Update: Thursday On King Of Hearts (Episode 213-214)

Siddharth discovers that Shabnam has been working against Durgadevi and her family and is the reason behind Roshni getting stoned. Roshni then again, recovers however her condition does not appear to be fine. Durgadevi asks with Siddharth as to who the criminal seems to be. Just before Siddharth could uncover Shabnam's name, Roshni's condition begins deteriorating. Thus, Siddharth does not uncover who the criminal is. Then again, Bunty discovers that Simran will donate one lakh rupees for the festival of Durga Puja and chooses to steal it. He shares this news with Bua Dadi, who requests him not do as such and offers him one lakh rupees of her own. 

Shabnam has been admitted in the hospital and Gaffur camouflages himself as a nurse to meet her. Seeing Gaffur, Shabnam presses onto her injury and makes it bleed. She then scream out for help. Hearing Shabnam shout, Durgadevi and Siddharth attend to her. After reaching Shabnam's bedroom, they discover Gaffur and he is blamed to be the criminal. The police arrest Gaffur and take him away. Gaffur while leaving claims that Shabnam is not a good lady and has numerous tricky plans hidden under her sleeves. Will Gaffur's statement have an impact on Siddharth?

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