Update: Friday On Hello Pratibha (Episode 4-6)

Pratibha comes out of her room ready to go. Raashi asks Mahen if he thinks she can talk something there, she is as afraid as going to her in-laws for the first time. Mahen says she has shown Peehu the wrong way, she has to manage. Mahen’s brother says she isn’t as uncourageous, but Raashi says she isn’t even courageous. Sunita announces that the auto is here, her husband wish Pratibha all the best. Shalu comes and ask Sunita/Sunidhi to do cooking. At school, Peehu goes to her friends while Pratibha keeps on calling her. Peehu’s teacher comes to her, and asks who the lady is. She goes to meet Pratibha, the teacher comes to Pratibha and asks who is she, and if she is a relative of Peehu. Pratibha can’t say a word when the school bell rings and the teacher goes taking the children to their classes. Pratibha runs behind Peehu to the stairs, Peehu asks her to leave her hand as everyone is watching her and that she know she can’t do anything. Pratibha assures her that she will handle it all, Peehu says okay that she should do it herself and that she is going. Peehu runs to the class, Pratibha comes downstairs worried.

Sunita have tears in her eyes as she cut onion. The pressure cooker steams at once, the milk boils at the same time and she see it as a horrible morning for her, as all the bread was burnt. Back in Pihu's school, Pratibha stand watching the children go inside. She asks a peon where the principal office is. He points at it, she asks him how is the mood of the principle. The peon says she is really strict. Sunidhi/Sunita’s husband, Mahen asks Sunidhi to help in kitchen and tells her that she should handle all the house work and make breakfast in Pratibha's place as he says he can’t cook as well, like her. She gives him a stare and asks him to leave. Raashi is having headache, he asks what happened. Rashi says there is pain in her head and she is used to drink tea in the morning. Sunita’s husband calls her for tea, she asks why is he shouting. Sunita asks why is he shouting, and tells Raashi she forgot, she will just get it. Raashi tell her not to worry much and there would be no wrong if she don’t take tea for one day. She asks Sunita to put ginger and tulsi as well, she stops her again and says Maher also needs a cup of it. She stops Sunita once again and smells a burning bread. Sunita hurries to the kitchen.

Pratibha practices in the washroom mirror to talk to the principal. She says she asked Peehu to take her Chachi ( aunt ), as Chachi is also like a mother to Pihu. She gets worried that how can Peehu get confused, it isn’t right. She practices again, saying she wasn’t well and couldn’t come to school. She asked Peehu to take her Chachi along, and says this is right. She makes up her hair, and gets ready to leave. A lady comes behind her. Peehu is nervous in front of the principal. The lady who happen to be the principle asks what is the name of her daughter. Pratibha says she wasn’t well yesterday, the principal asks how is she now. Pratibha says she is fine now. The principal asks what does she want to say. Pratibha says she couldn’t come to the school yesterday. The principles says only a few parents are responsible to come next day if they are unable to attend the PTM. Pratibha says her husband always come to PTM, but he was busy and couldn’t come yesterday. The principal hears intently. Pratibha tries to lie to the school principal, but because of her conscience she confesses everything that the truth is that she didn’t know about her PTM. She thinks she won’t be able to handle her PTM, she felt a bit of guilt so she brought her Chachi as her mother. The principal says she is happy that she didn’t lie to her. Pratibha heads to leave, but the principle asks her to keep sitting. The peon comes to asks the teacher and Peehu to her office. Peehu is worried in front of her friends.

Sunita brings breakfast. Shalu comes and says she did all the work by herself. Sunita’s husband invites everyone to eat aalook parathay. The paratha’s were burnt. Shalu asks Sanjeev how did he like it, Sanjeev looks at Sunita and says it is good. Anmol updates a status, that the breakfast isn’t good at all. Sunita says Pratibha is the kitchen queen, she can’t be compared to her. She will manage the school like her too. The principal complains to the teacher that have they taught their children that it is a bad thing to be ashamed of her mother. Pratibha confession result Pihu to runs away and calls Sunita to tell her she is going to her friend’s house. Sunita says she can’t hear anything, and keeps the phone down. She smiles and says it must be so enjoyable that her daughter wants to get rid of her. Pratibha tells her worried, when the peon tells them he couldn’t find Peehu in the whole school. Pratibha runs out and asks everyone looking for Peehu. She calls Pratibha’s number, and records her message that she is really worried for her, she won’t make her worried anymore. She cries and tensed looking for her. She thinks if she should call Mahen, she calls him. He gets worried, Pratibha goes in the middle of the road, lost. She loses her control and sits on a foot-path. Someone comes to help her, she looks up to see who is it.

Pratibha looks at the lady who forward her hand to her. Pratibha takes her hand, and stands up. She asks is the matter and Pratibha tells her she can’t find her daughter Peehu. The lady asks her to come with her, and surprises Pratibha by providing answers to her every question that she will find her daughter. She tells Pratibha not to question her and she knows where her daughter is. Pratibha asks where she is, she tells her not to question about it. The stranger introduces herself as Pushpa and says she can attach chachi to it. Meanwhile, Sunita is impatiently waiting for the call, while Raashi kept the phone engaged. Pratibha asks Pushpa what does she know about her daughter, Pushpa inform her that Pihu is at her best friend Shalini's place. She doesn’t want to run, but she just want to blackmail her. Pratibha takes her phone out, but Pushpa tells her not to make a call else she will run from there. She tells Pratibha to go to school that her husband is on his way to school. Pratibha asks how she knows about her husband and that he is coming. Pushpa points at Mahen, Pratibha asks how she knows him but she ignores. Pratibha thanks her for helping her out but Pushpa says helping her is still not done, and writes her number on Pratibha’s hand to keep in touch.

Mahen asks the peon to look again. The phone bell rings, Sanjeev attends it. Sunita comes cheering that she will make a drama out of it. Sanjeev asks Sunita if Peehu has come home, Sunita denies. Mahen tells Sanjeev that Peehu has been missing from school. Pratibha comes to Mahen and says she thinks Peehu must have gone to her friend Shalini. On the other hand, Shalini and Peehu awaits for the pizza at home. Peehu thanks Shalini, Shalini says thanks that her parents are not at home. Peehu tells her she wants to teach her mother a lesson that she will never complains about her to her father again.

Sunita cries at home announcing that Peehu has been missing from school. In the car, Mahen asks how does she know that she is there. Pratibha says she will explain everything later. Raashi blames Pratibha, Sunita says she is a lonely girl and what if something bad happens. Raashi says if Peehu comes home safe, she will make her mother fast tomorrow. Sanjeev gets Mahen’s call to come to Shalini’s home. Pihu's chachi ( Sunita ) informs her that their parents are on the way to Shanlini's house. The bell rings, Shalini opens the door to get their pizza order. Peehu hid behind the door and relieved that it was a delivery man. Mahen still cursed Pratibha, Peehu tells Shalini that she is running away and she should not tell her parents that she come here and begins to leave. Mahen and Pratibha wait for the lift to come down, while Peehu runs down from stairs. But while she is on her way out, Pratibha notices her and calls her. Peehu stops at once, Mahen asks her to go home. Peehu says she is really sorry, she is afraid that her mother will insult her. Back home, Peehu hugs Raashi. Raashi says tomorrow Pratibha won’t drink a single sip of water and observe fast. Sunita also hugs Peehu saying she is so worried about her, she hugs Peehu. Raashi says she knew it that Pratibha will make a blunder, she tells Mahen that he was mistaken sending Pratibha there. Pratibha comes to Peehu, drags her out of Sunita’s hug and amidst much criticism, Pratibha manages to muster enough courage to scold Pihu that she promised her to handle her matter, but she didn’t leave her or father or anyone at home worth showing faces to everyone. She lectures Peehu, Peehu asks if she is emotionally blackmailing her. But her husband, Mahen stops her and rebukes her in front of the entire family that it wasn’t because of Peehu but because of her that Peehu had to take such a decision. He adds that if something had happened to Peehu, what would have been the circumstances. He accepts to Peehu that he won’t do such a thing again. Sanjeev tries to defend Pratibha, but Mahen says Pratibha isn’t worth taking any outdoor responsibility. He says Pratibha won’t change, and hugs Peehu saying his daughter came home safe and that is the biggest thing for him. Anmol asks Mahen to have an outdoor food. He announces for an outing, Anmol asks Pratibha to get ready as well. Pratibha announces that she is unwell and she won’t go out. Mahen says she is alright at home, everyone else should get ready. Pratibha comes to her room and cries. Later, Mahen goes to her in person and knocks the door, she opens it. He asks what has happened to her and why is she making all this drama. She says nothing but she is just unwell. He agree that Peehu was mistaken, but what can she expect from the parents whose mother is like that. She should have see herself as well in mirror and asks what has she made of herself. He blames her for her own shameful condition making her unworthy of stepping outside the house as hasn’t left herself worth the outer world, since she enters the kitchen. He leaves. Pratibha thinks about all what he had said. She looks at herself in the mirror.

The family leave for outing, Pratibha watches the car leave home.  As soon as the family go out for dinner leaving Pratibha home, another car pulls up. Pushpa arrives at Pratibha's doorstep, watches them leave and then watching Pratibha. Pushpa smiles.

Pratibha comes inside with a heavy heart. She remembers Mahen’s accusations and Peehu’s thinking. She notices Pushpa Chachi’s number had half deleted, but she have asked her to call her if she need some help. Pratibha calls Pushpa Chachi, Chachi asks when is she giving a party as she has found Peehu. Pushpa asks if she tell everyone how Peehu was blackmailing her, she asks if she scold her or everyone accused her and went out to enjoy. Pratibha asks how she knows all about it, Chachi asks how can’t she get love and respect both from her family if she struggles for it. She offers her help, if Pratibha wants it. Pratibha asks Chachi if she wants to meet her then she is free. Pushpa gives her a time of 10 o clock. Pratibha says she has to do a lot of things at 10. Chachi says she will leaves and it is up to her that she spends a normal day or take some time for herself, and if she isn’t in time she should not call her again.

The family come back home, having enjoyed the outing. Sanjeev comes to Pratibha, Anmol says he brought her favorite ice-cream for her. Sunita says it would have been good if she would have gone too. Pratibha says she will go the next time, Sunita doesn’t hear and leaves. She watches the ice-cream and Mahen comes from the front. He is angry at her and goes in the room. Pratibha comes inside, she asks Mahen for taking his dress but he stops her and do it himself. She thinks about all the anger and complain Mahen had done to her. She remembers that he has always apologized for his misbehavings, she smiles. She looks for Mahen in the doorway, this time also she is expecting him to apologize but he didn’t and go to bed. Prathiba also comes to bed with a heavy heart. She thinks she has to meet Chachi tomorrow, but she wonders how it will be possible at 10.

The next morning, Pratibha is worried that she has never go out without asking anyone, what if her mother in-law denies her from going out. She thinks about asking Mahen, Mahen wakes up and thinks what is Prathiba doing in the kitchen so early. She wonders if it right to trust her and why she wants to help her. She has help her to found Peehu and talked to her as if she knows everything about her life. She says what is wrong in meeting her, Sunita asks who is she going to meet. Pratibha asks how she wake up so early, Sunita says she is also about to ask the same and that it seems she is also going out because she has also prepared for the lunch. Pratibha says she wake up early today. Sunita wonders why is she lying to her. Mahen leaves early for shop, Pratibha calls him that she will get his lunch packed in 10 minutes. Mahen tells Raashi he will send someone. Pratibha waits for Shalu, Shalu comes home. Pratiba gives her all the instructions. Sunita says she will know what is happening here. Pratibha tells Shalu that she has done all the preparations, now it is her turn to look after everything. Shalu assures her that she will look after it all and she should go without worry.

Sunita come to Raashi who is getting ready. She asks Raashi if she going somewhere, Raashi says she is going to the temple. Sunita gives her counter and says she should ask Pratibha to drop her out. Raashi asks where is she going. Pratibha is just leaving, when Raashi calls her from behind. She stops at the door, Raashi asks where is she going. Pratibha couldn’t answer. Raashi asks when did she go out without telling her and why is she leaving today. Pratibha says she is going to get grocery. Sunita says she should also take Raashi along, Raashi goes out. Pratibha looks at her watch, Sunita closes the door behind. Pratibha watches the time in the restaurant, she thinks she is half an hour late and she might have left. A waiter asks Pratibha for how many guest should he set the table. Pratibha says someone is waiting for her inside. Sunita says she has a stomach ache, and wants to know where has Pratibha gone. She opens the door, and asks the boy to get tiffin. She says if she does something that Mahen has to question Pratibha and what will she do then. Pratibha comes to Pushpa and says she got a bit late. Pushpa tell her that she dislikes late comers, and is going now.

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