Update: Wednesday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 123-125)

Kalpana though fired steps in and comes up with a presentation that leaves the others spell-bound. After putting a succesfull presentation Raghav decides to bring Kalpana back. Kamla Bai is proud to see her daughter standing for herself. Pakhi finds out the truth about the stolen files.

Nettu says she stole the presentation from Paki’s room and it was of no benefit. Paki listens to all this. She is in tears and out of her mind that she can’t believe her own family could do this to her. How can they all be so selfish. Paki wonder how to face Raghav. The guy who appointed her even on being daughter of his rival side just because she is talented. She was alone in this house fro now and that today they made her alone in the whole world. She thanks her father for making her a stranger.

Kamla and Vitthal has got Kalpi a cake. Vitthal tells her that he came with her mother to see his daughter. Kamla tells her she won’t be worried about her now. Vitthal asks how will she stop worrying about them. Kamla replies to him that he have made her believe that her daughter can get to her destination and make her own ways. She can remove all the hurdles in her path. When people were clapping for her she thought she have won it for all the poor people. Pakiya gets the call that the taxi is ready. He says they are going to madir to say thanks and asks her to stay at home otherwise Aaji will come and kill all of them.

Raghav drink and think of all what has happened between him and Kalpana and how everyone clapped for her today. Sammy said that she has saved him from the biggest defeat in his life. He throws away the glass.

On the other hand, Kalpi preparing food that she will surprise both her parents by cooking for them. kamla’s phone rings and it's turns out to be Sahil kapoor. He tells Kamla that Paki has locked herself in her room and breaking everything. He know he have no right to say this all. Kalpi repond that she is Kalpana and her mother has gone out and forgot her phone at home. Kalpi wonders why Paki is doing all this.

Paki is throwing everything on the ground. Sahil tells her not to mix her personal and professional life. Prem asks Paki to stop this drama and open the door. Paki says she never thought her father would do this to her and asks Nettu to go away from here. Mummy ji comes there that she feel ashamed of Sahil. Money is everything for him and tells him to call Kamla as she is the only one that Paki understands. Mummy ji says there is no mathematics in love if he could understand this then they won’t be facing all this. Just then the door bell rings and Prem open the door and shocked to see Kalpi at the door. Kalpi then asks for Paki. Prem tells her that it's non of her business and thst this is not Raghav's house where she can do anything and don’t need to come in. Mummy ji asks Kalpi to come in. Nettu blunt out that Kamla must be sitting in the house and waiting for her to beg her. Kalpi knocks Paki's door and asks her to please open the door as everyone is so tensed here. Paki tells her she know who stole the presentation and that it's Nettu. Raghav won’t ever forgive her and how will she face him. She asks Kalpi to go and forget about Paki Kapoor. She can’t even apologize to Raghav and everything has ended. Kalpi goes out. Nettu tells her to go and tell her evil mother that she is successful. Paki says this is all because of Nettu and asks her to go away. Prem wonders where has Kalpi gone.

Raghav can see his childhood in front of himself. He asks why is he here. The childhood says he come here because he miss him. Raghav replies that he don’t miss anyone. The childhood Raghav says he is scared of being alone. Raghav says he is not scared of anyone. The young Raghav then question why is he drinking because he didn’t trust Kalpi and that he just heard from a third person and fires her. He saved her when she was accused of stealing from her childhood and he never trusted her as an adult and saved her. He never trusted her since the day he came back and he didn’t even thanks her for saving his life and that he is scared that she shouldn’t take care of him. Raghav says he don’t want anyone. Sammy comes there and asks what’s wrong with him to stop drinking. First time ever, he came close to defeat him have gone mad. Raghavs tells him to just leave him alone. Sammy gets the call from the security that Kalpana has come to meet Raghav. Raghav tells the security to let her come. Sammy asks if she is sure. He nods. Kalpana comes in. Sammy asks what’s the matter kalpana. She goes in front of Raghav that she is here to take him with her. Paki has locked herself in the room and that she needs him and if anything happens to her, her mother won’t forgive her. She beg him to please come and save Paki with her.

Pakhi confesses her love for Raghav to Kamla bai. Raghav reveals to Sammy that he is only using Pakhi to take a revenge on the Kapoor family. On the other side, Kapoor family is busy expressing there displeasure on losing their project to Raghav's company. Raghav arrives at his office. Kalpana offers him SiddhiVinayak's Prasad. Pakhi feels that Raghav is upset with him and hence he is ignoring her. Kalpana explains to her that Raghav behaves according to his mood and she doesn't need to worry. Moments later, Pakhi and Kalpana are asked to come inside Raghav's office. Raghav informs them about a visit for a housing project. He asks Kalpana not to come along. Pakhi slips at home and injures her feet. She gives a call to Raghav and informs him that she will not be able to join. Sammy asks Raghav to take Kalpana along. Raghav agrees though reluctantly.

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