Your Eggplant Can't Satisfy Me Anymore – Wife Tells Husband In Court

A 52-year-old man, Akinwale Ayinde Sodiq, has lived for 6-years regretting ever embarking on a journey that made him have a ghastly auto accident which rendered part of his body paralyzed, including his 'staff of office'.

No longer able to condone his wife's penchant for troubles, neglect and infidelity, the man summoned courage, strength and with the support of his children, dragged his wife before the President of Otto-Ijanikin customary court seeking relief and the formal dissolution of their 26-year old marriage.

Kemi Filani was in court as the visibly embittered man narrated to all present the rejection, sojourn and pains he went through in the hands of his wife who ought to be by his side in such trying times.

He maintained that the fact he had become handicapped and dependent was enough worry to send him to his early grave coupled with the gross act of infidelity flaunted by his wife.

Recounting how it all began, he said:

"I got married to Kashimawo at age 26 just like every other marriageable man. Although I wouldn’t say our marriage was rosy because there is nothing like a perfect marriage, but we resolved our minor quarrels and fights amicably. I had also noted that my wife was money conscious. She is easily carried away by material things.

"The trouble all began when we both had a ghastly road accident on our way to my home town. After the accident I lost consciousness but was revived days later, later I discover that some parts of my body was seriously affected. I couldn’t move my legs and hands. After my discharge from Lagos state teaching hospital (LUTH), I was taken to a local bone healer who also administered her own healing powers on me,” he said.

After months of intensive care and bones massage, he was brought back home but surprisingly to him he was to meet the worse as his wife had practically turned against him. 

Burdened with his deteriorating health conditions, Mr. Akinwale also had to face his troublesome wife who seemed to have vowed to make life miserable for him. And not just for him but for every other member of his family including the landlord and neighbors, thus has her niggling nature earned her a nick name; iya oni jogbon (mother of troubles).

She has become a regular visitor to Ada-loko police station, Badagry consequent to her bad manners, arrogance and regular fights.

Lamenting further, he said “When I returned from the hospital, my wife worsened my predicament by making life uneasy for me. She picks quarrels and fight over minor issues, and anytime any of the children want to intervene she would beat the hell out of him or her.

"The most recent fight she had was with our last born, a 15 year old girl. Yemisi confronted her for daring to hit me and a big fight ensued, not satisfied with the beating she merciless dealt on the little girl, Kashimawo went ahead and set all the poor girls cloth ablaze.”

Still stuck in between the hot tears rolling down on his cheek as he narrated his ordeal, Sodiq told the court that the most painful part of his experience was his inability to perform his marital duties due to the damage on his manhood caused by the road mishap. But luckily for him, he started feeling a bit of life in his below region as the bone healer kept massaging all his body. This later resulted into having erection months later. Although a bit weak but he was eager to quench that burning desire for s*x he had endured for long.

He continued, “For the first few months my wife was responding to my desire for s*x. Whenever I feel a little bulge in my manhood, I quickly beckon on my wife for a little intimacy. We manage the erection to our best satisfaction. But along the line, she started withdrawing and was no longer giving me the attention I sought.

I confronted her; she bluntly told me that my half dead manhood can no longer satisfy her... She would no longer grant me my conjugal rites. All pleas to make her act responsibly fell on deaf ears, as she callously insisted on s*x-starving me. It is over six years now...

"As if that punishment wasn’t enough, I have been hearing rumors of her illicit romance with other men and how she has been gallivanting with even street boys. Some of them even have the nerves to come looking for her at our shop, even in my presence. Each time I confront her of her evil deeds, she wouldn’t waste much time in tongue lashing me, calling me all sort of names. I am fed up with everything and can no longer cope.

"I urge this honorable court to grant my prayers for the formal dissolution of this absurd marriage to save me from untimely death, help my kids secure their future,” he concluded.

Mrs. Kashimawo Akinwale relayed her own part of the story, accusing her husband of being the peck of their marital crisis owing to his recent predicament.

The middle aged woman who admitted not knowing her age, claimed her estranged husbands’ quick temperedness is the canker-worm eating up the love and peace that they once shared as a family.

“I own-up of my inabilities to meet up with the demands on my husband in his recent health conditions, but he is not helping matters at all. He gets irritated and angered over flimsy excuses and when he does that whatsoever one says to him would become a very big offence.

Based on that problem his family abandoned him to his fate, but that notwithstanding, I still love my husband... but would wish to let him go,” she asserted.

The union was dissolved and award money of N28,000 given to the respondent for self maintenance.

Buni Yadi: Army Relocates Special Forces Training School To Former Boko Haram Strong Base

The gallant Nigerian Army has moved its Special Forces Training School to Buni Yadi, a town once controlled by the heartless Boko Haram sect in Yobe State.

Created at the peak of the Boko Haram insurgency, the Special Forces is considered one of Nigerian Army’s most effective fighting unit.

Giving reason why the training school was moved from Niger State to Buni Yadi, the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, said:

“We know the importance of this place – Buni Yadi. This is the route they (terrorists) passed through to other parts of the North East and even Plateau in the North Central.” 

Buratai who spoke while addressing troops at the training school on Saturday, added that “It is better for us to have dominated and taken over the place,” he also assured the troops of their welfare and logistics need, including required equipment to completely defeat whatever is left of Boko Haram.

Buni Yadi, headquarters of Gujba Local Government, was controlled by the Boko Haram for several months before it was recaptured by the gallant military in March 2015. 

It is the town where 59 schoolboys were murdered by Boko Haram as they slept in their dormitories at a Federal Government College in 2014. 

General Buratai assured that the military will restore full peace to North East in line with the desire of President Muhammadu Buhari.

OMG! See 4-Year-Old Boy Who Looks Like An Old Man (Photos)

An incredibly rare condition makes this four-year-old boy look more like an 80-year-old pensioner.

The condition means that Bayezid Hossain, from outside Magura in southern Bangladesh, suffers a swollen face, hollow eyes, sagging skin, aching joints and difficulties passing urine.

The skin condition means that the boy's skin sags like an old man. Despite his young age, he also already has weak and broken teeth. While his intelligence levels are much higher than normal, other children are afraid to play with him due to his remarkable appearance.

Tripti Khatun, his mother, who was only aged 14 when she gave birth to him, is amazed at her son’s mental abilities, but is devastated by his unusual appearance.

She said: “Bayezid only learned to walk aged three but he had a full set of teeth at three months old. His physical growth is completely abnormal but mentally, he has wonderful conversation, very aware and is very intuitive for his age.

“He does not look like other children. He looks like an old man. As a first time mother I can’t bear the pain of seeing my child like this.”

Tripti said: “I was terrified to see him when he was born. He was just flesh and bones. He looked like an alien and it was heartbreaking for me.

Sadly and despite over £4,000 being spent on visiting numerous doctors, nothing has been able to help Bayezid.

“Doctors had no idea what to do; they said they had never seen such a baby. They warned us that there was nothing they could do.”

APC Is Gradually Ruining Nigeria- Raymond Dokpesi

Chief Raymond Dokpesi, one of the aspirants for the national chairmanship position of the Peoples Democratic Party, has said APC is gradually ruining Nigeria with everything from food to economy turning upside down. According to the businessman and politician, PDP must re-strategize itself in order to get the presidency back in 2019 and save Nigerians.

Dokpesi made these statements while speaking during the week at the PDP Secretariat in Umuahia, Abia State.

Dokpesi said, “Today, the PDP is described as the most corrupt party in the country; they said our leaders are clueless and corrupt. That was how they described former President Goodluck Jonathan, but with the way the APC is running this country, can we say we have a country? Is the South-East not marginalised and denigrated? Continue...

“The current economic crisis in the country is also alarming; our mothers cannot afford food items to sustain their families any more. Is this the kind of Nigeria we want for our youths? Is this the kind of change we want?

“By the special grace of God, we cannot sit back and allow the country to continue to decline.

“We cannot sit back without giving the APC good opposition, we cannot sit back and not rebrand, re-energize and revitalise the PDP so that by 2019, we can give the APC a purposeful opposition and contest as a party in order to win the next presidential election.”

Police Arraign 7-Year-Old Boy For Murder In Enugu State

The Enugu State police on Friday arraigned a 7-year-old boy, Chibuike Miracle Oramalu, before a magistrate court, for alleged murder.

Chibuike, a primary two pupil in a nursery and primary school, had on May 29, accidentally fired a gun, which killed 12-year-old Oluebube Boniface. The incident occurred in the Independence Layout area of Enugu.

The gun belonged to Mr. Edwin Oforma, who employed Chibuike’s mother as a cleaner and housekeeper in his house.

Chibuike accidentally fired the shot after discovering the gun in Oforma’s room while making the bed, as he was instructed by Chukwunanu, Oforma’s son.

Following the incident, the boy was initially detained by the police from May 30 till July 13, when he was released.

Although Chibuike’s mother, Mrs Nwakaego Oramalu, and her lawyer, Mr. Olu Omotayo, of the Civil Rights Realisation and Advancement Network, had raised the alarm over the little boy’s detention, the Enugu State Police Command claimed he was in “protective custody”.

However, about two weeks after his release, Chibuike was on Friday arraigned, before an Enugu magistrate court over alleged conspiracy and murder. The owner of the gun which Chibuike accidentally fired, Oforma, was arraigned alongside the seven-year-old boy before Magistrate Hillary Asogwa.

In the charge sheet, which was obtained by Punch correspondent, Chibuike and Oforma were, in count one, accused of conspiring among themselves to commit murder.

30th July: Today In History

Today is Saturday, July 30th, the 212, day of 2016. There are 154 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

1930   The first Football World Cup takes place. 
1954   Elvis Presley makes his debut as a public performer. 
1956   In God We Trust"" is adopted as the U.S. national motto." 
1990   The first Saturn automobile rolls off the assembly line. 

1818   Emily Bronte (Author wrote Wuthering Heights) 
1863   Henry Ford (Auto Pioneer) 
1947   Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor and California Governor) 
1963   Lisa Kudrow (Actress from Friends) 
1971   Tom Green (Comedian) 
1974   Hilary Swank (Actress) 
1977   Jaime Pressly (Actress) 
1999   Joey King (Actress played Ramona in Ramona and Beezus)

Tiwa Savage Denies Joining Illuminati (Photo)

Tiwa Savage has denied joining illuminati after she performed last week at the One Africa Music Festival, ending her performance with a sign which depicts illuminati. In a new video, the Nigerian singer, who is now being managed internationally by Jay Z’s ROC Nation denied the sign, saying to her it is only a SHAPE OF A DIAMOND and she just did it not really know the meaning, so it’s no illuminatti sign.

A lot of Nigerians where surprised after watching the video which showed her fingers in the air with the sign. Some were however fast to say, Jay Z is allegedly a member, so they are not surprised, he has dragged Tiwa into it.

29th July: Today In History

Today is Friday, July 29th, the 211, day of 2016. There are 155 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

1836   The Arc de Triomphe is inaugurated in Paris. 
1954   The Fellowship of the Ring, the first part of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, is published. 1958   The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is created. 2005   Astronomers announce the discovery of a 10th planet, 
2003   UB313. 

1883   Benito Mussolini (Italian dictator in WW2) 
1938   Peter Jennings (TV Anchor) 
1953   Geddy Lee (Singer for Rush) 
1966   Martina McBride (Country singer) 
1972   Will Wheaton (Actor) 
1973   Stephen Dorff (Actor)

Mr Scotland Bodybuilding Title Holder Stabbed To Death (Photo)

The winner of the Mr Scotland bodybuilding title has been stabbed to death in broad daylight near his home.

Michael “Musk” O’Hanlon, 45, was found dead at an industrial estate in Stevenston, Ayrshire yesterday.

It is understood O’Hanlon, who had spent time in jail for drug dealing, became involved in an altercation before being stabbed. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene shortly after 12 noon.
Police have begun a murder inquiry.

Mariah Carey's Rich Boyfriend Grabs Her Boob In A Club

46-year-old Singer, Mariah Carey is with her new man as photos of them on a romantic partying night surfaced online. 

If Buhari Knew The Real Dogara, He Would Ban Him From Aso Rock - Abdulmimin Jibrin

Former chairman of the house of representatives committee on appropriation, Abdulmimin Jibrin, says President Muhammadu Buhari would ban Yakubu Dogara, speaker of the house, from the presidential villa if he had an idea of his real nature.

Also to be banned, according to Jibrin, are Yusuf Lasun, deputy speaker; Leo Ogor, minority leader; and Alhassan Doguwa, chief whip of the house.

Jibrin is involved in a battle with the leadership of the house, and he has accused the four of them of mind-boggling scandals.

On Monday, he demanded that the leadership of the house give room for investigation into the allegations laid against them.

“Speaker Yakubu Dogara and his senior cabal namely Deputy Speaker Lasun, Whip Doguwa and Minority leader Ogor have promoted corruption so badly in the house that if President Muhammadu Buhari, with his disdain for corruption and corrupt people, had the slightest idea, he would ban the QUARTET permanently from the villa before they eventually allow for proper and unbiased investigation by the house,” he said in a statement.

“Mr Speaker and Deputy Speaker Yusuf Lasun diverted millions of naira all in the name of paying for guest houses and official residence. The issue became so messy that the Deputy Speaker openly accused Hon Herma Hembe of shortchanging them of millions of naira in the deal to the shock of many Hon Members.

“Speaker Yakubu Dogara frequently abuses his office, amounting to conflict of interest by soliciting for inappropriate favours from agencies and multinational companies. He forced an agency to grant loans and a construction company blackmailed to do some work at his Asokoro ‘plot’.

“Speaker Yakubu Dogara has carefully designed a scheme to scam Hon Members through deduction from their salaries certain amount of money for a so called mortgage arrangement to build houses for members. He has been applying every underhand tactic to ensure Members agree to the deal.

“We are even told that this is a child’s play compared to the mess and allegations of money laundering he left behind as house both the 6th and 7th Assembly. The EFCC should have something to start working with in respect to his tenure as Chairman House services if they properly dust their files.”

Responding, Dogara denied the allegations, saying they were only “a drowning man’s” desperate attempt to nail him.

“These are all lies and desperate attempts of a drowning man to clutch unto anything having found that all his frivolous allegations do not disclose any element of corruption or wrongdoing against Mr. speaker,” Dogara’s media aide, Turaki Hassan, said on his behalf.

source:the cable

EFCC Arrests Ex-Deputy Speaker, Uwuche, For N5billion Alleged Fraud

A former Deputy Speaker of the House of Reps, Chief Chibudom Nwuche, has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), for an alleged N5.6bn contract scam.

Nwuche, who served at the lower legislative chamber between 1999 and 2003, was detained after responding to an EFCC invitation on Monday.

The suspect, who also served as the Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party under the leadership of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, allegedly got three contracts from the Kingsley Kuku-led Presidential Amnesty Office.

Detectives at the EFCC however told Punch that Nwuche, who had since defected to APC, allegedly helped Kuku to launder N2.8bn under the guise of sending ex-militants for training in 2012.

A source at the EFCC said, “Nwuche is being investigated over an alleged N5.6bn contract which his company, Foundation For Youth Development, allegedly received from the Kuku-led Presidential Amnesty Office.

“He allegedly got three contracts from the Amnesty Office in 2012 for the training of ex-agitators in Malaysia. Up till now, nothing was done about the contract yet, he collected N2.8bn,” an source said.

According to detectives, the cash was allegedly laundered through companies, individuals and bureau de change operators back to Kuku, through a front who is also being investigated by the EFCC.

As of 8pm on Monday, Nwuche was still being quizzed by EFCC detectives.

Meanwhile, EFCC is still investigating Kuku, who was a Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Niger Delta Affairs.

Kuku, who is believed to be hibernating in the United States, was invited by EFCC for questioning sometime last year but failed to honour the invitation.

Unmarried Lady Who Cuts Her Hair Is Showing Signs Of Frustration - Ghanaian Counsellor, George Lutterodt

Controversial marriage Counsellor, George Lutterodt is at it again. According to him, any lady who is of marriageable age and decides to go on low hair cut is doing that out of frustration and advised that men are not attracted to such.

Speaking on Kasapa FM’s Afisem programme on Saturday, Counselor Lutterodt argues that such hair style by a lady of marriageable age should not be mistaken to be fashion, as it rather represents the lady’s frustration of waiting to get married after several years of remaining a spinster.

“Why are you changing your image, a young lady who is just at the prime age of marriage there is somebody you attract, all of a sudden you become a JHS girl then you blame the devil. You have your hair on and then suddenly you cut it off, look men are attracted by what they see and not your character. You cut your hair and you reduce to a level of a JHS girl and when young boys propose love to you, then you blame the devil for that. Ask yourself what image are you carrying.”

Ijaw Boys Attack Ibafo, Kidnapped Two Landlords, R*ped Three Women

The menace these Ijaw militants attacking parts of Lagos and Ogun states are constitution in getting out of hand. Reports have it that two landlords were abducted and three women r*ped in a renewed onslaught by some gunmen identified as Ijaw Boys, on residents of Ibafo, between Lagos and Ogun.

The militants attacked Gideon village, Oke Cele, Asiwaju communities in Ibafo, unleashing mayhem on residents and carting away valuables.

They were said to have invaded homes, r*ped married women in front of their helpless husbands.

The militants reportedly burgled at least three houses and carted away goods in Oke Cele. In a chat with Kemi Filani Blog, one of the resident said, "You know there is an oil pipeline in Ibafo so the Ijaw boys came for it for bunkering/vandalisation purposes but some officers were there and because they couldnt vandalize it, they started kidnapping and raping people..."

Residents in the area are reportedly living in fear. Nigeria police and others, over to you.

70% Of June Allocation From Non-Oil Sector

Federal government is fashioning creative ways to make more money for the country outside the oil.

According to the Executive Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Mr. Tunde Fowler, about 70 percent of the over N500bn raised from the Federal Accounts Allocation Committee in June came from the non-oil sector. 

Fowler, who's Chairman Joint Tax Board, was quoted in a Monday report by Economic Confidential as saying, “Of the sum, 70 percent came from non-oil sources while only 30 per cent came from oil sources. It was the first time in 2016 that the Federal Government shared over N500bn among the three tiers of government during the FAAC meeting.”

“We are proud of the development and we tell ourselves that this is the time to fund the budget of the Federal Government from non-oil sources."

He spoke in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, during a visit by the 36 state chairmen of the State Boards of Internal Revenue to the Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun.

Fowler said the FIRS tax revenue collection is a combination of a robust taxpayer registration drive, tax education and engagement through establishment of the Federal Engagement and Enlightenment Tax Teams.

He said the audit of 5 key sectors, namely banking and the financial sector, aviation, power, telecoms, and oil & gas had started yielding result.

According to Fowler, FIRS has added over 700,000 new corporate accounts since he assumed office.

Woman Who Went Under The Knife To Have Huge Boobs Says She Now Regrets It

British model Candy was left struggling to carry out everyday tasks after her last boob job went too far. Candy, who features on Tuesday's episode of Botched, revealed how her first breast implants were fairly modest but as she increased the size, the amount of money and attention she received also increased paving the way for a lucrative career.

But, her last boob job saw her devastated and asked Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow for help after Candy was left with a massive gap in her chest.

On the show, Candy explained how she went from having 420cc silicone implants to 2500cc in a short space of time.

“For my first breast job I had 420cc silicone, which took me up to about a DD and I loved them, yeah they looked really good,” Candy said.The model then had another boob job taking her up to 1200cc, but it was the next surgery that left her full of regrets.

“I would even get my little brother to take pictures,” she said.

“When I woke up from that surgery I instantly regretted it,” Candy said, describing how her implants were up to her collarbone. “They were huge.”

Candy felt that she would lose some fans if she had smaller size boobs, but she couldn't carry on with that size and weight so went to Florida for a reduction and she is now speaking about her ordeal.

Yakubu Dogara Now Under Probe Over Jibrin’s Allegations

There are indications that police have begun probing allegations of budget padding levelled against the Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara and other principal officers by a former House Committee Chairman on Appropriation, Adbdulmumin Jibrin.

It was learnt on Monday that the police leadership had directed detectives to probe the allegations by Jibrin that the Speaker colluded with his deputy, Yusuf Lasun, Chief Whip, Alhassan Doguwa, and Minority Whip, Leo Ogor, to earmark N40bn to themselves in the 2016 National Assembly budget.

Jibrin, an All Progressives Congress lawmaker from Kano State, who was sacked by the House leadership last week, claimed that he was being victimised by the Speaker because he objected to a request from Dogara that he (Jibrin) should allocate projects worth N40bn to him in the 2016 budget.

Findings by Punch on Monday indicated on Monday that Jibrin might be summoned before the end of the week to provide evidence on the allegations in his petition to investigators, who it was learnt, would also invite all the people mentioned by the petitioner.

A source said, “The allegations made by the former House committee chairman on appropriations are weighty and cannot be ignored or swept under the carpet because it borders on corruption and an attempt to defraud the nation.

“So, the police have set in motion machinery to investigate the allegations, ascertain the veracity of the allegations, and get to the bottom of the corruption as stated by the petitioner.”

University Students Nabbed By EFCC For N16m Internet Scam (Photos)

The EFCC, Ibadan Zonal Office, has arrested five suspected undergraduate scammers. Four from the Federal Uni of Technology Akure (FUTA) and one from Adekunle Ajashin Uni, Akungba, (AAUA).

The desperate young men were picked up at an off-campus residence located at Anuoluwapo Close, Stateline Hotel Road, off FUTA South Gate, Akure, Ondo State.

The suspects are between the ages of 20 and 23, their names are:
Adeleke Paul, 21, Adebiyi Tayo Abudu, 22, Akinsanmi Olusola Adeniyi 21, Ogundile Ademola James, 23 and Okali Ugochukwu, 21. 

The EFCC got wind of their activities through series of gathered intelligence. Paul and his gang, who go about with the name Tsunnami Gang and Young Pablo Money allegedly swindled unsuspecting foreigners and others to the tune of Sixteen million naira (N16M) recently by engaging in fraudulent activities of obtaining money by false pretence through scam mails. 

Paul is a 300 student of Building Technology while James and Olusola are both 400 level students of Agricultural Resources and Mathematics respectively. Okali is a 200 level student of Urban and Regional Planning, while Adebiyi Tayo is a 300 level Student of Mathematics of the Adekunle Ajashin University Akungba, Ondo State.

At the point of arrest, EFCC operatives recovered a 2006 black Toyota Highlander, 2010 light-green Toyota Camry (Muscle), laptops, three Apple iPhone 6 and three Blackberry phones from them.

Some implicating documents were also found and downloaded from their laptops. They so called big boys who want to enjoy without working will be arraigned in court by the agency.

Lagos Landlord Kills Tenant Of 4 Months After Refusing To Vacate His Property

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a landlord identified as Gbade Metibemu, for allegedly stabbing his tenant of four months, Bright Abraham, to death on Apollo Street in the Makoko area of the state.

It was learnt that Metibemu attacked the 35-year-old Abia State indigene with a knife for refusing to vacate his plank apartment after a week-long disagreement.

Punch correspondent was told that the suspect had warned the victim to stop soiling the slum with the faeces of his baby. When the warning did not yield any result, the suspect was reported to have threatened to kill Abraham.

Last Thursday, around 10pm, the father of four was preparing to sleep when an argument ensued between him and the landlord which degenerated into a fight. Metibemu was alleged to have got a knife with which he stabbed Abraham in the chest.

He allegedly rushed to the Adekunle Police Station to report that he had been injured by his tenant.

He was, however, detained when news filtered in that Abraham had died at the hospital where he was taken to for treatment.

A resident, who identified himself as Christian Nwankwo, said Metibemu always fought his tenants.

He said, “Abraham packed into the house four months ago. He was well-behaved and good-mannered and those were attributes that endeared him to us. His room is beside the landlord’s.

“However, about a week ago, the landlord started complaining that he should stop spreading children clothes on the washing line. He also complained about the faeces of his baby, which he said was soiling the house.

“He started threatening him to leave or he would kill him. We thought it was a joke.”

Another resident, Ndubuisi Nkegba, said the victim had excused himself from a chat to go to bed that Thursday when he was stabbed.

“Just about 10 minutes after he left us to go to bed, we heard a noise. We rushed there and saw that he had been stabbed in the chest three times by the landlord. He was in a pool of blood. We rushed him to the Federal Medical Centre, Yaba, where he was confirmed dead.”

The landlord was said to have gone to the Adekunle Police Station with a friend, identified as Femi, to report the incident.

“He told the police that his tenant stabbed him. The police were taking his statement when some friends of the deceased, who were returning from the hospital, met him at the station. They told the police that the tenant was dead. The landlord’s friend, Femi, fled, but the landlord was detained.”

It was learnt that the wife and children of the victim had been taken to their family house. Punch correspondent was told that an angry mob demolished the suspect’s apartment and destroyed some of his property.

The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident, adding that the suspect had been transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence, Yaba.