Update: Wednesday On King Of Hearts (Episode 299-300)

Durgadevi and Siddharth catch the young girl, who sneaked up to his and Roshni's bedroom. Naani Maasi questions the girl however Aisha saves her by showing the photo of her and the girl. The girl claim to be Aisha's elder sister. Then again, Bua Dadi plays her cheap trick to put Yash and Kritika into trouble. Kritika and Yash have their dinner and get unconscious. The news of Yash and Kritika being locked up in the room gets to Samaira, who goes to check the matter. Samaira reaches the room where Kritika and Yash are and sees Yash to be sleeping. At the point when Kritika closes the room's door, she discovers Kritika taking cover behind it.

Aisha goes missing from the bash and Siddharth begins looking for her. It is uncovered that Aisha is under a table with a man, eating sweet. In the meantime, the man catches a discussion of two people, who plan to burn the ropes and kill Roshni. Afterward, Aisha's sister meets Siddharth and Roshni and requests them to authorize her to take Aisha along with the goal that she could feed her something. Aisha refuse to go with her sister. Afterward, Roshni is standing right Under the banner that is about to fall on her. Siddharth and Durgadevi gets to the scene and watch the banner about falling on Roshni. Will Siddharth be able to save Roshni?

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