Photo: Olamide Welcome Baby Boy With Girlfriend Adebukunmi Aisha

Rapper Olamide and fiancé Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman welcomed their bouncing baby boy on Friday, January 30, 2014.

He shared a photo of his new bundle of joy on Instagram.

Bukunmi as she is fondly called took delivered at St. Ives Hospital, Ikeja. And they are said to be doing fine.

Olamide shared the good news on his Instsgram page with the caption.

Mercy said no, never gonna let you go. Never gonna let you walk away, you don’t have to be afraid , mercy said no. Got you boy New signee #YBNL Batifeori Maximilliano Adedeji”, he wrote
Congrats to him.

Stephen Fry Calls God "Stupid," Reveals What He'd Say If Confronted And Throws SO MUCH More Shade

If Stephen Fry met God, he'd have some pretty scathing things to say.

In an interview on RTÉ One's faith-based series The Meaning of Life, set to air on TV on Sunday, host Gay Byrne posed a theoretical question to the 57-year-old British actor and comedian, who is a staunch atheist.

 "Suppose it's all true, and you walk up to the pearly gates, and are confronted by God," he asked, as seen in a YouTube video posted this week, which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times. "What will Stephen Fry say to him, her, or it?" "I think I'd say, 'Bone cancer in children?'" Fry replied. "'What's that about'? How dare you.

How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault.

It's not right. It's utterly, utterly evil. Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world that is so full of injustice and pain?' That's what I would say."

"And you think you're going to get in?" the host asked. "No," Fry said. "But I wouldn't want to. I wouldn't want to get in on his terms. They're wrong." He then started to cite Greek mythology. "Now, if I died and it was, it was Pluto, Hades, and if it was the 12 Greek gods, then I would have more truck with it, because the Greeks didn't pretend to not be human in their appetites, in their capriciousness, and in their unreasonableness. They didn't present themselves as being all-seeing, all-wise, all-kind, all-beneficent."

"Because the god that created this universe, if it was created by God, is quite clearly a maniac...utter maniac, totally selfish. Totally," he said.

 "We have to spend our life on our knees thanking him? What kind of god would do that? Yes, the world is very splendid, but it also has in it insect whose whole life cycle is to burrow into the eyes of children and make them blind.

They eat outwards from the eyes. Why? Why did you do that to us? You could easily have made a creation in which that didn't exist. It is simply not acceptable.

" Fry, who has played characters on shows such as 24: Live Another Day and Bones and movies such as V for Vendetta, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Alice in Wonderland, has made similar comments before.

"Atheism isn't just about not believing there's a god, but on the assumption that there is one, what kind of god is he?" he continued in his interview on The Meaning of Life.

"It's perfectly apparent that he is monstrous, utterly monstrous, and deserves no respect whatsoever. The moment you banish him, your life becomes simpler, purer, cleaner, more worth living, in my opinion." Fry recently found happiness with beau Elliott Spencer, 27.

The two wed earlier this month after announcing their engagement less than two weeks prior. On Friday, Fry shared a photo of the two with a delicious-looking belated wedding gift.

On Sunday, after The Meaning of Life interview went viral online, he tweeted, "Oh dear, I did give poor old god a bit of a kicking here, didn't I?!"

Wow! Check Out Throwback Photo Of Davido

This is Davido, the "Aye" Crooner. This guy is really really handsome.. See how cute and chubby he was. Now I see why girls are all after him…

Graphic Photo: Undergraduate Student Cut On The Head During APC And PDP Clash

A student of the Ekiti State University was cut on his head during a clash between the APC and the PDP in the State on Saturday January 24th.

While the APC allege that the clash broke out after the National Vice-President, External, National Association of Nigerian Students, Tosin Ogunkuade was arrested by the State police for speaking during its presidential campaign, the state Governor in his defence said the people arrested were thugs of the APC who wanted to cause trouble in the State.

The student with the cut is currently receiving medical attention.  *Viewers discretion is advice* . See pics after the cut…

‘My Mum Had Sex With My Fiance': 26-Year-Old Woman Reveals Agony Of 4 Years Affair

26-year-old Kylie, (pictured above) from Sheffield claims that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her biological mother.

The mum-of-two shared her story for Channel 5 documentary Wedding Disaster Specials, where she told how she found out her mum and her partner were having an affair after catching them watching porn together.

Kylie said: “I’d gone to bed early, my daughter woke up about 12 for a bottle so I gave her one and I heard a DVD on the TV, which I thought sounded like it was a porn DVD.

“When I came through the door, I saw it was a porn DVD and that my partner and my mum were sat on the settee watching it.

“When I confronted them, they said it was something that had just started and they had put the wrong DVD in.

“They said that I was insecure and paranoid because I’ve just had a baby and that I was imagining things.

“The next morning it was as though nothing had happened.”

Kylie put the worries to the back of her mind, and soon after discovered she was pregnant again.

After their second child was born Kylie and Gary started to argue  and Kylie kicked him out, but her mum persuaded her it was worth another try.

She said: ‘My mum was such a strong believer in him that I thought if she can believe in him, surely I should.

“I took him back and he moved back in. Things were fantastic.”

Things didn’t last and one day Kylie noticed her mother’s phone lying around and decided to take a look.

She said: “There was one message from him to her saying, ‘I’ll do you tonight,’ and there were no other text messages.

“At that point I decided I wouldn’t go to the gym, I’d come back instead and catch them out.

“When I got home, it took me at least 15 minutes to get back into the house because his keys were in the door.

“When I eventually managed to get into the house, my mum was in the shower and he was in his boxer shorts.”

Kylie said after initially denying anything had happened, her mum finally confessed three months ago.

The next day a letter dropped through her door from her solicitor which contained a confession that her partner had been sleeping with her mother for four years.

Kylie said: “I couldn’t believe that my mum did the ultimate betrayal. ‘My mum was my best friend, hopefully she might get back there. But once you break that trust, it’s hard to get it back.”

When Channel 5 contacted Kylie’s mother she said she had an on-off relationship with her daughter’s ex for two-and-a-half years but denied watching porn.
                            Kylie with her ex and their two children

Photos: Ex-militant Bathes Lover With Acid

From Left: Austin and Juliet
According to Vanguard Juliet met Austin while working at a fast food centre in the Niger Cat neighbourhood of Ekpan, Delta State, where her father, Pastor Sunday Osimen, farmer and Head at the Mountain of God’s Grace Ministry in the area, also owns a modest home.

Recalling the good times, Juliet said:

“Austin was very generous in the relationship and often granted most of the requests I made. As a result, I hardly hesitated when he started making proposals for marriage and coming close to my family. See pics after the cut *viewers discretion is advice*

“When we met, he was living with his uncle at Nnewi Street, off Aka Avenue, Effurun.

“As the relationship grew, we rented a self-contained apartment at satellite Ugolo community, Okpe Council area, where we shared privacy occasionally, while I still lived with my parents.
‘My fears’

“Though, I cherished his uncommon generosity towards me and my siblings, I started getting worried about the source of his income, which to me did not connect with the generator repairs job he told me he does for a living.

“My suspicions were confirmed the day we went to Obiaruku for the marriage of his friend. There is a particular bag he does not allow me or anyone else touch at all.

“This fateful day, as he was having an after wedding drinking spree with friends in the hotel we lodged, I opened the secret bag in our room.

“I was shocked by two items I found. An identity card as a Federal Government Amnesty beneficiary and a document list of guns and other dangerous weapons submitted by his group during the arms mop up.

“From that moment, my interest in the affair died and I wanted out immediately. I knew I was living with an unrepentant criminal because he is easily irritated and always bragging about how tough he is and how he can deal with anyone and go away with it.

“That night at Obiaruku, I confronted him on his criminal identity and why he kept it from me. He said he was worried I would leave him and he does not want to lose me.

“That moment, I made it clear I was no longer interested and would not marry a criminal disguising as repentant. I meant every word of it. “But I knew it was dangerous to make a sudden quit, so I started limiting my contact with him and thinking of how best to stop the affair permanently.

“Then, I further learned that the man I was planning to marry is a father of three, married to a woman elsewhere.

“I confronted him. He admitted and again said he kept that from me for fear of losing me. He said he could not do without me, so he wants me as second wife. I said over my dead body.
… and the threats began

“As I gradually limited my contact with him, he introduced a catch phrase whenever the issue of breaking the relationship came up.

“He would say, ‘You can’t leave me. If you try it, I will so damage you that no man would want to look at you, so I will still be the only one to marry you.’

“I could tell from his anger and tone, whenever he says it, that this was no empty threat, but I needed to get out of the affair.

“I trained as a hair stylist and work for a salon owner, while also doing home service for some clients on Sundays.

“One Sunday, I was home fixing a customer’s hair when my phone rang. It was Austin’s call so I ignored it.

“Usually, he is very jealous and gets upset if he does not know my whereabouts and cannot get me on the phone for a second and he can beat me for that.
Pulling a knife; the acid bath

“At night at Ugolo that day, he pulled a knife from the kitchen, threatening to kill me, saying he saw a man taking me out the period I failed to pick his call.

“I was afraid he could harm me so I refused confrontation with him before he dropped the knife. Next morning, he came to my work place apologizing for his action after complaining to my madam. “The evening of the Monday (February 25, 2013) preceding the Sunday he threatened me with a knife at Ugolo, I refused his calls again after closing from work and went to my parents’ home.

“He then called my younger sister, asking if my parents were home. That was about midnight.
“It was very hot that night. At some minutes to 1am, February 26, I had just my towel tied on me when I slept close to the window.

“Suddenly, I heard and felt a shower of liquid from outside through the window. The person aimed and poured it all over my body as I lay faced up.“Immediately, I started shouting, ‘Igwe (Austin) had poured acid on me’ repeatedly and ran out as the liquid was burning my body. I saw him running away.”

Her  father’s story
Her father, Pastor Osimen, said he and the wife, Caroline, were at their farmhouse at Orega, along Sapele Road, where they farm most weekdays before retiring home to the children and church service on Sunday, when he got a distressing message.
He said:

“I was contacted after she had been rushed to the Ekpan General Hospital. I returned from the farming expedition and lodged complaint at the Ekpan Police Division.

“We could not focus on the police case because saving my daughter’s life first was uppermost.

“From Ekpan General Hospital, she was referred to the Oghara Teaching Hospital, Oghara in Delta State. From there, she was referred to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, UBTH, in Benin, Edo State.She was under intensive care at UBTH for almost a year with the medical bill rising to N2 million, way beyond my purse. But by some divine intervention, some persons from the Edo State government, I guess, came and settled the huge bill before she was discharged.”

Pastor Osimen asserted, “back to Delta at the close of 2014, we opened the case to prosecute Austin at the Warri Area Command.

“After two years in hiding, within which even his uncle at Aka Avenue also relocated to unknown location, the police caught him, last month.”

It was learned that a source who knew him, noticed that he was in custody at the Ekpan Police Station, having been arrested and brought from Lagos in connection with a kidnap case.

According to Juliet’s father, “when I met him at Ekpan Police Station, I said to him, ‘Igwe is this you?’ he replied, ‘Daddy, I beg.’“I said, ‘you are begging to go free after deliberately maiming my daughter?’” N5m lifeline to save a soul.

Austin’s trial was supposed to start, Thursday, January 29, at an Effurun court in the state.
At press time, the suspect was on remand at the Warri prisons.

Juliet’s doctor said at least N5 million was required for further treatment abroad to further manage the dreadful scars of the acid burns, especially her face and the chest region, as well as the health challenges the attack still posed to her.

Juliet said:
“It is hard to explain how bad and demoralized I feel over this condition I have found myself.“I am, however, very grateful to God and those who have assisted me. But I need to be able to fulfill my dreams in life. I was to sit for JAMB before the attack.“I still want to get higher education; I still want to be useful to myself. Now I can hardly do anything meaningful.”
Joined by his wife, Pastor Osimen said:

“We are appealing to the public to please help us and our daughter with donations to go to India for her surgery.

Throwback: Femi Fani Kayode's Damning Verdict On Jonathan, PDP (A Must Watch)

'Wonders of money. See what the current campaign director of President Jonathan's campaign had to say about his current boss just last year' . Watch the video below after the cut...

You can watch the video by clicking this link 

Photo: Father Says He Can Only Save One Of His Dying Twin Daughters

                               A father has to take the painful decision to save one of his twin daughters.A confused father has to choose which of his twin daughters his to save as they both face certain death from a life threatening ailment.

Michael Wagner’s 3-year-old twin girls, Binh and Phuoc, (pictured above) are both suffering from a rare Alagille syndrome, a disease which affects the function of their livers, meaning they both require a liver transplant.

The Metro UK reports that there is only one match for the two girls who were adopted from Vietnam by Michael and his wife, Johanne, when they were 18-months-old, the donor being Michael himself.
Because of this handicap, he will be only to donate to only one of the twin as there has not been any other donor. 

Doctors at the Toronto General Hospital, USA, say they are running out of time as the operation, a procedure which involves part of the liver being removed from the patient, has to commence in the next two weeks and the parents have to make the near where the family live, will make the arduous decision based on which girl is the best candidate though a search for another donor is continuing.

The parents of the girls have created and blog and a Facebook page in order to help with the search for a live liver donor.

Two Females Headless Bodies Found In Ondo

Are ritual killers back on the prowl?
Two female headless bodies were reportedly found at Iju community in Akure North local government area of Ondo State.

The two (2) girls who were said to have gone to the farm last Saturday and did not return home so a search party was conducted and their headless bodies were found by the roadside, in what is seen as a clear case of ritual murder.

The girls, identified as Oyinkansola Owoeye and Folasade Bello, who were both 12-years-old, were close friends and helped each other on their parents farms and had gone to the farm together on the fateful day when they met their untimely death.

One of them was said to be the daughter of a serving policeman from the community.

The report also had it that apart from their headless bodies, there were matchete cuts all over their body while their blood had been drained, indicating that they were murdered for ritual purposes. See photo after the cut *Warning viewers discretion is advised*


Source: New Telegraph Newspaper

Cossy Orjiakor Says She Loves Buhari Because His Handsome Than Jonathan

                            Cossy Orjiakor believes that Gen. Buhari is cuter than GEJ.Cossy Orjiakor seems to have her idea of who should be the president of the country between Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Cossy who has made nudity a fashion in the entertainment industry, believes that if she is to choose between the two, she would pick Buhari because he is more handsome than Jonathan but that the certificate scandal dogging him needs to be put to rest before he gets her vote.

Cossy who joined Nigerians to analyse the WAEC result presented by the All Progressive Congress, APC, candidate, wondered why someone who has only a school certificate should qualify to contest for the presidency.

In another tweet, Cossy who has a Masters degree, says sarcastically:

"Hmmm.. Holders of Primary/Secondary. Sch. Certificate end up as cleaner or... but in Nigeria with  dt, u can be a President. Big ups Naija."

Read her tweets here.

Hmmm.. Holders of Primary/Secondary. Sch. Certificate end up as cleaner or... but in Nigeria with dt, u can be a President. Big ups Naija.

Wow....I love Buhari. He is way cuter than Goodluck. But we need to pass a law regarding Academic qualification for Politicians .

Photos: Boko Haram Training Underage Boys To Become Their Fighters

Kayode Ogundamisi posted this photos and according to him this boys (pictured above and below) are kids that could have been abducted in the North East part of Nigeria that are now being trained with AK47 to become Boko Haram fighters. See more pics after the cut...


Photo: Check Out Late Saudi King Abdullah And His Thirty Wives

Late Saudi Arabia's king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz who passed away last week friday, 22nd, Jan, had 30 wives. He's (pictured above) with some of his wieves...

2015 Election: A LESSON LEARNT

The political clime is getting interesting day by day, the opposition presidential candidate seems to be having the upper hand in terms of followers hip crowd.

I have not experience GMB's kind of clout before except reading it on the Internet and newspaper.

His campaign exercise has really given me another thought about being focus, he has been almost every part of Nigeria in less than four weeks covering two states a day yet the ruling party said he is old and not fit to be the president of the most populous black nation on earth.

As if that is nt enough , GMB as also make his campaign an issue based, assuring on how he'll thwart thriving corrupt practices in the country, how he'll provide employment for the teaming unemployed youth. He also assured on how he'll put an end to the embarrassing insecurity that seat comfortably in the north east.

I have not seen in any of his rally where he had personally attack the person of GEJ despite all the unsavory words used on him by the ruling party.

All the plot of the ruling party to insult him instead of telling Nigerians what they have done and what they are still going to do has gone a long way to garner more sympathy for him.    

The election is going to be an interesting one as all Nigerians irrespective of their religion,tribe and ethnic will come out to vote greatly for integrity, honesty and competence.      

Again there should not be any reason for the ruling party to compel or influence INEC to shift the election date because there had been much time to prepare for the day, this is topic for another though.                      

A lesson learnt here is that when one has opportunity one should use it positively to benefit the community and the society at large because often time you don't get to have such opportunity and if u do the situation might not favour you.                    

 GEJ and PDP had their opportunity all this while to win the heart of many but messed the whole thing up without considering the populace, now the situation is not in their favor but they are still in the race, lets see how they will come out of it successfully.

Fake Tiwa Savage Dupes Lagos Politician Of N500k

An unknown lady who posed as Tiwa Savage is at it again by duping people of their money, and one of her latest victims is PDP Senatorial Candidate for Lagos West in the forthcoming 2015 Election, Segun Adewale.

The fake Savage, is now on the run, she duped Segun Adewale of N500,000, as part-payment to perform at his political declaration party.

The politician only realised that he had been duped when the singer did not show up for the event.

This has dragged Tiwa Savage name into another scandal.

Presently, there are banking on the financial institution through which the money was paid to help get what is left of the amount, as a withdrawal has already been made on the account.

Photos: OC Ukeje And His Wife Step Out

Actor OC Ukeje and wife, Ibukun Togonu step out together for the first time since they got married November last year. The couple stepped out for the premiere of Gone Too Far. See more pics after the cut.

Herbalist Man With 56 Wives, 300 children, Wants To Have His Own Village

                                Chief Simon Odo believes with his large family, he can form a village.A 68-year-old herbalist/voodoo man who is popularly known as 'Onu Uwa', who lives in Enugu-Ezike in Aji community of Igboeze North local government area of the state, Simon Odo, hopes to form his own village with his 56 wives and over 300 children because he believes his large family can make an entire village and he hopes to achieve his aim one day soon.

The traditional herbalist/voodoo practitioner says he cannot stop getting more wives and siring children because he is so sexually active and women find him so attractive and many of them throw themselves at him, some after treating them while some leave their husbands for him willingly.

The renowned herbalist who is also called 'Africa’s King Solomon', says there is nothing wrong in having such a large harem as long as the women and children live in peace and he can cater for all of them.

"I can only stop marrying more wives whenever I can no longer satisfy women sexually.

I have 56 wives and they all are hardworking; some own restaurants while some are civil servants.
I will not stop marrying till I die, or until my manhood stops working.

My children, to say the fact, are over 300 to my credit.

I recognize all my children because they all have marks as identity.

In no distant time I may apply for recognition of my own village, ONUWA village. The number of my children and great and great grand children command a force in Aji community."

Photo: 65-Year-Old Man Caught Trying To Withdraw Dead Man's Money From Account

A 65-year-old Akpan Joseph, (pictured above) has been arrested by The Lagos State Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in Ikeja.

He was reported to have gone to one of the Ilorin branches of a first generation bank,on January 7, 2015, posing as one of the account holders , who had come to transfer the sum of N1 million from his supposed account , into two separate accounts, meanwhile, the authentic account holder, a 35 year-old business man identified as Chinedu Mba, was murdered four months earlier by unknown gunmen in his apartment in Gindiri Jos, Plateau state.

Back in the banking hall in Ilorin, Joseph was asked to sit down while the transaction was being processed.
Unknown to him, the cashier who apparently suspected something was amiss, had called in the police. Joseph was reportedly arrested and later transferred to the Lion building division in Lagos. Thereafter, he was transferred to the SARS.

On further checks, the late Chinedu Mba’s phone was also discovered from Joseph.
In this interview with Crime Guard, he claimed to have been hired by a man whose name he simply gave as Benson, to make the transaction, with a promise to be given N200,000 at the end. He further stated that the said Benson also handed the deceased’s sim card to him.

Hear the Akwa-ibom state born :

“ A man called Benson , whom I met about ten years ago while I was a security man at Tin Island ports, took me to Ilorin for a business transaction.
He did not give me full details of the business transaction but he promised to give me 20% of the amount . The way he described the business made the transaction look so easy and without complications .
We travelled to Ilorin on January, 5, 2015 and lodged in Henry George hotel for two days.

Thereafter, Benson gave me a filled fund transfer form before we proceeded to Union bank where he asked me to submit the form, posing as the account holder. The filled form was an instruction to transfer N500,000 each into two separate GTB accounts with name Victoria Abikele.

But to my surprise, the cashier looked intently at me and back to the computer system before him. Before I knew it, I was arrested . And when I turned to look for Benson, he was no where to be found”

Journey to MTN to retrieve decease SIM card

It was after I was arrested that I got to know that the owner of the account was murdered. I am not the killer. I was in possession of the sim because Benson went to MTN office in Ilorin to retrieve the number of late Chinedu, while I waited for him in the car. On his arrival, he handed the phone to me.
I didn’t kill the late Chinedu. I didn’t even know that he was dead. Right now I feel very stupid for my action because I never thought I would get into this kind of trouble. I wish Benson would be arrested. He has answers to the questions at hand.
I strongly believe that an insider in the bank gave Benson the information that Chinedu was dead, that is why he had all the details about the deceased.
Ah! what will my family say? I told my wife in the village that I was going to Seme to buy second hand clothes. I didn’t tell her I was travelling to Illorin for a business transaction”, he said in an emotional laden tone.
On his part, the bereaved father , Mr Merclenious Mba, a native of Enugu state, described the whole scenero as a movie, wishing he would wake up to discover it was one after all.

The 57 year-old father of nine, said the family received with shock the news of the death of his son, Chinedu, on September 9,  2014, by gunmen who stormed his apartment.

“Immediately I received the news, I requested that his remains be brought home which they did and he was buried according to the traditional rites in my place.
After his burial ceremony I sent some family members to his house in Jos to bring back his properties, only to discover that he had about N6.5 million in his union bank account.

We went to the bank with all necessary data and the bank agreed to transfer the funds to Obinna, my younger son’s account.   But on arriving the bank with Obinna, we were made to understand that someone had been making withdrawals from my late son’s account, as a withdrawal of N1 million had been made, by one Victoria Abikele, on January 5, 2015, leaving out N5.5 million. We were advised to go to Abuja , where the person that was using my late son’s number was traced to.

From Abuja, we came to Lion Building division ,Lagos, where two men ; a father and son alleged to have been caught with my late son’s phone were brought before us! We were told that they had been impersonating Obinna and I”
To ascertain the true identities of Mr Mba and his son Obinna, the Police at Lion building reportedly requested for the number of the deceased. Obinna was said to have called it out and when the number was dialled, the phone with the impostor rang.

At that point, the bereaved father who was infuriated, attempted to hit Akpan Joseph, the impostor, but he was prevented by the police.

Trying hard not to betray his emotion, Mr Mba said:
 “ All I want is justice. I want in-depth investigation, that would lead to those involved in the death of my son. They must be brought to book.”

Source: Vanguard

Photos: Alaba Trader Builds Mansion With Robbery Money In Lagos

A trader at Alaba International market, Ojo, Lagos, western Nigeria, and leader of an 8-man trans-border robbery gang, Nnamdi John, has confessed that he led a successful robbery operation during which they carted away N100 million.

He said he used his share of N28 million to build a mansion in Lagos State, western Nigeria.

The 42-year old John (pictured above) was paraded along with seven other members of his gang by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Kayode Aderanti on Thursday.

Those paraded along with him include Samuel Igbi, 59, Anthony Umeh, 38, Chinenye David, 29, and Uchenna Ezeh, 35. Others were Victor Anamalechi, 45, Iheanacho Igwe, 35, and Desmond Obinna, 32.

The Abia State-born John said he used part his share of the proceed to build a magnificent mansion at Igando where he lives with his family, adding that he also bought other properties with the robbery loot.

The father of three said he was a trader selling musical instruments at Alaba market before he decided to join robbery after he discovered that he was not making enough money in his business.

He said after he was introduced into robbery by his friend he identified as Okonkwo, it did not take long before he became rich.

John also revealed that their robbery operations were carried out beyond the shores of Nigeria as they raided other African countries such as Niger Republic and Mali where they made huge sums of money in foreign currencies.

He said his men raided a community bank in Port Novo in Niger Republic, and a Bureau de change and filling station in Mali.

In Nigeria, John confessed that his gang has been involved in robbery operations in Ikorodu in Lagos, Port Hacourt in Rivers and Kano State.

John confessed that one of their biggest heists was their robbery operation in a bank at Alakija area of Lagos where they carted away N100 million  and shared it.

Parading the suspects, Aderanti said he received information about some deadly trans-border armed robbers in Iba, Festac and Igando and immdiately directed the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS,  led by Abba Kyari to go after them.

He said the SARS went to their hideout at Victory Estate, Iba along LASU/Igando Road where Igbi and Umeh were arrested.

He said their arrest led to the arrest of other suspects including their leader, John, and seizure of their operational Toyota Sienna Space bus with registration number, KSF 876 CU.

Aderanti said two AK47 rifles and 11 AK47 loaded magazines were recovered from the gang

Photo: Man Takes His Mum’s Corpse To Withdraw Money From Bank

                              A man named David Vanzo, (pictured above) allegedly took his dead mum’s body to a bank in a wheel chair and deceitfully withdrew her money.

Vanzo is being investigated for “elderly neglect and financial exploitation” of his mum, Caryl Vanzo, following the alleged incident.

It has been alleged that Vanzo withdrew $850 from his mum’s account and police are investigating whether he brought his mum already dead to withdraw her month from Wells Fargo in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Vanzo called 911 on Monday, January 5 to report his mum's death seven hours after he withdrew the money.

Police statement revealed that staff at the bank said Mrs Vanzo "did not move" and that they "couldn't tell if she was breathing."

Neighbors who saw the mother and son get in a taxi to go to the bank told police they wondered if Caryl was dead or unconscious. Witnesses at the bank said Caryl's feet kept dragging under her wheelchair.

Officers said the stench of urine and feces was overwhelming in Vanzo's home when the got to the house. Her body was wrapped in a robe, fur coat and boots covered in excrement.

David Vanzo has been investigated several times in the past for exploiting his mother financially.

Photos: 90-Year-Old Great-Grandmother In Primary 4 In Kenya


A 90-year-old Kenyan woman who goes to class with six of her great-great-grandchildren is believed to be the oldest primary school pupil in the world.

Sitting at the front of class four in her school uniform, Priscilla Sitienei listens intently while she writes the English names of animals in her notebook.

She joined Leaders Vision Preparatory School five years ago and has also served her village of Ndalat in the Rift Valley as a midwife for the last 65 years.

                             Priscilla Sitienei and classmates standing outside

In fact, she has helped deliver some of her own classmates, who are aged between 10 and 14.
I want to say to the children of the world, especially girls, that education will be your wealth”
Priscilla "Gogo" Sitienei

Affectionately known as "Gogo", which means grandmother in the local Kalenjin language, she says at 90 she is finally learning to read and write - an opportunity she never had as a child.

                           Sign outside Priscilla Sitienei's dormitory reading "Education has no age limit"
More comfortable speaking in Kalenjin than English, she explains why she wanted to return to school.

"I'd like to be able to read the Bible; I also want to inspire children to get an education.

"Too many older children are not in school. They even have children themselves."

Gogo says she confronts children who are not in school and asks them why.

"They tell me they are too old," she says, "I tell them, 'Well I am at school and so should you.'

"I see children who are lost, children who are without fathers, just going round and round, hopeless. I want to inspire them to go to school.

Graphic Photos: Baby Killed By Trailer In Orile, Lagos

A very young boy was crossing the highway at Orile by Doyin bus-stop, Lagos was crushed to death by a trailer this afternoon. The source who sent the pic wasn't able to tell me how come the boy was crossing the road by himself. See the pics after the cut...

Brand New Music From Pizman Production (#Elevated)

Johnpaul Ekweozor Pizman a versatile artist & a song writer drops new hot single, a song for open doors tagged #Elevated which he dedicated to his late sister Chioma Lorretta Ekweozor. Elevated is a rich gospel tune enriched with a well vocal performance, a music which will make waves in a matter of days. Mixed and mastered by PIP Classic.

Download, enjoy & drop your thought !

Photo: We Steal Cars In Lagos, And Sell In Cotonou - Four Suspects Opens Up

Four suspected car snatcher including one lady, (pictured above) have been arrested by The Lagos State Police Command, the four car snatchers have explained how they snatched expensive vehicles in different areas of the state and sold them to buyers in Cotonou, Benin Republic.

The suspects are Raoul Dedavi, Bright Ekeocha, Aziza Akobu and Adebayo Peter.
According to the police, Dedavi, a Beninoise car dealer who is based in Cotonou, is one of the the alleged receivers of the vehicles stolen by the gang.

Our correspondent learnt that information had reached the Commissioner of Police, Cornelius Aderanti, about the gang’s activities, and the Special Anti-Robbery Squad Commander, SP Abba Kyari, was directed to apprehend the gang members.

Punch Metro gathered that the suspects, except Dedavi, were arrested on January 5 at about 5pm in the Ojodu Berger area of Lagos.

The suspects were said to have confessed that they delivered the stolen vehicles to Dedavi in Cotonou, who allegedly sold them and shared the money.

A few days later, the SARS reportedly apprehended Dedavi from his hideout in Cotonou, and also recovered a stolen Toyota Venza at the scene.

Speaking with PUNCH Metro, the 45-year-old Benin national explained the gang’s mode of operation.

Dedavi added that he had worked with different gangs to steal cars in Lagos, and sell them in Cotonou since 2012.

He said, “I work as a car dealer in Cotonou where I also live. I did not start selling stolen vehicles, but in 2012, I met some Lagos-based robbers who began to bring stolen vehicles across the border for me to sell.

“The deal is that they steal and bring the vehicles, while I sell and give them their share. I don’t sell such vehicles to Nigerians. I sell them to other West African countries. In 2013, I got six stolen vehicles from Lagos. In 2014, I got three. It was Peter (Adebayo) that I knew first among this gang. He came to buy second-hand clothes in my place.

“He told me the gang had a stolen Toyota Venza to sell and they brought it. I gave them N1.5m. my plan was to sell it for N2m or more. I did not know that the police were on the trail of that car. They spent about five days in my area, monitoring me before they were able to arrest me. I went into all this because of greed. I am very repentant now.”

Ekeocha, 25, from Owerri North, Imo State, said he disguised as a buyer while Akobu disguised as a technician during which they stole the Toyota Venza from their victim.

He said, “Apart from Dedavi, there are other receivers of stolen vehicles which our gang used. When we stole one Lexus jeep and sold it, I made about N200,000. I pretended to be a buyer while Aziza (Akobu) pretended to be a technician and I went to our victim’s sales office because he was a car dealer too.

“When he brought out the vehicle for us to test-drive, we fled with it. The vehicle was stolen on December 18, 2014, and it was with us till December 29 when we then took it Alhaji Cotonou (Dedavi).”

Akobu, 23, from Orlu, Imo State and 38-year-old Peter from Modakeke, Osun State, added that they were expecting N300,000 each as their share before the police rounded them up.

The Lagos State Police spokesperson, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the arrest, adding that investigation continued on the matter at the SARS.

He said, “The owner of the Toyota Venza is one Thomas Nwaonicha, who is a car dealer at Kilometer 52, Lagos-Ibadan Expresssway. He initially reported the matter at the Area H Command, Ogudu.

“The police were able to locate the suspects, who have also confessed to the crime. The case is under investigation at the SARS, Ikeja.”

Photo: 50-Year-Old Man Arrested For Sleeping With His 14-Year-Old Daughter

                             This 50-year-old man has been committing incest with his 14-year-old daughter.A 50-year-old man, Isiaka Alade, (pictured above) who has been sleeping with his 14-year-old daughter, Sadia, is now blaming the devil for luring into the sacrilegious act.

According to Vanguard Newspaper, the sordid act was uncovered by some suspicious residents around Ayobo area of Lagos where the man lived with his daughter in an uncompleted building in the community and when he was dragged to the palace of the traditional ruler of the area, he confessed that he has been engaging in the act of incest with the girl for the past 2 years.

Alade who said the girl was his only surviving child after he lost 11 children, started sleeping with her after he parted ways with her mother whom he married after the death of his first wife.

The girl, a JSS 1 student, reportedly left her mother in their village in Osun State at the age of 8, to join his father in Lagos, with a view to having access to better education but instead of the education she craved for, the old father turned her into his sex slave.

The sex abuse could have gone unnoticed but for neighbours who allegedly caught father and daughter pants down one afternoon, shortly after she returned back from school.

He was handed over to policemen from the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID Panti, after interrogation at the Baale (traditional ruler's) palace.

In an interview while in police custody, Alade said that his action was not ordinary, though he was not the one that deflowered the girl.

Bursting into tears, he narrated:

"This thing is not ordinary. I believe I was hypnotised. Or how else can I explain this, when there are commercial sex workers around?

She usually stripped before me any time she finished taking her bath. It all started after we were chased out from our former place at Idimu, following the demise of our landlord.

I moved to Oluwanishola  area of Ayobo, where I stayed in an uncompleted building with my daughter. We laid cartoons on the bare floor which served as bedspread.

I noticed that Sadia had changed completely from being the good girl she was when she came in 2008. She started behaving like a demon-possessed person.

For instance, if she was sent on errand, she would waste so much time. She also stopped doing the house chores.

I later discovered that things were no longer moving on well for me since she came. I started contemplating sending her back to her mother. But my constraint was cash.

In order to raise money for that purpose, I decided to gather sand from the area to sell."

On how the abominable act started, Alade said:

"It all started one night while we were sleeping on the cartoon we used as bed. I did not know what came over me but I found myself drawing my daughter close and she did not bulge.

That night, there was no penetration. I only held her close until I messed up myself. It continued that way for some time.

I am not the one that deflowered her because I never saw blood after having carnal knowledge of her and she did not even cry to indicate it was painful.

I did not do it out of starvation. It was the devil’s handiwork. In fact, this is a thing that has been concluded in the spiritual realm.

It was done by someone from the dark world to destroy my image. I am indeed very sorry."