I Just Knew She was the One! Read Roseline & Daramola's Love Story + Pre-wedding Photos

I Just Knew She was the One! Read Roseline & Daramola's Love Story + Pre-wedding Photos
Love at first sight for Roseline & Daramola. They met in a very special way. Bride-to-be, Roseline ended up attending her friend’s birthday dinner which had no plans of going for in the first place. While Daramola and his friend took a leap of faith by inviting Roseline and her friends over to their table. But something interesting happened. Right from that very moment, Daramola knew he had found his wife, and it wasn’t shy to let her know.

Here is a tweet from Daramola
Though for Daramola, it took some time to grow to love this person and it did happen. Now the #RDWithLove are walking down the aisle soon.

Funny enough I never believed in love at first sight until this happened, cause the spark between us was just so magical, we kept finding out that we had so much in common that we felt like we have known each other for so long. The passion and intensity grew, conversations never seemed to be a problem and the connection was as deep as we both had been searching for, we couldn’t get enough of each other. The whole thing about ‘love at first sight’; seemed kinda weird to me but now we are so grateful to God for making us find each other and making us realize that he’s involved in our union”.

Join us to celebrate on our wedding day

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