Update: Tuesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 624-627)

Pragya drops Pari safely at Doctor Sheela's house. Dr. Sheela thanks Pragya for uniting her daughter with her. Dr. Sheela tells her that she will come with her and promises her that she will expose Tanu in front of Abhi. Pragya asks her to spend time with Pari and leaves. Dr. Sheela thanks God and prays to God that everything becomes alright in Pragya's life. Meanwhile, Nikhil and Tanu wait outside Dr. Sheela’s house for Pragya. They see Pragya waiting for auto. Nikhil calls his goon and asks her to kidnap Pragya again, and get an auto.

Tanu says instead of kidnapping her again, they will kill her. Nikhil is shocked. Tanu convinces him to murder her. They decide to murder Pragya in order to save themselves from Abhi. Nikhil tells Tanu that there are so many people here. Tanu says she is with him and that it is now or never. Nikhil agrees and says they will kill her right here. Pragya waits for auto and decides to walk a while. Nikhil spots Pragya standing on the road and decides to run her over, he speeds up his car towards her. Tanu thinks it is not easy to reach Abhi, Pragya will go far from him once she cross the road. The goons see Nikhil speeding car.

Nikhil asks Tanu to see their enemy for last time. Tanu starts imagines her life after Pragya's death. She thinks she will marry Abhi after Pragya dies and imagines how she will stay happily with Abhi and get all his wealth. Nikhil thinks he will get everything, money and fame. Pragya sees a car approaching her and recalls the promise made to Abhi that she will never leave him. She thinks she will not leave him and will live for him. Tanu smiles. Just when Nikhil was about to hit her, Pragya jumps on the other side and manages to dodge the speeding car. In the process, Nikhil loses control and bangs his car into a tree. Nikhil looks on as his car burns. Abhi have a feeling that she is in danger and tells Purabh. Purabh decides to save Pragya. Goons think to escape as Nikhil and Tanu get injured especially Tanu that suffer severe injuries.

Pragya, who escapes with a minor injury sees Tanu suffers a major accident and gets worried being good. Tanu requests Pragya to take her to the hospital and asks her to save the baby. She takes her to the hospital. Nurse refuses to admit her in the hospital as it's a police case. Pragya insists them to take her and tells that she is 8 month pregnant and thinks nothing should happen to Tanu or her baby. Doctor agrees to treat Tanu. Pragya answers Tanu’s call. Aaliya gets worried listening to Pragya's voice on Tanu's phone and cuts the call. Nurse asks her to fill admission form. Nikhil looks on. Nurse asks her about the accident. Pragya says Nikhil lost control over the car and hit on the tree.

Tanu is taken inside the hospital. Aaliya wonders what is happening. She thinks Nikhil will be there and will take her name. She gets worried and says everything is finished now. Nikhil gets up. Pragya asks him to sit down and he is wounded now. He asks how is Tanu? Pragya asks him to pray for the baby and that she is also praying for him. Tanu is in ICU. Nurse asks Pragya to get medicines for the operation. Aaliya calls Nikhil. Nikhil says their baby is critical and tells her about the accident and that his baby is in danger because of him.

Aaliya asks if she is crying? She asks him to stop crying and to remember that the baby is of Abhishek Mehra and not his. Nikhil says how to forget that the accident happened because of him. Aaliya asks him to be practical and they have to execute the plan. Nikhil says he is evil and bad, but that baby is his. Aaliya asks him to relax and calm down. Nikhil says he don’t want to win as he have lost because of his selfishness. Aaliya asks him not to cut the call else she will not leave him. Nikhil asks what did she want?

Abhi thinks to apply ointment on his hand. He recalls Pragya applying ointment on his wound. A flashback is shown. Pragya makes him sit and applies ointment. Abhi says he was staring at her and got his finger cut. Sanam Re song plays in the background, flashback ends. He gets a call and picks it. Aaliya makes a hotel staff woman calls Abhi as a receptionist from city hospital, and informs him about Tanu’s accident.

Aaliya thinks she have to make Abhi reach the hospital. Purabh and Akash feel helpless. Abhi comes to Daadi and says Tanu is in serious accident, they have to go to the hospital. Pragya comes to the chemist store and asks to give her medicines fast. He asks her to wait as some medicines are unavailable. Abhi rushes to the hospital with Daadi and others and asks the receptionist about Tanu.

Tanu informs Abhi that their baby is lost. She cries and says everything is finished. Daasi says God shouldn’t have done this and asks her to have strength. Tanu says that baby was her strength and asks for whom to live now. She cries inconsolably and tells him that she doesn't want to live anymore. She gets up from bed and make a fake suicide attempt to win his sympathies by trying to stab herself. Abhi stops her.

Tanu, who has lost her child after her accident tells that her baby couldn’t be saved. Daasi says 8th months baby can be saved and asks why this has happened? Nikhil says Doctor could save either mother or baby, and saved Tanu. Pammi and Mitali asks her to say who is behind the accident. Tanu says they will not believe her, and smartly blames Pragya to be responsible for the loss of her child saying that Pragya is behind the accident and have tried to kill her and her baby. Abhi is shocked to learn this but does not want to believe this. Daadi refuse to believe her saying it is a lie and Pragya can’t do this.

Tanu says why can’t she do this as she is her loving Pragya. She have lost her baby and nobody can feel her pain. She was crossing the road and saw a speedy car coming towards her and before she could do anything, she was hit by the car. She was saved, but her baby couldn’t be saved. Abhi tells her that Pragya can’t harm the baby. Tanu asks why would she lie? She asks if he think that she is lying then to ask Nikhil, he was there. Nikhil too supports Tanu that he saw a fast speedy car coming towards her, and tried to save her and that Pragya was driving the car.

Tanu says she have lost as Pragya has won. She have lost her everything and now they should understand that Pragya was planning this, so that nobody doubt on her. She says Pragya will lie when Abhi ask her where she was since 2 days, and she might tell him that she was kidnapped by her. She cries, acts and asks how to live now?

Pragya prays for Tanu and her baby and waits at the chemist shop. She gets the medicine and thanks him. Daadi says she can’t accept this and says Pragya can’t kill anyone, and not even a baby. Purabh says she is right. Nikhil says if they don’t trust Tanu then they can you trust him. He says that there was many eye witnesses, who were present at the crime scene and can give statement. Purabh tells Nikhil that he wants to meet the eye witnesses in order to prove Pragya innocent. Nikhil says Tanu should get justice.

Purabh says Pragya is innocent. Nikhil insists that Pragya is guilty. Purabh says everything will be proved. Abhi says his baby has died here and asks if he will become alive again. He sits at Tanu’s side and sympathizes with her and forget all that Tanu has done in the past. Nurse asks them to come out and says she is in pain. Tanu asks Abhi to stay with her. Nikhil looks on.

Beeji calls Sarla and asks her to pick Daadi’s call. Sarla picks the call and tells that Tanu’s baby has died. She asks if Pragya haven’t talked to Abhi yet. Daadi says she don’t have the strength. She says Abhi went into trauma and might not believe on Pragya. She she is afraid that Abhi might hold Pragya responsible. Sarla asks what did doctor said? Daadi says Doctor said that Tanu can go home. Sarla says now she has to talk to Abhi. Daadi says they should take them to gurudwara. Sarla tells Beeji that Pragya might be waiting to talk to Abhi once they reach home.

Someone knocks on Nikhil’s door. Aaliya comes there and asks why he didn’t pick the call. Aaliya asks if he is still mourning for the baby’s death. Nikhil says he was his baby and he couldn’t sleep since 2 days and was in the hospital and made several excuses. He was going to sleep now, but she came.

Nikhil tells Aaliya that he went to Tanu’s room. A flashback is shown. Doctor informs Tanu that her baby died in her womb itself and they couldn’t save her baby. She also tell that may be she will not be able to become a mother again. Nikhil and Tanu are shocked. Tanu cries hearing that. Nikhil tries to console her and says this is not the final. Tanu cries and says what will she do now. She says Abhi and Pragya will unite now and she will be alone. Nikhil asks her to do what he says and gives baby’s promise. He shares his plan with Tanu in which they both plans something against Pragya.

Flashback ends. He tells Aaliya that Tanu gave a mind blowing performance and have shattered Abhi. Aaliya asks what is Abhi’s reaction after listening to Tanu. Nikhil says it is a suspense as he does not reacted anything. May be he believed on Tanu and may kick her out. Aaliya asks what is Pragya’s reaction. Nikhil says that she is also quite since two days and may be Pragya is thinking to expose Tanu, and suggests to see who takes the action now. He just hope everything happens as they have planned. Aaliya says Abhi will not keep quiet, and Pragya will be affected.

Abhi comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu gets angry on him and asks him not to touch her baby's things. Abhi says this baby is also is. Tanu asks him to accept, and that her baby died because of him. She says his love for Pragya provoked her to take this step and killed her baby. She was alone in this fight as he was supporting Pragya and strengthening her to kill her baby. She adds that if once he have tells Pragya that he love her then Pragya would have never done all these things. Just then, Pragya comes and asks her to stop it and that she is lying. She have bear her lie, but will not bear it anymore. She says Tanu is responsible for her baby’s death. She didn’t tell in the hospital, but she won’t be quiet anymore.

Pragya tells Abhi that she was not responsible for the death of Tanu's child. She remained quite in the hospital and chose not to tell him anythin, but now she will tell him everything. She says she haven’t done anything. Tanu acts and says yes now Pragya will say that she kidnapped her. She says Pragya have killed her child. Pragya says yes, she will tell him, and says Tanu have kept the child in her womb because she wanted a lavish life. She have hidden the fact from him until now. Abhi is emotionally broken and says that baby was his.

Pragya says that baby was not his. Abhi does not say anything to Pragya and asks her to go. At the same time, Tanu speaks up and tells Pragya that her deceit and lies have led her and Abhi into this day and asks her to leave the house and says Abhi wanted this too. Pragya asks Abhi if he really want her to go. Abhi asks Pragya to leave him alone so that he can console himself as his baby is dead now. He says he doesn't want anyone around him and asks both of them to leave. Tanu and Pragya have a cat fight when Tanu asks Pragya to leave. Pragya says she can’t let him stay with her. Tanu asks her to leave from here.

Pragya asks him not to believe on Tanu. Tanu asks her to go and says she will kick her out. She takes her to other room and pushes her on bed. She says she have snatched Abhi from her and have separated him from his baby. Pragya says it was not his baby. Tanu says Abhi thinks it's his baby who died, so the more she will try to defend herself to bring out the truth, the more he will hate her as he will not believe her. She says it's time for her to go and she have to leave Abhi. She says that Abhi will be guilty free if he spends time with her ( Tanu ). Pragya says when he comes to know that the baby is of Nikhil then he will be guilty free.

Tanu asks who will tell him the truth. He says Abhi is emotional and is holding himself responsible as he loves Pragya. He kept this thing in his mind and understood now that she have killed their baby. She says he is thinking her as a murderer and holding himself responsible and will punish himself. She says his love for her was the biggest mistake of his life. She emotionally blackmails her and says if she wants good for him then to leave him. She says some stories or marriage don't have happy ending and few people are meant to separate. It will be best for Abhi that she leave. 

Sarla is in tension. She thinks she can’t see her daughter in this state and decides to tell everything truth to Abhi. Beeji stops her from going asks her to keep quiet and asks her to understand what they are going through as it's not the right time to discuss this as the family has lost their baby. Sarla says Abhi should know that the baby is of someone else. Beeji says Abhi is very sad now. Nikhil brings his goons as an eye witnesses and tells everyone that they have seen Pragya doing accident. Daadi asks them to say the truth. Goon tells that Pragya did the accident. Nikhil shows Daadi a picture and the goons confirm that she was driving the car. Daadi slaps him and asks him to stop lying and says everyone is lying. She will not believe. Goon says he have seen with his own eyes.

Purabh asks Dadi to calm down. Nikhil acts and thanks the goons. She asks them to go. The goons asks Nikhil if he liked his acting. Nikhil gives them money and asks them to leave the city. Daadi tells Purabh that Nikhil will prove that Pragya is guilty and says they can’t do anything. Purabh says she is saying right? Both Daadi and Purabh decide to do something for Pragya and the men were Nikhil’s goons and he had kidnapped her.

Daadi says Abhi has to believe on Pragya and they don’t know what to do. Purabh says they have to do something. Pragya asks Abhi not to feel guilty. Abhi refuses to listen to Pragya. He says whenever he see her, he get reminded of his baby. He don’t want to see her face, he asks her to go far from him. He closes the door. Pragya cries outside asking him to open the door once. Main Tenu Samjhawa ji songplays in the background. Pragya thinks Abhi is very sad.

Pragya sees her innerself. She says Abhi’s pain will never go. Pragya says his pain will lowered when he comes to know about the truth. Pragya decides to tell him the truth as he will not be able to emerge out of his grief until he gets to know the truth and he have to hear her. Her innerself asks if she wants to give him pain so that he die one day. Pragya says she want to give him a new life. Her innerself says although baby was not his, but he is in pain. She is afraid that she might lose Abhi instead of getting him. Pragya says she won’t let this happen.

Pragya tells herself that she has to leave the house to make Abhi feel that she loves him, as she can’t hurt Abhi with her presence and is not interested in his money. She looks at the papers and thinks she has to end the story from where it had started. She looks at their marriage picture. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. She packs her clothes up and is ready to leave Abhi's house. Before leaving the house, Pragya decides to return Abhi's property to him. Tanu tells Abhi that she will always be with him. Pragya comes there and says she is leaving from this house as he don’t want to see her face. She came to return his property papers and gives him the property papers. Abhi looks at her…..with teary eyes…..Veer Zaara song plays in the background.

Tanu says Pragya came for some work. Pragya says when she came here, she couldn’t make him understand that she didn’t came for money. She hope he will understand now that the reason for her arrival and for going from here
is him. Tere Liye song plays in the background. Tanu thinks she thought she will get everything when her baby is born, but she is getting all those things after his death. First she got Abhi and will get his property slowly and smiles. She is happy for her baby’s death being a selfish woman. Pragya thinks she shouldn’t inform Daadi, else she will stop her. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background.

She recalls about their marriage and moments between them. Hamari Adhuri plays. Abhi is also sad and thinks about her. She prays to Ganapati lord and asks him to take care of Abhi and cries. A helpless Abhi comes out of his room and sees her standing. Pragya also looks at him. The song continues to play while they reminisces their marriage. Tanu comes and keeps hand on his hand. Abhi goes inside. Tanu smirks and snatches the property papers off of Pragya's hand and Pragya finally leaves Abhi. Abhi goes to his room and sits sadly. He recalls their romantic moments and cries while the song continues to play.

Beeji tells Sarla that rain will start now. Pragya comes there. Sarla asks why did she bring her bag and asks her to tell her. Pragya says she came to hee house for everyone’s betterment. Sarla asks what did she mean? Pragya says she didn’t want everything to end and that’s why she came. Beeji asks if she leave that house. Sarla asks if she leave Abhi? Beeji tells her that she have to prove her truth and expose Tanu’s lie. Janki says a daughter shouldn’t come like this. Pragya asks if she have problem with her stay then she will also leave from here. Sarla says this is her home and she can stay. Pragya goes to her room cryingly. Tere liye song plays in the background. On the other hand, Abhi cries. Pragya also cries at their respective homes.

Tanu knocks on the door and asks him to open the door. She then thinks to leave him alone for sometime. She says Abhi has no one except her. He have to come to her, then she will give him love and support that he will forget her.

Tanu thinks Abhi and his property are all hers, and thinks it is an amazing feeling. She thinks she don’t have to become mum now, and is back to her normal figure. She decides to take up modelling again and says it is a good feeling. She thinks she will remove Pragya’s memories from his heart and will romance with him in her room. She gets Aaliya’s call. Tanu who is pleased with herself as she has succeeded in her mission to get Pragya out of the house and informs Aaliya that Pragya left home. Aaliya is happy and stunned at the same time. Tanu smiles broadly.

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