Update: Thursday On Love Oh Love (Episode 69-71)

Savri tells the maid to serve the meal. Bhavna and Savri goes to pray while the foreigners make video of them. The bell rings and the guest cheers up hoping his “laal mash” is hear. Avni goes to see who it is. The driver hands her the package telling it’s the special order for the guests. Raj stops the car and calls Avni. He runs and snatches the packet from Avni’s hand telling this is not right for them and she cannot take it inside.

The drivers and Raj have a little argument which Suket notices. He comes out and asks why is he creating the issue here when he have guests at this time. Raj tells him the packet contains “laal-mash”, and he knows non-veg is not allowed at their home, that’s why he did not give it to Avni. Suket thank him. Avni wonders what they have done if the pack got inside. Raj tells her not to worry about what did not happen. He apologizes to the driver as well. The driveralso apologizes for not checking what the foreigner guest have ordered. Sucket thinks that the foreigner guest is extremely important for him. What if he minds not getting ‘Laal-mash’.

At the dining table, one of the foreign delegates wants to have non-veg but Avni's family is strictly vegetarian and he asks the manager where his ‘lal-mash’ is. Arpita and Bhavna gets worried. Suket apologizes that he is extremely sorry that neither they eat non-veg nor serve it. Another guest there says that what kind of Hospitality is that. They are not asking them to eat it but to just serve it. He asks what if they come to their hotel, will they have says the same and have they forgotten that their culture also teaches to give the most comfort to a guest. Avni says that they have forgotten nothing. It's just that only the food available in the menu of a restaurant is served there and that if he go to a Chinese restaurant then he will get Chinese food if he also go to an Indian restaurant, he will find only Indian food there.

Likewise if he have come to a vegetarian family, only vegetarian food will be served there. She asks how can they disobey the God they claim their guests to resemble? She promises they will not get anywhere the special Rajastani food they have prepared for them, and they expect they eat it with all the love with which it is prepared. The foreigner apologizes and they advance for the meal. Mr.Chohan says that the host does a lot to make his guest happy, and the guest should also try to please his host, so today they will enjoy pure Rajasthani food. They all appreciate the food saying they have never eaten such food.

Suket sees Bhavna watching them contently. At night the guests leave the house appreciating their hospitality and arrangements. Suket bids them all farewell. Avni stops the guests at the door serving them a mouth-freshner. They all tastes it. Suket tells them the driver will drop them at the hotel. Mr. Chohan says he will manage as he has to go to the relatives. Suket says it is okay. The driver will drop him any where they’d want to go. Savri reminds Kavita about the Banglow. Kavita tells her not to worry and consider her Banglow hers now.

Savri and Bhavna appreciates Avni. Suket also comes in thanking them and especially Avni. He tells them he could not understand what he will reply to the guests, but they handled it so easily. He tells them to leave and rest. After everyone has gone, Suket says to Bhavna that now he has no doubt Avni can be a good daughter-in-law. Bhavna says after all she is his father’s daughter. While Suket is checking the files he sees that Mr. Chohan have left his file there. Avni comes in asking if she can take his files upstairs. He tells her that this is Mr. Chohan’s file. She takes permission for a question and asks how much profit will he get from this project. He smiles saying 15 crores. She asks ‘when will he get them?’. He asks why she is asking such questions. She says she just want to know. He tells him ‘in around 8 months’ Avni starts making calculations. Suket asks what she is calculating. She tells him she is calculating how much will he earn in an hour and it comes out to be 15 thousand. She says that her pocket money is 10,000 and she will give them all to him. He asks why? She says ‘because she need ten minutes from him, and in these 10 minutes he has to do whatever she will ask him’. Mr Chohan have come to their door and is listening to their conversation. Suket tells her it is all hers; she says she just needs her time. She starts to leave to take the dessert for them both. They eat the dessert together. She says they will talk about everything but his business. She tells him that she knows he has lot of stress about his responsibilities but who know she would again get such time with him together. Suket asks ‘Who made this ‘Gajar ka halwa’’. She tells him she made it. He tells her to go to sleep now. As she leaves, he sees Mr. Chohan standing there. He asks when did he come? He tells him ‘when he was spending the most precious time with his daughter.’ Suket tells him he is proud of her daughter.

Mr. Chohan says that he came here to take his file but now he would also ask him for something very special. He want him to marry his daughter Avni with his son. Suket gets speechless. Mr. Chohan says that he never knew he would find such a nice girl in a business meeting but he is proud of his son and he cannot find a better girl than Avni for him. Suket should take his time and reply to this proposal after discussing with his family.

Avni comes down running from stairs. Mr. Chohan leaves while Suket sits down thinking something. Avni asks what Mr. Chohan was saying. He tells her he said he liked the hospitality and he wants it again and again. Avni asks if he is happy? He says Yes!

In the morning, Avni goes to kitchen appreciating the aroma in Arpita’s dish. She asks why she looked so tired? She tells her she was making her wish-list at night. Arpita suggests why she doesn’t discuss it with Raj. She tells her she is packing lunch-box for him, she should take it there as his brother in-law is also not here. Bhavna comes in the kitchen; Arpita takes permission from Bhavna for Avni. After Avni has left, Arpita thinks Avni sees Raj on top of her list today.

Raj is at home, wearing green shorts and red vest, sitting in front of the television with all the house messed up not knowing that Avni will soon arrives at his place with some food. The bell rings. He open the door, Avni says Hi! He closes the door again saying ‘oh it's Avni’ as he is under dressed and stops her from entering and immediately changes his dress. He runs around the house as he dresses up, remove all the mess he had created around while Avni calls from outside that he is leaving now. She turns around. He opens the door, and seeing her gone runs after her. He stops her, saying ‘Hi’ She say ‘Bye!’ He apologizes telling her that the house was messed up. She hands him the lunch-box telling him Arpita sent it. He says thanks to her. She asks if he didn’t like it that she came, he should have asked a glass of water. He says he will get it. She asks if he will serve it right there, standing? He apologizes and invites her inside.

Later when Avni enters his house she still finds it untidy as the table still messed up. She asks what he was doing when he closed the door, because the table was still like that. He smiles and tells her he’ll get the water. She sees potato sandwhich in his house and wants to have it and tells him there is no need to have fast food. He agrees saying he will go through it. She says he won’t need it, as she will have it. She loves Potato Sandwiches. He tells her they are her favorite too. She offers him a bite. He comes forward and takes it from her hand and sees her eat the rest.

She wonders if her would be also love the potato sandwich. He asks ‘her’ and she explains that she is talking about her lover, the guy she would marry. She asks him if he would find the right guy with her and asks him to help him find her dream boy. He leaves to get water.

On the other hand, Dada ji comes to meets Savri, and complains that everyone come to meet him except Akshat. He didn’t bother to come to take him from airport. Suket is quiet. Bhavna announces here comes Akshat and Arpita. They both take blessings from Dada ji. He asks Arpita if Akshat is strict with her? She thinks about their quarrel and denies him saying he takes good care of her. Dada ji aks about Avni and Abhay. Suket tells him he know Abhay. He must have gone to some society rally. Bhavna says she will get the food ready. Meanwhile, Suket announces he has to speak to everyone about something important. Savri says it’s about Avni’s marriage. Dada ji says he tells him he is thinking about Avni’s wedding, how about it. Sanvri tells him they got a photoshoot, and are now looking for a guy. Suket says they won’t need it now as he has made his mind and tells the whole family about a match that he has found for Avni. He tells them about Mr. Chohan giving Avni’s proposal for his son. Arpita gets upset. Savri exclaims that they are good people and are huge business holders as well. Arpita is worried everything is happening so soon, and wonders what will happen to Raj’s love now.

Savri tells Bhavna it is amazing how easily they found such a great proposal for Avni and they should start the wedding preparations now, as they like Avni a lot. As the rest of the family is excited while Arpita tries to delay it, and says that they should take some time saying yes and ask Avni as she is the one who has to get married. Savri asks why should they ask Avni? She knows her elders will chose the perfect guy for her. She warns Arpita not to interfere in elder’s problems. She apoloigizes saying that atleast they should take the time that they took in her’s proposal. Savri says that in her proposal there was always one problem or the other. She leaves saying that there is a difference in the daughters and a daughter-in-law’s proposal. Arpita is upset with this. Bhavna comes to her. She tells her she should not get her wrong, she just worries about Avni. Bhavna promises them not to worry as they will take care of Avni’s choice as well. She gets happy hearing this.

Raj is on the table eating, while Avni sets all the sofa. He tells her to leave it, but she says he should keep the house clean. He imagines Avni in sari, he is sitting on the table asking for the tea. She says can’t he even take it from the kitchen. He says he is getting late. She brings it and snatches the newspaper from him saying she want to see the hosroscope. He comes to reality again at her laughters. He asks what she was laughing at. She tells him that she will meet the person she is going to get married, today. Raj gets a call. The person on phone informed him that Shastri ji called on another number of Sheru ji to inform he will take Raj’s proposal to Avni’s parents today. Raj is shocked as he suddenly finds out that his brother-in-law has sent a man to talk about his and Avni's match for marriage. He thinks how his brother in-law could do such a thing without informing him. He sits on the sofa lost in thought as he does not want his friendship with Avni to get ruined and while Avni says that he has to help her find the right guy and she will reciprocate this action for him. He thinks Avni considers her a good friend; he will not ruin this relationship. He says aloud that it's wrong. He tells her that she should be at her own house, not his place. He gets hold of her hand and tells her to go, almost dragging her outside and so rushes towards Avni's house with Avni.

Suket and Mr. Chohan are coming inside the house. Suket introduces him with his Bauji. They suggest they should sit in the lawn. Mr. Chohan appreciates their lawn and the painting on the wall. Bauji tells him it is made by Avni. Mr. Chohan says that why he likes it so much. Bauji tells him that she loves painting from childhood. Shastri ji comes. Akshat greets him. He tells him he has got a good proposal for Avni. Akshat tells him they have guests and invites him inside the house. He obliges and sits on the sofa, checks Raj’s papers and picture with him.

Avni and Raj were in the car. Avni says what has happened to him. He says he thinks she shouldn't be getting late for home. She tells him to stop the car, he does. He says he will now drive as she wants him to. He goes to make a call. He calls Arpita and informs her that Shastri ji was there to ask for his proposal from Avni. She is delighted but he asked her to stop him. She agrees. Soon the rain starts while on their way and both of them get wet in rain. Avni was enjoying it; Raj watches her dance in the rain. She calls him there and tells him to do as she did. He obliges.

Arpita asks Shastri ji if he have brought a proposal about Avni? She is about to tell him not to worry about Avni’s proposal now when Savri enters and asks why she is standing here when there were such important guests at home. While Shashtri ji who arrives with Raj's marriage proposal, tells her that he is talking about Avni's proposal he have brought and Savri Bua tell him that they have already agreed to a proposal and they don't need any other proposal. She adds that no proposal can be better for Avni that the Chohan’s proposal and they have now made up their mind. Shastri ji insists upon seeing the picture, but Savri turns it down. Arpita agrees with her. Shastri ji is about to leave. He meets the men entering the hall, they greets him. He says since the weather is bad he should now leave.

Bauji asks Arpita for tea and pakoras. Savri says Avni prepares very good pakoras. Mr. Chohan asks where Avni is. Bhavna says she’ll soon be here. Mr Chohan says that daughters are not only the respect but the mirror of a house. Savri says Avni never does anything wrong, neither lets her elders do that. The car pulls outside the main door. Raj tells Avni to go inside and sets to leave but Avni orders him to come inside and dry his clothes. As he is resisting it, everyone’s attention turns to them. They enter the house hand in hand, all draped in water just when Avni's family is praising. Everyone was shocked to see them.

Raj says he is wet and he should leave now. As he goes away, Avni comes in front of Bhavna explaining her that it started raining instantly as they were coming in the jeep. They could not stop because it was getting late. She greets Mr. Chohan who greets her back and asks where have she gone. She tells him she went to Raj, who is the so-called brother of Arpita sister in-law and her best friend. Savri excuses him that Avni come in front of him like this. He says it's okay, and leaves saying he has some important work to do. Suket scolds Bhavna that there had been talk’s about Raj and Avni before, then why did he come to drop her here. She says Raj has always helped them and he might not have felt safe to send Avni alone. They should not blame him. Bauji agrees with her. He says Avni should not have come in front of everyone like that but thinking like this about Raj is not right. Savri says that they should now be cautious about people now. Suket agrees with her.

Sheru and Madhuri were home when Raj come. He is happy seeing them and asks when they come. Madhuri says they just came. He hugs them and cries. He tells them he missed them and wants to say sorry to them. He tells them that he knows they sent his proposal with Shastri ji but he stopped this proposal any way. Madhuri asks why he did this. He says he wants that his love gets directly to Avni’s heart than through Shastri ji.

While Avni is thinking about the rain, Savri enters the room and asks Avni what she did today. She says nothing will happen to her. Savri says she is not talking about her getting ill, she is just saying she should not have come in front of the guests like this. Avni asks how could she know Mr. Chohan was here. She does not understand what Savri wanted to say.

Savri goes to Arpita asking if she send her there. She says yes. She scolds her for sending her to a boys house when she know they were looking for her proposal. Bhavna tries to talk but Savri does not listen. She tells Arpita that she had got married but Avni have not. Avni gets angry at this. She asks why Savri is blaming Arpita continuously; he is her so-called brother and Avni’s best friend. He was alone at home so Arpita sent food for him. What was wrong with that, when he had helped them so many times? Bhavna scolds Avni for talking to elders like this and tells her to apologize. Avni says sorry, she thinks Sanvri is over-reacting. Savri tells her that she is not over-reacting. Mr. Chohan had brought proposal for her. Avni is shocked at the news break. Bhavna tells Savri to calm down, but Savri didn’t. Savri Bua speaks against Avni while Arpita tries to speak to Avni but Savri scolds her saying that Arpita had taught Avni to speak in front of her. Avni tries to defend but she tells her to keep quiet. Savri Bua feels that Arpita is encouraging Avni to speak against her and shouts at her. Sblames Arpita for teaching Avni all this things. She goes to Bhavna and continues the blame game, saying Arpita was jealous that the proposal from such a big family came for Avni. Avni's mother intervenes and gives a sound scolding to Savri Bua. She shouts at Savri asking she could not give a little place to Arpita in three months. She says Savri always blamed Arpita but she never complained. She had a very small heart. Bhavna says she brought Arpita as her daughter and cannot see her getting taunted and insulted by her all the time.

Bhavna tells her Avni went there with her permission. And Arpita sent her with good intentions. Avni is fond of playing with water, it was not her fault. She says that not Arpita’s intentions but Savri’s mind is dirty. Savri leaves saying Bhavna scolded her because of this new girl. Savri Bua gets very upset and decides to leave the house and shift to her own house. Sanvri comes in and starts packing and tells her husband that they will no longer stay here. He asks why. She tells him her sister in-law insulted her a lot because of that Avni. She have wanted to think good about Avni, and recalls how she loved her. Her husband stops her by saying that he knows what kind of relationship she has with Bhavna. There must be some reason and she says this to her. He will talk to her himself. Savri tells him not to talk to anyone about this.

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