Update: Monday On Reach For The Stars (Episode 29-31)

The series takes a seven-month leap. Vitthal begins his small scale bangles business. His happiness is however short lived after his shop gets sloped into a moving car. Kamala Tai feels delighted after Paaki addresses as Maa. Vitthal then again, also misses the presence of Kamala Tai after his daughter Kalpana says her first word.

The show takes a seven-year leap. Pakhi begins considering Kamala Tai as her mom. She, hence, gets enraged on Kalpana after Kalpana addresses Kamala as her mom. Neetu is irate seeing Kamala Tai caressing Pakhi. Kalpana nentions her desire for dancing to Manda Tai. Manda Tai, hence, dresses up Kalpana and places her between her dancers. Kamala Tai, Vitthal and their neighborhood feels disgusted watching Kalpana dancing with the whores.

Vitthal permits Kalpana to accompany her mom to Kapoor house, for a day. Mr Singhania's son Raghavendra touches base in the Kapoor house to finish his education. Mr Sahil Kapoor affirms Neetu about Raghavendra's stay with their family. Pakhi chooses to celebrate Kamala Tai's birthday at the same time, is unaware about her birth date. Pakhi hence, takes Kalpana's assistance in finding about their mom's birth date. 

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