Junction, when the police from the FESTAC division were alerted.

The four-man gang exchanged gunfire with police operatives during the incident, which occurred at about 12noon penultimate Friday.

While two of the robbers escaped, the other two were shot dead.

Their corpses have been deposited in a morgue. A policeman on the team told Punch that the robbers stationed one of them at the bank’s Automated Teller Machine as an informant.

He said, “They were four and they came on three motorcycles. They targeted people leaving the bank premises, particularly women carrying bags. If they saw a woman with a bag, an informant around the ATM would alert the others and they would trace their victim to a secluded location and rob her. They had automatic pistols and they could fire at will.

“These two were killed during an exchange of fire on Friday. Their motorcycles were unregistered. The metal under their motorcycles had been straightened to enhance their speed and enable them to shoot guns without holding the motorcycles.”

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, confirmed the incident.

30th August: Today In History

Today is Tuesday, August 30th, the 243, day of 2016. There are 123 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

1945   British Forces liberate Hong Kong from Japan 
1984   The Space Shuttle Discovery takes off on its first voyage. 
1990   Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey, Jr. are the 1st father and son to play on same team 
1991   Dan O'Brien sets U.S. decathlon record with 8,812 points 

1897   Mary Shelley (Author of Frankenstein) 
1908   Fred Mac Murray (Actor) 
1918   Ted Williams (Baseball Player) 
1927   Geoffrey Beene (Fashion Designer) 
1953   Robert Parrish (Basketball player) 
1972   Cameron Diaz (Actress) 
1982   Andy Roddick (Tennis Player)