Update: Monday On Young Dreams (Episode 331-333)

Rachna's work is done and she is happy looking at the bags. A customer walks in and is impressed with the bag and asks for the price Vihaan says 3000 before Rachna can open her mouth. She gets irritated and Rachna is angry with Vihaan he explains that the lady looks like a miser and would not buy it as she is not the target customer he calmly explains that she was wasting her time with her and time is money. Vihaan tells her that they make a good combination she is creative and he has business sense.

Gunjan asking for some address as Mayank arranged some surprise for her. Here Rachaan trying to sell off the things made by Rachna and side by side enjoying tea. Here Gunjan taking some parcel from a shop that was a wedding dress and she is dressed up by a lady their. Here Rachna in some shop to sell off the bags. But someone at the shop recognized her by her father’s name. On the other side Gunjan dressed up like a bride. Rachna telling Vihaan about the scene at the shop. Gunjan at some beach site fully decorated thinking that Mayank prepared all. A boy standing at the other side which was actually not Mayank but looking like him. Mayank is shown at some other place calls at the reception of the resort and the person on call told that Gunjan has already gone. Then Mayank reminds of all what happened in the past, n he believes something is wrong and then goes to the shop from where she got ready in a wedding dress. And here Gunjan goes on a ride with fake Mayank on a horse baggi. And then she got to know that he is not Mayank he is someone else, he overspeeded the horse baggi and he got off from that. Gunjan left alone and totally shaked. And suddenly jumps out of it and her head got hit by a stone and she got injured and then faints.Mayank comes and screams her name. Gunjan vision blured. Mayank takes her. The fake Mayank tells CHAARU that Gunjan is left as she has jumped on time. Chaaru got irritated.

Shail preparing food and Rachana asks her to let her give the food to Dayal as she needs to talk to him. Shail gives it to Rachana. Rachana gives it to him and he says its not necessary as he needs to go meet people. He says he won’t be able to eat and walks away. Rachana is standing there looking sad. Shail watches and comes to her and touches her head and shakes her head indicating to Rachana not to worry. In Goa, Gunjan is lying on the bed unconscious and the doctor tells Mayank nothing to worry that its just shock and trauma. Mayank thanks the doctor. The police come and tells Mayank they will investigate who is behind this but wants to ask Gunjan some questions. Mayank says not as of now as he doesn’t want to put stress on Gunjan as she is in shock. Mayank tells that he wants Gunjan to be with the family as soon as possible and away from the trauma. The police say they understand and leave. Mayank sees Gunjan and looks sad.

Mayank takes Gunjan’s hand and kisses it. He pulls the covers on Gunjan and carasses her forehead. He thinks of all the good moments they spent in Goa. Sangeetha tells Seema its nice to eat hot pakoras during the cold weather and Seema says that would be great. Sangeetha gives the pakora to Seema and Sangeetha says Rachana will bring the tea. Seema asks what happened with the insurance and Sangeetha says she doesn’t know. Seema says whatever Shail has to ask she should ask God and not them. Sangeetha says they should think of their children’s future and not let the house be mortgaged. Sangeetha says if the shop is not theirs then why should they suffer. They realise Rachana is standing there with the tea. They try t cover up and talk sweetly to Rachana and praise her saying that she does the housework well. Rachana tells them that Shail has always supported them in happiness or sadness and when she needs them then they have become outsiders. Rachana says where has their conscience gone. Seema asks if this is the way she talks to elders and Rachana replies they learn from their elders afterall. Sangeetha complains that Rachana should do something if she feels bad about it. Seema is scared if Rachana tells anyone. Sangeetha says its ok at least no one will expect anything from them.

Mayank is packing their things. Gunjan is dreaming about the incident that happened the masked guy and her getting hurt. She gets up in a frightened state. Mayank asks her what happened and Gunjan says the guy wanted to kill her. Mayank tells her to relax as nothing happened to her. He says that he is with her and nothing will happen to her and Gunjan hugs him tightly.

Mayank is drying Gunjan’s hair. She looks upset and he smiles and asks her if she would like tea. Mayank feeds her asking her to taste it. He then gives her sandwiches and asks her to eat. Gunjan says she felt that she was not going to ever see him, Dholu, Rachana, Dayal and Shail. Mayank tells her relax and that it was an accident and it was over and no one is going to harm her and separate her from him and to take it as a bad dream. Mayank asks her to do something important for him. She asks what it is and Mayank says her million dollar smile a small one as he has not seen her smile in a while. Gunjan smiles and Mayank tells her to try the teas and Gunjan says its nice. He says that he made the tea and all she is saying is nice and Gunjan says then its very nice. Gunjan asks why has he packed the bags. Mayank says because they are going home and that if Gunjan stays with the family she will recover faster and Gunjan says its a good idea as she missed Shail and Rachana a lot. The phone rings and Dayal picks it up. Shail was about to pick. Dayal talks to Tiwari the jeweller and Shail tells Dayal it must be for her. Dayal passes her the phone. Tiwari says he caluclated and will give 5 lakhs. Shail says she will call later. Dayal asks her what did she say to Tiwari and why did he call. Shail doesn’t answer. Dayal asks why is her gold bangle. Shail says she is wearing it. Dayal says he can differentiate between pure and fake. Shail says she thought that with the money trading the jewellery they can buy some sarees. Dayal says he does not need help and that he does not need the money from the jewellery to run the house and he doesn’t want people to think that she had to do so to run the house. Shail says she didn’t mean it to be like that.

Shail asks if as a wife does she not have any responsibilities. She says they vowed to be with each other in good and bad times and if he has to protect the family then shouldn’t she too. She says that she shares his good and bad times equally. Dayal says that this is his work alone and not to bring him low by selling the jewellery. He then walks away. Rachana asks Shail if she traded her jewellery. Shail says if she can help her family by selling them then its right. She tells Rachana not to worry that God gives people problems they can handle and they will merge victorious from this. Shail says something good will happen after this and she is sure of it. Rachana says she too is sure it will happen. Rachana thinks that she will bring Dayal’s and the house’s respect back.

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