Update: Tuesday On Young Dreams (Episode 349-351)

Shails like W*F go inside gunjan rachna sweet talk. Rachna getting ready for college, just a little convo between Shail and Rachna. Rachna tooks permission for staying at some friends’s home for a single night for studies. Shail doesn’t allows her and Gunjan took Shail’s side but it was their plan, so as Gunjan changes the thing saying that there is no need to stay whole night just call her whenever her studies got completed. Gunjan manages whole kitchen as Seema slepping at that time. Gunjan serves Seema her favourite dish in the breakfast, Prabhu was also present their. Seema again creates issues on Gunjan’s name. Here workers at the office asks not to work more because they worked whole night n still 200 pieces left. Rachna thanks all the workers n started doing work. After seeing her hardwork workers again agreed for the work with the BG song ‘aashayein’. N then comes their first bag of the order and then machine’s motor got damaged. Vihaan took the machine to got it repaired. Workers also denies to work more as they will be fired from job if they stayed more their. Vihaan came with the repaired motor. Again a problem and electricity gone. They started making bags with their hands on machine without motor, and the order got ready. Rachna gets ready for the meeting. A romantic scene of Rachaan BG song ‘Ishq tera’…

Vihaan says since rachna is looking different today so will her ride. He whistles and a goods auto rickshaw comes they load everything and leave. Dayal asks Shayl about Rachna and gets angry when he learns that she went to Garima s house. Seema adds fuel to the fire Shayl tried to douse. Prabhu says a letter came from college Gunjan opens it and its a letter for attendance shortage as she has not attended from a month and cant sit for exams. Gunjan lies that its a letter for collecting hall ticket she hides it in her cupboard. Vihaan Rachna reach the venue the organizer says the theme has changed and their bags wont fit in. Vihaan is upset and starts screaming Rachna stops him and asks for one chance which he gives.

Gunjan drops water accidently on Mayank when he tries to get romantic, he goes to change and finds the letter he wants to give Shayl but keeps it on the table. Vihaan and Rachna enter the party where people are drinking and smoking Rachna is scared and Vihaan goes to get their stuff. Someone offers her cigarettes and drink she refuses. Vihaan tries to relax her and to concentrate on her aim. He tells her he is with her so she need not worry. Dholu is colouring and the envelope flies and is near his leg he opens it and draws on the back of it.

Somepeople insult Rachna and her jholas. She looks around and Vihaan is missing she is scared. Dayal tells that he has applied for a loan and everything will be sorted out soon. The phone rings and he needs to note down a number . He lifts the letter about attendance shortage ends up reading it. He is furious Shayl asks him what happened. He tells everyone Rachna has attendance shortage and questions Shayl that what exam is Rachna preparing for since she is not going to college. Everyone is shocked, Shayl has no words and Gunjan is scared

party scene was shown in a disc, Rachna trying to find out Vihaan, n here Vihaan dancing with people there and in between selling bags to people grabing them to the place where they arranged their stall. Their comes some people, actually they were drugs sellers. Here at home Shail tries to call Rachna but call was not available. So she calls at Garima’s home but she replied that she is not there even Rachna had not came there. A person from the drug seller behaved wrong with Rachna n at last Rachna told Vihaan about that. Dayal created issue about Rachna’s absence. At last Gunjan opened his mouth of being knwoing the where about of Rachna. Vihaan fights with that man and people around cheers for them, police arrives there and the man left the drugs bag with Vihaan. Police caught Vihaan as thinking that he sells drugs. They caught Rachna too as Rachna tried to protect Vihaan, so police thought that Rachna is well known to Vihaan. Whole family asks about Rachna, n the call arrives from police station. Sangeeta picked the call so she tells the family about Rachna. All gone with a shock including Gunjan… Gunjan tries to tell the family but they stopped her. They goes to the police station. Here Rachna crying thinking as what happened with her, she was unknown with all those Rave parties. All bashing Gunjan.

Vihaan consoling Rachna that all will be fine she need not to worry about. Here the family arrives at police station, Rachna tries to clarifies herself. Mayank consoles her. Shail apolozises for herself that where she did a mistake in her bringing up of Rachna, she was a more than a mother for Rachna. And again bashes Gunjan. Dayal tries to ask police about Rachna, police tells that she was engaged in a rave party which means where drugs are sold and taken. Dayal got shocked after knowing that.

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