Meet 14-Year-Old Boy Who Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees To Look Behind Himself (Photos)

A teenage boy who can turn his head 180 degrees wants to become a movie star due to his skills.
The 14-year-old boy, Muhammad Sameer, from Pakistani, can rotate his head back over his shoulders as he hopes his rare flexibility will land him a part in a Hollywood movie.
According to reports, Sameer quit his studies and became part of a dance group, Dangerous Boys, to earn a living and help his family run the household affairs after his father fell ill.
The teenager said in an interview: ‘I would have been six or seven when I saw an actor in a Hollywood horror movie turning his head to look behind him.’It fascinated me. I started practising for it and within few months, I was able to it.
My mother slapped me when she saw me doing this and told me never to do it again as I might end up hurting my neck but with time she realised that I’m God gifted.
‘My dream is to work like that actor in Hollywood horror movies.

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